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ESS Extended Essay Research Question?

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Ok so i've narrowed down my extended essay topic to Shark Finning (Evironmental Systems and Societies) but i need some help figuring out how to get an actual research question...

1) Maybe something about how effective the organizations against shark finning are

2) or maybe something about how the east asian industries are lieing about the amount of shark fins they take in

Not really sure if either of these topics even make any sense, i know that you have to compare data in the actual essay though.... just not sure how... Thanks in advance !

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I suggest a topic like:

How effective are organizations in preventing Shark finning?

But an ESS EE has to have research etc. and comparison of statistics . So you may need statistics of Shark finning BEFORE and AFTER these organizations were active.

Sorry but both topics are a little awry.

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