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Interactive Cell Organelle Project

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I'm looking for a really cool way to do this project I need to turn in on October 11th. An "Interactive Cell Organelle Project". Ideas?

I have to:

1. Draw and label organelles in an interactive way.

2. Describe the functions of each organelle (including APA-formatted sources)

3. Pick 5 of these organelles and describe a disease or condition that is caused by the malfunction of the organelle, (and other things that need not be expressed in full).

And then 14 organelles. Whatever.

Students determine how they are going to do the things listed above. Only one organelle out of my project will be presented to the class.

Things I'll get graded on:

1. Drawing of Eukaryotic Cell/Organelles (in color)

2. Correct labeling.

3. Organelle function descriptions

4. Organelle malfunctioning descriptions.

5. Diagonoses, treatments or solutions to malfunction.

6. 5 pictures or drawings for the organelles in part 3.

7. APA sources for all things.

8. Presentation of 1 of 5 to the class.

9. Interactive component.

I want to do something different because I'm a weirdo, and to impress my teacher who'll one day be writing my recommendation.

Any cool ideas would be good, and some explanation of the process necessary to actualize the idea (so it won't seem so difficult) BY OCTOBER 11th.

Thanks thanks thanks...

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