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What type of learner are you ?


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  1. 1. What type of learner are you?

    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • Kinesthetic

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I'm just curious what people think is the best way they learn.

Me personally i'm a kinesthetic learner (but i learn little from experiments) and a visual learner (but i remember the colours when i highlight stuff instead of the word behind it)

Any ideas how to make the most of how you learn?

I've always found teaching people is a good way to make sure you understand it

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@Desy: Just type in "what type of learner" into Google and you'll find some tests. :)

Here are a few:




I haven't taken an actual test, but I learn best visually. Colours help me remember (highlighters!), bold writing, pictures.

I can't learn very well when just told something, but a visual helps. (So I can learn orally/visually - they enhance each other when together.)

And making mistakes; when I get it wrong and find out how it's wrong, I remember it better.

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I'm an all-three kinda learner :P I have no special skillz in this area. Possibly I find kinaesthetic learning least my style. Not because it doesn't help me, but because it takes ages and usually involves doing something extremely lame, whereas just being told something or shown something is a thousand times quicker. I have a short attention span when it comes to people making inefficient use of my time in explaining things!

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I'm mostly kinesthetic but I am also somewhat visual and not at all auditory. In math I have to do an example problem otherwise I'm not going to grasp the concept at all. And in other general things if I just do what someone is teaching me to do after a few times I'll be able to do the same thing nearly flawless. I'm partially visual (I like to see pictures of graphs and stuff too when I'm learning). I'm not auditory at all. If you just tell me how to do something without showing me pictures or letting me be involved in it I'm not going to remember it at all!

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