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Is this morally right?

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The IB past question banks and the subject reports are available from the IB for a price.

Is this morally correct?

The way I see it, this creates a gap between the rich and the poor. The IB is supposed to be international, and some places which offer it have a much lower level of disposable income to be able to buy these things (~$100, give or take your currency).

I see this as immoral, as it allows those with cash to virtually ensure their success in IB, by throwing money at it, so to speak.

Also, on a side note, would it be morally justifiable to find an alternate way to possess these documents.

I'm asking this because I was looking into getting one of the subject reports, and the price tag for the question bank seems insanely and irrationally high.

Maybe it's just because NZQA releases this stuff for free in New Zealand, but it seems like a pretty rotten deal.

(On a sub-side note, even with free and unrestricted access to the documents, the pass rate in years 12 and 13 is shockingly low... (with a good mark this is)).

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My teacher handed me the WL subject report I think a week ago. But I'm not sure about everything else. What are question banks?

Well the IBO has to have some other way of income, because they do have people working.

It's just like buying CCs and study guides, supplementary material IMO.... they aren't free either...

It's just there to assist and help you do better. You don't have to buy it. It doesn't ensure success if you buy it.

And I have no idea what you mean about the pass rates and marks...

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I think Kiwi.at.heart has the right idea, that the teachers are meant to purchase them, but I agree with your point though. It seems little discriminatory to those who can't buy a better shot at success. But I suppose it's just to regulate who has the questions. I think the IB is a little paranoid sometimes on how they run things, but with good reason. There's a lot at stake, and we're all pretty cut-throat for our points. Who knows what we'd do for that diploma! Good catch. Though I do think that your school will purchase the questions for you if you just ask. Ours did for the math SL test, and it was pretty handy to know the format of the test and how they worded it. Also, it was nifty to get the hang of how the questions are weighted.

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Being in India most of those publications are very expensive and import costs are high. When my school is unable to buy the book for me or my fellow students...we are forced to look for pirated versions online.

Its not something I WANT to do but am forced to.

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