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Funny things teachers say :)

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So, every school has at least some teachers that say some funny thing, are known for saying something or have funny slogans and so on :) So what slogans or funny things do your teachers say on a regular basis?

I'll start. Our chemistry teacher is a non-native speaker and he always calls our homework "homies". So yeah, after school I'm gonna go and do my homies all night :)

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My teacher's standard classic:

walks in, stares at the geeks in the front row: "Good morning, children...",

then looks at the rest: "... and also the rest".

XD cracks me up everytime, and I'm usually always the only one laughing so hard :D

(even after a year...*sigh*) lol

And we have another strict one, who I don't like at all.

I once casually said "Good morning, sir :)", when he was obviously stressed, just to be nice.

And he just narrowed his eyes and was like: " *humph*.....that remains to be seen, young sir." o.0'

woah...just tryna help you. XD

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"Get out of my chair!" screams my chemistry teacher

"Boys are like Halogens, all they do is take things. They're also gassy. Girls are like metals, shiny, and always losing things from boys." says my science teacher

Something along the lines of "He actually wrote 'answers may vary' while cheating on a Biology Exam. What a r(etard)..." says my physics teacher

"WELLLL........" says my math teacher when we ask to go to the bathroom.

We're assigned math homework. (1,2, 3ad, 4adefg, 5-7, 8d,11, 14)

*Students groan

Math teacher: Do you want the short version?

Students: YES

Math teacher: 1-14 then.

Just stuff like that....

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My English teacher has this saying whenever we go out in the hallway to go to the library or something

"So say you were walking and the person next to you were to just, oh I don't know, catch on fire?

What do you do?

Just Ughh (like a disgusted noise or whatever, I can't express how funny it is on here) and just walk away.

Because they're just trying to get you in trouble and get you a detention!"

XD it's great

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The top English teacher at our school has an affinity for the phrase "epistemology agile".

Everything our maths teacher says (bad accent)

Spanish teacher - "What is (Insert internet/sexual term here)?"

We get up to so much stuff in Spanish, you'd think none of us do work!

(You'd be right, it's Ab Initio Spanish)

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My Math teacher is awesome - he draws:

"We <3 fractions" and "I </3 decimals" every time. :D Whenever he explains something, in the end he needs a confirmation that we have understood, so he asks: Kapisch? :D

He also hates the sign ( - and - equals + and etc) mistakes his students make. He always says that whenever he sees anyone who has made that mistake, he marks the exercise in question with -127 points :D

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First day of Chemistry class:

Students: "Mr. how do we know if a substance is an acide?"

My Chemistry teachers : "If you want to find out if something is an acide, all you have to do is eat it. If you die, then you know it is!" haha lol

History teacher: "Ben, bonjour madames et madames, vous êtes tous belles. Know I just say this to boost your selfesteem. Now its time to get to work. *evil grin* :whip:

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