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Choice of subjects

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Hi everyone ! I would love to study something connected with fashion but also business/management in UK of France but I'm completely helpless with the choice of my subjects, do you think the set o Maths, Geography and French HL as well as English A1,Bio/Chem and History SL is fine if I want to pursue a career in the field mentioned above? Also, do you know some top universities which provide such courses? I was thinking about LSE ( management course ) but would love to hear some of your opinions.

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Maths, Geography, French HL

English A1, Bio/Chem, History SL

why not take Economics HL instead of Geography or History? and is Visual Arts offered at your school? I'd personally suggest taking:

Maths, Econ, Visual Arts HL

English, French, Bio SL

but it depends on what your school offers and your personal preference.

for your major choice, try taking the Stamford test? http://www.ucas.com/students/choosingcourses/choosingcourse/stamfordtest

after finding out the course you want to apply to, use the Course Search feature in UCAS and they'll provide you a list of universities offering that course.

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According to your preferences one of your possible choices might be:

English HL

French HL

Business & Man. HL/Economics HL (preferably economics)

Visual Arts HL

Any science at SL

Mathematics SL

If Business nor Economics are offered at your school I´d suggest History at HL.

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Yeah, economics are available in my school, but I've thought that it was treated as a 'soft' subject, but it turned out it is entirely not. Thank you for your feedback, I think I'll definitely take Economics HL instead of Geography, unfortunately my school does not provide visual arts or any other "artistic" subjects. I've also browsed some university sites and found great course - Fashion Management at University of Southampton which is fairly new but sounds like a perfect match for my interests.

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