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Yet another "Opinions on my RQ" thread

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First of all, all apologies if this looks messy - I'm writing a kind of a stream of consciousness thing here

This is my initial research question idea, and I need a bit o' help with it. I'm in B&M SL.

"Could Gibson Guitar Corporation benefit from changing their current CEO Henry Juszkiewicz?"

The issues are

1) I'm not sure is the question appropriate because it is sort of like a personal attack on the CEO

2) I think CEOs aren't discussed in the syllabus at all, are they? Thus, would my question be irrelevant or maybe not?

However, the advantages of picking this RQ would be that:

1) I'm personally interested in the topic

2) I am 99% positive that I could easily find numerous suitable secondary research documents about all the ways in which Juszkiewicz has screwed his own company :D


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To be honest this is probably more suited to a EE instead of a IA because for an IA your data needs to primarily be based on primary data. You ideally want some connection to the business to help you get the data because just pulling articles from the Internet wont cut it, however good the data is. Then you need to to be able to process this data using tools then analyse it. If you dont think you can get this data then its not a good research question.

Get a hold of the criteria and i think you will see why your question wont allow for high marks whether your HL or SL. For HL you would be hit hard in criteria B which is concerned with the data you collect and the processing of the data and possibly criteria E. For SL you would be hit even harder in Criteria A which looking at your supporting documents which need to be mostly primary data, Criteria B which looks at the application of tools since you question wouldn't lead to effectively using many tools in such little word count and Criteria C since it looks how you select the data.

If you really want to pursue this, talk to your teacher and see if you can find a way to make it work and get the data and business tools necessary for the IA or otherwise I would look to see if you have other options.

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