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Undergrad- Working towards medical?

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Hey forum! I'm starting to think about college applications. I realize that its not really worth going to an American Uni from Canada, since Canadian schools are just as good and cheaper. I was thinking McGill, maybe neuroscience (at least a 41/45). I know Canada has a tough medical system for foreign doctors. If however, I decide to go straight to a medical undergrad school say in London, would this have the same credentials in Canada, or would I have to retake a whole bunch of courses and exams? It's a technical question, I know, but any advice would be appreciated. :hug:

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I don't know about Canada, only about the US, but usually they have extremely similar ways of going about things so I'll put this out there anyway -- which is that, despite the fact that many other countries have an equally good or better training system in terms of competencies, they have a blanket-type edict on all non-home trained Doctors requiring them to sit some kind of professional exam (the USMLE). Obviously this is a pain in the behind, but on the other hand if you went to a non-rubbishy Medical school, with a bit of revision (as it's quite a factual test) you should be able to pass this one no matter where you studied. It just means having to do an additional examination.

In many ways it makes a lot of sense, as different countries and training systems have very different ideas of the standards and competencies a Doctor is required to achieve prior to working, and I know that in the UK there have been more than just a few problems with foreign Doctors coming over who are actually underqualified to undertake the jobs they're given because their degree was less broad. Or alternatively they put down degrees/courses which aren't actually equivalent.. almost unbelievably as being out of your depth when it comes to caring for people is something I'd never want to put myself through!

Perhaps investigate professional exams and Canada? You should be able to find the answers on google. It's likely that very few people on this forum will ever have had to try and do what you're describing so it may well be that nobody here knows the exact answer for you :P

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