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math ee i need help with title

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I'm almost done with my ee

but ...

i still don't hav a title :(

it's about RSA cryptography

and how it is safe.

because its safety is based on computational complexity

i wanted to put sth like that in my title

but i dont know how to form my title in a good way..

so what i did was i explained the number theories behind it

then explained how the whole RSA cryptography thing works

then about the computational complexity

could u guys give me any good suggestions..? plz~~

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The most generic title I could suggest would be "To what extent does computational complexity make RSA cryptography safe?" or "To what extent is computational complexity important in the safety of RSA cryptography?"

But don't mind me, I have no idea what RSA crytography is about :P

Why didn't you choose a RQ first though? That's generally how it's supposed to work :S

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