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I think it all depends on how it is presented.

If it's presented as a choice, but safe sex is also talked about, it's a lot more effective than offering abstinence as an ONLY choice. If it's the "only choice", people are more likely to rebel.

Culture is a big part of it, too.

We're fairly liberal overall here, but I know some other countries and even areas of the state are more conservative.

Religion is definitely a big part of it, too.

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Abstinence is one of those topics where it's hard to generalize because everyone has a different view on it. Is there a specific argument you're trying to prove? Are you trying to say that in certain cultures abstinence is encouraged while others, it's more ambiguous?

My view is simple, I choose to follow abstinence until marriage. A lot of it does have to do with how I was brought up and my religion but it's also somewhat of a personal choice as well because I (well right now) do not feel comfortable at all having sex before marriage. I believe that sex is one of the most intimate things people can do with one another and I feel that it is a special moment where I should experience with as less people as possible. Like I said before, this view point has been GREATLY affected by my parents and my religion. I'm Hindu and we do not believe in sex before marriage at all. Hence, I also follow the same view-point because I've been surrounded by that for so long.

Of course, MANY people will disagree with what I have said and who knows, my views could change in the future as well. I'm only 17 and even though I practice abstinence now and I plan on following it till marriage, that is not to say that I might meet a person that would change my mind.

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Abstinence is very interesting but it's not a TOK issue. How exactly are you relating it to TOK?

(I say this not to put your idea down but because an awful lot of people bomb their TOK presentations because they pick topics that don't relate to TOK and don't realise that TOK isn't purely about discussion of controversial issues!)

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