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The LNAT essay

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Hi guys,

I just did a practise LNAT essay and I really struggled to write enough in the time allowed. I chose the easiest topic (probably won't get one so easy in the real thing) and still only wrote 500 words. For the essay, do unis like statistics, facts and figures, or is writing about the general okay?


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Given that it's law I think they'll be paying attention to the sorts of skills you can show in an essay which will also be important in law. So stuff like structure, logic and clarity of argument, use of any information you do have to good effect and generally your ability to express yourself and to argue well.

I am no expert on the LNAT but I'd say that those are the sorts of things you should look at :yes: Facts and figures being integrated into your argument is probably a good thing but by no means the most important aspect of an essay. The main thing to concentrate on is probably the clarity with which you make and advance your argument. And of course that your arguments are coherent and strong, but that should be a given, I assume!

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