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So I was informed back in August by my CAS coordinator that students need to have a CAS project in addition to their normal CAS hours. I am part of my school's first graduating IB class and everything is very unorganized and I have no idea what the requirements are for the CAS project. I am a senior right now and I have many other things on my plate right now such as college apps, IA's, etc. Many of my previous CAS activities included working with children, such as: volunteering with disabled children in art classes and assisting them with painting, playing with them, etc (30 hours); volunteering after school at the elementary school across the street and taking care of the children there (10 hours); becoming a teacher's assistant in a school in Afghanistan and teaching children english (10 hours). One idea I had was to combine all of these activites together to make up my CAS project. However, my coordinator basically shut down this idea and told me that I have to pull something big out of my *** before Thanksgiving break or else I fail and don't get my diploma. I am freaking out here and need any assistance possible such as CAS project requirements, ideas, and anything else. Please help!

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DO a DIY project.

There are plenty available on Lifehacker.com

But you should make one for your school or for a non-profit organization.

You know your IB coordinator should be a LOT more helpful than this.

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What I think, so don't quote me on this, a CAS project is is an activity that encompasses atleast two of C A and S, and in which you have to interact with other people, not necessarily other IB students. (This could just be what my school says! Although managebac has a little symbol for it too..)

What has your coordinator defined a CAS project as ? He/She might be wanting something different to what I'm used to. My personal CAS project was becoming a Kidsline Telephone Counsellor, so I had a gazillion hours both in creativity and service.

A good thing to do for a cas project is do something that you havn't done before - as it gives you a lot to reflect on and that kind of thing. I'm not really sure what else to say sorry, it just depends what your coordinator actually means!

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