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Probability, Normal Distribution

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I am having trouble with this question:

The graph shows a normal curve for the random variable X, with mean μ and standard deviation .

It is known that p(X  12) = 0.1.

(a) The shaded region A is the region under the curve where x  12. Write down the area of the shaded region A.

It is also known that p(X  8) = 0.1.

(b) Find the value of μ, explaining your method in full.

© Show that  = 1.56 to an accuracy of three significant figures.

(d) Find p(X  11).

I actually have no idea how to solve this problem from point c). I would be glad if someone could explain!! :D

x is greater than equal than 12 and smaller than equal than 8*

1.56 = standard deviation*

Thanks :)

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