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History: Germany's dissatisfaction with ToV

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Germany didn't exactly feel defeated in the war - it occupied territories in France and Belgium defeated Russian and wasn't invaded. No wonder why Germans could feel unhappy with what ToV offered them.

  • They were not included in the negotiations of the terms, they were simply forced to sign - this in itself was degrading for a country this important on the international arena, and also a heavy blow to German pride
  • The war guilt clause - Germany was essentially blamed (as the only country) for the outbreak of the War, and they didn't believe it was justified
  • The Treaty was not exactly based on Wilson's Fourteen Points - Germany expected it to follow it closely and it didn't
  • Reparations - set at a high amount which would cripple German economy in the future (esp in the Ruhr Crisis)
  • Territorial losses - self-determination wasn't used to establish the territory of Germany, thus it lost Alsace-Lorraine to France, Saar was administered by the League of Nations, it also lost it's colonies and foreign investments.
  • Reduction of armaments - they were not allowed to use conscription, were only allowed to have an army of 100k and not allowed to expand militarily (it was left vulnerable)
  • Being banned from the League of Nations

Exam tip:

When trying to remember the terms of ToV and the reasons for German dissatisfaction with it, try to think of why these terms were applied in the first place (e.g. France's fear of Germany being in the position of power again and attacking it). Finding logic in the events will help you immensly!

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