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Hello Fellow IB students. :)

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I'm in my second year of the IB, and you guys think youre freaking out..

I study:






Japanese Ab

English A1

Maths SS

My boyfriend is currently trying to calm me down on a weekly basis, stopping me from freaking out about my exams and failing and so on... The IB isnt easy, no one ever said it was but sometimes it feels pretty impossible to do...

dont worry about IOP's and what not in year 12 thats all fairly simple x

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Guest Arwa.m57


I'm in the second year of IB. I am very stressed and overwhelmed about my exams, assignments, IA's, IOP's and IOC's )=

I hope to pass IB, Pass my exams and get into a good univeristy! a university of my choice!

I am currently studying:

Biology HL

History HL

English A1/HL

Chemistry SL

Maths SL

Arabic A2 SL

everything's just so hard and overwhelming! I don't know what I'm going to do /=

especially when theres only 4 months till exams )=

I wish you all, including myself the best of luck throughout IB! =D

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its going to be really tough.. especially since I need to get 60 Biology practical hours signed off, but last year my teacher was neglecting them because we didnt have double biology... I have my mocks now, and its so hard... Over christmas I am going to make myself a calendar and just do small bits every day leading up to my finals, and make sure i understand the small bits... It will be tough but we can do it!!

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