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Full scholarships for Uni

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Hello to all IB students on his forum,

I want to ask you about Universities which offer full scholarship to IB students..

Are there any such Universities or some other institutions which could give me a scholarship for studying. I am an international student wherever I go :)

I want to study Computer Science(computer freak already :D ),and Mathematics or Business or Electrical Engineering as an additional major/minor.

I am gonna have about 33-35+ points on IB.

And without full scholarship i cant go anywhere because of finance problems within family.

Hope you will be able to help me.


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please dig in the University forum, I think there have been two threads on this where I have posted info on full scholarships.

for quick, I suggest you to look at Hong Kong Baptist University. please try and work harder because the higher you can score, the more likely you are to get a scholarship.

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I have seen this University and I have sent them an email, but I've got no answer. i saw in their prospectus that we must have AS English or something like that. It is also there that that is equivalent with English A1 or A2 on SL or HL. What do you think is with B1 HL? Will I need to take TOEFL? For that Uni I need only 80points Internet based TOEFL. Would it be a big difference if I go there? I am from Europe. What is it about language. Is it too hard to learn it?

I appreciate your help

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if you know where the search box is please search for "scholarships" in the university forum. as I said there are two other threads where I have listed all the full or almost full scholarships I know of.

HKBU needs at least a 4 in English A, I think. but they came to my school and said it's okay if I have English B because my school teaches everything in English already so they're sure that I can speak well. I haven't and will not take TOEFL and will still apply there. are you applying too?

and I think it would be cheaper for you to study in a European country if you're from Europe. I'm Asian though so I'm not very well informed on that, but try to do some research.

do you mind bad universities btw? as in those that noone has ever heard of but offers full scholarships... there are lots in Malaysia but tbh I doubt they have good teaching but their requirements are very low so you can get in.

are all European countries developed? there are scholarships for those from developing countries to study in Australia.

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- Many universities in the US do not require the SAT/ACT. Northeastern comes to mind, but I am certain there are others if you do some further research. You also still have time to take the SAT if you wish to. Definitely consider it, because some schools in the US can be EXTREMELY generous in terms of financial aid. Look out for schools that are "need-blind" and remember that some do not provide financial aid for internationals.

- Do you live in the UK? Because I believe that for EU citizens, university tuition in Scotland is very minimal or free. Consider St Andrews and other Scottish universities then. Scotland may be a more preferable option over the US/Canada anyway, since it'll be closer.

Good luck! :)

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It's going to be VERY difficult for you to get a FULL scholarship to any top 500 schools in the US and Canada with those grades. A big part of it because you're not a national citizen, and another because they're nothing too impressive. If you pull of at least a 36, you'd have a chance of pulling off a scholarship for some smaller ones (U of Calgary is the only one that comes to mind). I just remembered you mentioned the SAT, you need to take the SAT for most American universities, but none for Canada. NONE, trust me on this one. In terms of Canadian universities, you can get a full scholarship to U of Toronto with 39-42 points.

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In terms of Canadian universities, you can get a full scholarship to U of Toronto with 39-42 points.

does this cover tuition only or...?

Yeah, tuition only. An admissions officer told me that every year there's a certain number of IB points designated, and everyone who achieved this score or higher automatically gets a full scholarship. He said they were in the high 30's and I think that it had been 38 or 39 the previous year. However, when I went to visit the downtown campus in the summer and had a meeting with the main admissions lady there, she told me that that it can also be in the 40s.

As far as residences go, I looked into this, but have found almost no information. I think this is mainly because they are limited and the only time their fees are waived is for financial aid and usually just for Canadian citizens.

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