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  1. HEY GUYS THIS IS AN S.O.S SITUATION!!! Do any of you know how magical realism in chronicle of a death foretold is able to convey the fact that the truth is invariably impossible to know? As of right now, I only have 2 quotations and i'm really lost as well.
  2. Hello everyone, for the French B written assignment I'm a little bit confused and have got two questions. If we choose a letter does it have to be from our "own" perspective, or can it be from the perspective of a fictional student living in France? Also, does reducing the voting age to 16 come under the umbrella of global issues, it feels like it should...? If anyone could help me out on either of these questions that would be fantastic!
  3. Hi, I need to write a written assignment for the external assessment which is the 1500 word literary essay on a work studied in part1. I'm writing my essay on Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman. My guiding question for the essay is "How does Dorfman create conflict between Paulina & Gerardo through the use of dramatic dialogue and how is it resolved?" I plan to constrain it to act 1 scene 1 while linking it to other parts of the play. Do you think that this is an appropriate topic? And I'm not sure about the structure of the essay. What do I start writing with? Please help ASAP!! Thanks
  4. Hi, I am struggling with a written assignment in Language A: Literature and I have faced a significant issue, while the deadline is approaching. Is it allowed to compare a translation of a poem (to a language that it is taught in) with its original version? Is it allowed to prepare written assignment just on one poem and its translation? I have chosen the following topic: "About different ways of presenting the major character in „Carcass”. A comparative analysis of the original poem by Baudelaire with its translation." I am comparing the translation of a French
  5. I am a Y13 and I have done my Chinese A WA and got a good grade for the draft. For the last step of the whole IA process, our teacher asked us to check for plagiarism. Back to when I was doing my WA, I was looking at an English source and used some ideas from it, as I remember. But when I was checking today, I found that the arguments in two of my paragraphs were very, very similar to the English source and even the quotations I used were the same as the source. Even if my WA is in Chinese, if IB finds this out, will I be caught as plagiarism? Or is it okay if I just cite the source?
  6. Hi!! I take as a language A at standard level, my native language, Romanian. (I also take English A HL). One of the external assignments for it is the written assignment. Does anyone know if I'm supposed to upload that on candidates.ibo or does the teacher upload it? On my account, I already uploaded TOK essay and I have to upload WT's in English and EE. But there's nothing where to upload the written assignment.
  7. Hello, I am about to submit my final draft of my French B written assignment. My word count is currently 418 (SL word count is 300-400), which means I am over the word limit by 18 words. I told this to my teacher at school, but she says I shouldn't worry about it. Which is why I was wondering whether going over the word limit by a bit is really okay like my teacher says or will this result in a one/two mark penalty? I have been avoiding the submission process as I am worried (I don't want to lose a mark for something as dumb as this)
  8. Our school is finalizing our written assignments for the IB, and we had written our reflective statements reflecting on one of the interactive orals seen that semester. However, one teacher has just notified us that we messed up, and we were supposed to reflect on TWO IO's in the reflective statement. I had not seen or heard of this anywhere, and there's another teacher at our school who doesn't think that's true. Regardless, the former teacher still holds his view that it's supposed to be reflecting on two. I really don't want to redo mine, since I only reflected on one. I'm at 389 words and
  9. Hey all! So I have to hand in a draft of my written assignment for English A SL in the coming week. Our teacher can only give us feedback this once and there after we are on our own. I understand that it counts for 25% of the grade which is a lot so I don't want to compromise on this. I was looking at the assessment criteria and it is as follows: A: Reflective statement (3 marks)B: Knowledge and understanding (6 marks)C: Appreciation of writer's choices (6 marks)D : Organization and development (5 marks)E: Language (5 marks) I don't really get C: Appreciation of write
  10. Hello This is my first time posting in IB survival. I'm currently beginning to write my written assignment which I have to hand in next week. I've recently moved schools, so I had two main options to write about. I studied Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Marquez in September when I began the IB, but I have not read it since I began grade 11. My other option is Agamemnon by Aeschylus, a the first instalment in a trilogy of plays written in 458 BC about the events that occur after a ten year war with a lot of feuds and some greek mythology. I have been focusing on this play at my curr
  11. Hi. So I'm in Self Taught Polish and for works in thranslation, i read Partick Suskind's Perfume. Now I have to find thesis and topic for my written assignment paper. Does anyone have any ideas? I wanted to focus on the smells and the lack of ementions in the book but I don't know what would be a good research question.
  12. We're handing in our French B SL written assignments soon and I just have a few questions about the guidelines. First of all, I'm wondering about the format for parenthetical citations. My teacher told us to use (Author's last name, "Article title") and I assume he knows what he's talking about, but I just wanted to check because this doesn't follow any of the citation styles. Do we need a bibliography in a specific style at the end? I'm also concerned about one of my sources because I read somewhere that there is a word limit (I think it was 400 words) for the sources, but my teac
  13. Hello all, It says on the highest grade boundary for Criterion A (Lang B SL): To what extent is a source 'fully described'? Also, I just want to make sure I understand - the aim of the WA is the 'point'/thesis? E.g. I'm writing an open letter to encourage people to pursue careers in physics, chemistry etc etc - is that my aim also? Pardon the stupid question heh :$
  14. In the IB guide for language b, it says that the written assignment needs to be handwritten. I saw this after finishing it, and started to worry! my teacher told me that did not count anymore , that it was fine that we wrote in on the computer, and she is going to send it in to the IB very soon so I am a bit worried. so my question is this, does it have to be handwritten?? Another question I have is about the word count. It says in the guide that we need to write a rationale of 150 words. Is this the maximum requirement? Again my teacher said that we could write up to 250 words, wh
  15. Hey so we were supposed to chose a topic for the written assignment for French V but I have no idea how to do that since the files that my teacher shared with us can't be downloaded and I am really lost. Please, help!
  16. I'm currently in the process of writing my Written Assignment on The Stranger by Albert Camus. My research question is: How does the contrast between the natural and the civilized world underline the conflict between Mersault and society? Is this overly specific? Too long? Furthermore, must the topic be stated as a question? If not, an alternative would be to simply use the theme of conflict between society and the natural world as my topic.
  17. Hello, I am at a stage where I need to start on my written assignment. This means that I am in urgent need a topic. I have been trying to think of one for a long time now, and I am not the least bit inspired. Could I please have some help on where to start on coming up with a topic or any tips or advice on this? The novel that I will be writing my WA on is The Reader by Bernhard Schlink, if that helps at all. Thank you very much!
  18. Hey guys, so I was wondering if someone could go through my French B SL Written Assignment and tell me what they would probably give me like Level-wise. I'm kind of stressing out about it because I really want to shoot for the upper band of a higher level but I don't want the assignment to hold me back or what not. I understand it's well past the due date and I can't change anything, but just to give myself that assurance. So, was wondering if I could e-mail it to someone and have them check it out and give it a rating. Thanks! comment
  19. For the Language B written assignment, I was told that we are not supposed to write our name or even our candidate number on the document we submit. I thought this was strange... Have any Language B students heard something similar, or did you submit the Written Assignment like any other IB document, with your candidate number, session number, school, date, etc. on it? Thanks!
  20. Hey, I'm going to retake my Swedish B paper exams only. A Language B course is divided by Orals, Paper 1 & 2, and Written Assignment. But here's the thing I'm confused about, if I retake the subject, I can choose to retake it without the IAs, but the Written Assignment is externally assessed, does that mean I need to re-write my written assignment?
  21. Hey guys! I am working on my written assignment in English B higher level and some inconsistency between my 2 teachers and guide emerged. They say that the rationale has limit to 250 words, whereas the syllabus says only about 150 words.. What is your opinion about the problem? What's more, the guide states that the WA should be handwritten, but aren't we supposed to upload it via IB online page and write it electronically? Please let me know what it looks like in your school.
  22. I've finished both my reflective statement and written assignment. My teacher's not been clear as to whether we have to have references and a bibliography or not. I haven't used any external references. Do I still have to reference the quotes from the work used ( A doll's House) and use other sites? Do I have to have a bibliogaphy? Please help, my final WA is due this week!
  23. Heyy! So, I have done Tagore's Red Oleanders as my work in translation. I want to do my WA talking about the shmbolic significance of the red oleander in representing social resistance in the drama. The title: Analysis of the Symbolic Significance of the Red Oleander in Depciting Social Resistance, in Tagore's drama Red Oleanders. Sound okay? Opinions please. xx
  24. Hellooo I'm writing a French B Written Assignment. Just needed some clarification about the source texts - What is the minimum/maximum length of the source texts? - Can the source texts be of different perspectives, arguing against one another for the same topic? Thanks!
  25. Hello everybody, I could really use some advice on my WA Topic for French AB Initio. I have thought of the following ideas. 1. Comparison between pollution in France and India. Also, measures implemented by the government to fight pollution. (Urban and Rural Environment) 2. Celebration of New Years in France and India. (Individuals and Society) 3. Natural resources of France and India. (Urban and Rural Development) 4. Cuisine of France and India. (Individual and Society) I would really appreciate your opinion on the topics. Thank you for taking out your time and helping me.
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