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I need a math equation software

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My Microsoft word 2007 equation is for some reason a dysfunctional, buggy piece of **** that just makes me want to pull my hair out from my scalp, seeing microsoft 2007 is frustration personified! And i don't want to bother myself anymore with such a horrible, depressive slow ass software!!

I'd really appreciate it, i need to get my Math Portfolio type I done soon!

Regards and thanks (excuse my anger :))!

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Office 2010's equation function is quite good, and you can get a mathematics plugin that solve equations (although this lags startup). MathType is also really good software, but the MS Word editor should be all you need. I haven't used the 2007 one since Office 2010 was released, but I'm sure it isn't much worse. With Microsoft you just have to be persistent.

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