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Interview with MIT Tomorrow

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Try to prepare some answers to common questions (who is your hero, why do you want to go to MIT, things like that). But don't sound rehearsed. It's good to be spontaneous. :)

Try to connect with your interviewer.

Laugh! Make a joke or two. Vary your tone of voice. No one wants to interview a robot.

Take a couple of deep breaths before your interview. It really does help.

Eat a really good breakfast. You can't focus on your interview if you're hungry!

Wear something that makes you feel confident (unless this is something inappropriate to wear to an interview)

Go in thinking you are going to do great.

Good luck with your interview tomorrow!

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To add to that.

Make sure YOU have some questions for him as well. They usually throw this sometimes.

Do use personal examples in the question he/she asks.

And yeah don't be too nervous, Just remember to make plenty of eye contact and look as relaxed as possible.

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Like someone mentioned above, throw some questions at him/her.

Stay calm. Make a joke or two - it really does help soften the atmosphere and relieve the pressure.

Dress in something you feel confident and comfortable, but is also suitable for the interview.

Answer questions honestly - if you don't know the answer to a question, just say you don't, honesty is far better than making up something that they most likely would find out was lie

You're the one pretty much in control of the interview - be confident, calm and sure of yourself.

Good luck!!!

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Just think that you're talking to one of your friends, or a teacher you get along with, be relaxed (I know it's terrible when people tell you to do that) and don't worry too much. I guess the most important thing to remember, and this is something which I always think and it does help me, is that nobody wants you to do badly in the interview, you want to do great and the alumni will also want to report back that you're a bad choice, the only enemy you have is yourself.

Good luck, and remember to come back and tell us all about it :)

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I had mine a few days ago. The only one I really didn't know was what sets you apart from everyone else that goes to MIT? I ended up with some answer about trying new things (Tried breakdancing, music production, tonnes of stuff), and that I'm really open minded.

But yeah, it's honestly not hard at all.

Btw, my interviewer actually forgot about me ._.

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