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TOK Prsentation - better topic?

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The topic you choose to do your presentation on is irrelevant and simply a matter of interest and ease of dilivery. What matters is the main knowledge issue explored; all the topics above have their own knowledge issues.

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I second the last part of Keel's post. However if you want to know which sounds interesting and easier to discuss in terms of TOK, I would say 'Alternative Medicine'.

THANKS! that's what I wanted to know actually... I'm thinking of narrowing it down to Homeopathy, because, since I am doing an individual presentation, I won't have enough time to do justice to Alternative Medicine (AM), as different AMs have different points to note..

Please tell me if I'm on the right track... I thought of the following:

Real life situation:

Visit to an allopathic doctor and a homeopathic doctor.

Knowledge Issues:

1. To what extent can one accept Homeopathy as a medical science

2. To what extent should Natural Sciences be used to decide the better treatment

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The real situation sounds fine to me,

As for the KI, I don't know what it has to be exactly because we didn't have KI in 2009. However I am pretty sure you have to concentrate on the idea of people

s view on Homeopathy and why they may or may not accept it. Some people may be totally for it due to negative experience with modern medicine..etc which goes into Emotion (WoK, if you have to include any), whereas others may simply believe anything natural is better than any other medicine in which case these people would be using their Perception or Reason to define how they feel about it.

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