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What is/was your topic for the IA in HL History?

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What is nice about written works in history is that it is quite broad area - you do not have necessarily to write about conflicts, dictators and politics, but you can investigate the art or daily life of people during particular period of time. Many people in my class chose topics like Vietnam War or Nazi Germany, but there were also a few that decided to investigate architecture in Weimar Republic. My topic was "To what extent did People Republic of Poland’s authorities had an influence on spreading of British and American popular music in Poland during late 1950s and 1960s?".

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Mine was on:

"To what extent was Pope Pius XII responsible for sealing the fate of Jews in Europe between 1938 and 1945?"

I loved the topic, sooo interesting. The history IA was actually by far the most enjoyable IA, the only one which I did weeks before it was due and which went really quickly. My top tip: choose a topic you care about!!! It will make the process so much easier. as i said the only IA i really looked forward to working on (researching about) was for History :D

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?To What Extent did the Gurkha Soldiers Impact the Conflict at Ypres in the First World War From October 1914 – March 1915, and what was the Effect of this on the Outcome of the First World War?"

Pretty cool to learn about such awesome soldiers, although I wish there were a few more primary sources about for it.

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I would like to do something on America during the Great Depression which has a link to a economical and/or political debate.. I was particularly interested in FDR's New Deal but it seems that many people are doing that topic. Any suggestions?

You can still do that topic even though many people are doing it. It's not a very original topic, but if you are really interested in the topic you should probably do it as your interest will want you to go out and investigate, and this will come out in your writing. I don't study history of the Americas (which I can assume you're doing since you're doing the depression and New Deal) so I can't really offer any specifics, but perhaps you could look at how important one factor was in why FDR created the New Deal, the effect on the New Deal on a certain event, industry, social group, etc. Just pick one thing because you only get 2000 words, and you're going to need quite a narrow topic since you don't get many words here!

Once you come up with a topic you're more than welcome to post it here and we can give you feedback on it. :)

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"How did art in Germany reflect the public opinion about the political situation between 1961 and 1989?"

yeah... writing that made me wish i did my EE in history.

If you pick a topic you like, its easy to write and research it

but the History IA has such narrow guidelines that there is no personal freedom in writing it.

As long as you stick to the mark scheme it should be fine..

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I am supposed to find a topic for my IA in a couple weeks and I have no idea what to do. We had to write an IA in American history last year and I did mine on the student protests in America during the Vietnam War and how they affected American public opinion but I don't know what I should do this year. Any suggestions?

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My topic was "What role did Alexander the Great's leadership play in his Indian campaign?" My strategy was to catch my teacher off guard by not doing something related to 20th century history. It hasn't been moderated, but evidently my strategy paid off because he gave me 25/25. I also tried to structure the question so it did not make any glaring assumptions that could be challenged.

hay, i am doing my history ia on alexander the great, can you email me a copy of ur essay so that i can get an idea of how i should structure it, my topic is how Alexander's military brilliance led him to victory in his indian campaign. it will help me a lot if u can send it to me, my email is [email protected]   .   thank you

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On 2/16/2012 at 8:55 PM, Mar Le Devine said:

I'm currently working on the topic "How accurately does the film Gallipoli (1981) depict reality of the Gallipoli campaign"

However, i'm still unsure about the wording of the topic.

I'm looking at the Film's biases, because as it is known, australia and new zealand held a grudge against Britain after their Soldiers (Anzacs) were practically sent to certain death. This was due to lousy Britain's tactics, leadership etc. I have 6 other books which i use as sources and from those one is my Primary source and other primary source being the Film.

Any suggestions please? =)

Hey! Did you go through with this topic? I'm currently writing my history IA & mine is also based on a movie. I have a few questions if you would be willing to DM me or something. That would be a huuuuuuge help


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Hi, I am a senior taking History of the Americas HL. I have not started on my Internal Assessment, but I have brainstormed possible topics (I have questions for some, others are just topics that I wouldn't mind researching)... If anyone has suggestions on topics or improvements on the questions or anything it would be appreciated. 

- To what extent was technology the most important factor for the development of western US?

- Salem witch trials? (I do not have a question for this topic)

- To what extent did the Louisiana Purchase further conflict within the US? 

- To what extent did "The Embargo" lead to the War of 1812?

- To what extent was the American Revolution an economic revolt or a political revolt? 

- To what extent did technological developments affect the roles of women and the perception of womanhood in the mid-1800s?

- To what extent did the lab systems of the north and south differ in the US by the mid-19th century? 

- To what extent di the concept of the manifest destiny lead to the cicl war?

- To what extent did African American fighting for the Union military impact the war? 

- To what extent was the Progressive Era a turning point for women rights? 

-To what extent did the Great Depression influence the art and literature of the 1930s?

- Yalta, Potsdam conference? (I do not have a question for this topic)

- To what extent did WW2 affect American society? (too broad???)





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