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Top schools in the south

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Some of the best schools in Florida are up near the panhandle, so, depend on how you look at it (by car or by plane), it can be less than 6 hours.

Florida State University is closer (Tallahassee), and then there's University of Florida (Gainesville).

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I go to Florida State University and it is a fine school, especially for my major.

University of Florida does have higher admission standards than Florida State University does, though. That shouldn't necessarily keep you from going to either of these colleges, apply to both if you really want too. :)

Florida State University is definitely closer to Georgia, so you'll be closer to home. :D

Also, Florida has the Bright Futures program where Uncle Sam will pay a significant portion of your tuition fees. Doesn't Georgia have something similar, called the HOPE program? I would recommend staying in Georgia, if you can. Out of state tuition is absolutely outrageous as compared to in state tuition. So, staying in Georgia will definitely save you some money in the long run. :)

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