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Visual Arts: Video Documentary Source Citation! Help?

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I'm currently working on my visual arts extended essay and so far my main concern has been how to cite my main source.

What makes me uncomfortable is that nearly all the information I intend to implement has been solely from a single documentary, as it is essentially a series of designer interviews stitched together to form the history of the Helvetica typeface.

Seeing as they're interviews, I'm assuming they're all primary sources, within a documentary.

So does this make the documentary a primary source?

How would I go about citing material from different interviews, within the same documentary?

Is it acceptable to have a large, large block of text (1000+ words) be solely derived from my main source, if it comes to that?

Will I lose marks for not using physical text sources?

I feel like I'm merely paraphrasing and summarizing this entire film into an argument, which I'm assuming is not what I should be doing!

Many thanks in advance!

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check out easybib.com, you have around 59 options...

You can use MLA 7 to cite your source and it is pretty self explanatory. Most of the time you just copy paste the website and it gives you the cited reference. You can reference from a lot of other things as well such as a digital image, a book etc...

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