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  1. So I am writing a pastiche and trying to imitate Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's style, and not sure how to write a good rationale. Could anyone give some tips because I know this is very important.
  2. My school requires CAS projects to at least have two of the CAS qualities (ex: creative and service, action and service, etc) for your CAS project, and I'm not sure how flexible the "action" category is. I was planning to do creative writing or some type of journaling as my project, but to me, that seems like it only qualifies as creative. Does typing or writing with your hand count as an "action?" My CAS coordinator at school only mentioned action examples as like running a marathon, and that seems way more strenuous than writing.
  3. Hi I have to do a supervised writing on women at point zero by Nawal El Saadawi and I have 0 idea wha the prompt will be. Any advice on what to do in order to prepare and how to ace the supervised writing ?
  4. Hello everyone! I'm an IB coordinator and teacher, and I'd like to better understand the writing habits and techniques of students who are or have been successful in the IB DP. As an experienced professional in the IB DP, I do have my opinions on the matter, but I'd like to hear from students. If you'd like, please respond by answering honestly the following questions. Thanks! What was your overall score in the IB? Please describe your workflow (research, writing, rewriting, etc.) for the many IB writing tasks. Please describe one or more successful writing techniques (par
  5. Hello, fellow IB students and survivors. I was talking to my old IB mate the other day about, how there are things from the IB that we actually miss... I know it's strange. It inspired me to write this little piece about how I think of the IB 2 years after graduating. (https://education.media/the-ib-diploma-how-it-has-brainwashed-me?_ga=2.216576660.305210453.1516984124-487562858.1516802302) I was wondering if I'm the only one who thinks like this now, or how the perspective is for other survivors out there? Hope you want to help! Love, A Danish survivor
  6. Heyy I'm a BM HL student and currently got assigned to do a concept essay on Amazon's culture. However, my teacher would not give us good exemplars to know how the essay is supposed to be written out... So is it possible if any of you are willing to show or found an example that can benefit future BM essay? Thanks a lot!
  7. Hey guys, I was hoping to pursue a career as a writer. I have written a few sketches myself and even at school, I mean everyone points out that I should write a few stuff, eventually, even if not as a "real" career. So, I was hoping to take a Law degree. I would like to live in the US, though I would like to start off at the UK, for example, take a degree and thus, if possible, go to the US to make a living. The problem is if I take Law in London, lets say, I won't be able to practice law in the US, right? Or can I take a post graduation in american law? Also, do you think that
  8. Background info: Grade 9, Pre-IB I'm not a horrible writer but I've always had trouble writing concluding paragraphs for informational papers. I feel like I just summarize exactly what I wrote earlier, with a bullcrap closing statement because I can't think of anything better to write. I know I'm not explaining myself well, but basically what I'm asking is: How do YOU write your closing paragraph? Do you have a format or something that you follow? Thanks a lot.
  9. Hello! My research question is how have the Ayatollahs transformed Iran’s domestic and political state after the 1979 Islamic Revolution? I have 3,000 words but it’s all facts about the rise of the ayatollahs and iran before and after the Islamic republic. I’m having trouble actually tackling my research question. Any tips on how I can approach this or what to focus/mention?
  10. Historians, I am attending History Higher Level and, since I really enjoy History, I have been pissed because I cannot get more than a 5... I hate Paper 1, the questions are so obvious and brief that I don't even know what to say, should I write like a lot and say a lot of bull****? Or should I say the least as possible and write just a few lines? If so, what should I say then? Under what structure? The Paper 2... well, that one I particularly enjoy as I can say what I want and write a much as I want, and embellish it with those speech connectors that every big answer needs to be org
  11. Hi guys, So I've been told by different sources that i can only really analyse one text in a cat 3 english essay, because if i do more than 1, it becomes a comparative essay and hence turns into a cat 2 one... Is this right?
  12. Hello there fellows, I am currently in the beginning of my 2nd year and I was planning to go study in the UK, though I am in a dilemma as to what what degree I should take. On the one hand, Law would be great, on the other hand I would also like to take something related to Literature or Arts, since I want to become a writer. However, english is not my native language, so being a writer in the UK or taking a degree in Literature would be harder for me than for other fellow british students. I have to get in touch with the universities now in September, so I am a little bit anxious wi
  13. Guys, I am currently going for my 2nd Year in the IB. Since I would like to study abroad, more specifically in the UK, August/September are the months "destined" to start thinking on college and courses. I am going to be honest: my dream was to become a writer. I have a few forgotten sketches in my room, and I guess I do have an imaginative and sensitive flair for that. I imagine myself waking up every morning with a happy smile knowing that I would spend the rest of the day with the placidity that writing gives me, I mean the fact that I am dwelling in another world, a more unpredictabl
  14. Hey everyone. I am an IB student from Mexico which means my first language is Spanish. My second language is English. I love to read books that are originally written in english most of the time, so for my extended essay I was planning on doing an analysis on Cersei Lannister's internalized misogyny, from A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, which is a book written in english. I asked my teacher if my topic fell into the Group 1 category if I used the translated books for the analysis and she said YES. But today another teacher told me that my topic was not acceptable because the book
  15. Hi everyone! If you're looking for CAS and are interested in the world and its happenings – this is for you. We are looking for new writers for Young Diplomacy, an online journal voicing the youth's perspective on foreign affairs. I just completed my IB and so I know for a fact that this counts for both creativity and service for CAS. Article topics are free of choice, just need to pertain to current world events! If you're interested, message me or email [email protected] Alexia
  16. I'm starting to write my extended essay and I want to do it on a book but I have no idea how to go about it. I know I want to do it on an in depth study of a theme in a literary work. The examples online are lacking at best and none fit what I want to do, does that mean I am offtrack/wrong? I want to do it on Peter and Wendy or Alice in Wonderland, explore the underlying messages of childhood innocence, wonder, naivety or imagination through an analysis of techniques and metaphors. Any help/ideas?
  17. Hi guys I am an 11th grade SL literature student and am very happily getting a 7 so far in lit as I have done well in presentations and notes. The problem though is that now I'm expected to be able to write a level 7 essay and can't get above a 5! AGHH! can anyone help me or give me any tips on how to write level 6-7 literature essays? :3 Thank you!
  18. I turned in my rough draft and I received notes as well as an angry teacher about using the first person in my paper. However, I looked through sample IAs and literally all of them use the first person as well, which leads me to believe that there is not a rule against it and that my teacher just has her own rules. Also does anyone have any tips on how to write my IA without using "I" or "my?" I can write perfectly fine in other subjects but this is sort of a challenge...
  19. Hei, people. I'm in need of a lot of advice about HL English essays. My mark in English is okay (low 5), but its been like that for the past 2 years of IB for me. I've gone to extra help with my teacher and asked her many times how can I improve on my skills. She explains it well, and I understand, but then when I go and write my essay, I just get a low 5 again. I've read sample essays to get an idea, those weren't much help. I've read the Course Companion book a few times and it just wasn't helpful. I even tried expanding my vocabulary to see if that would help any, but I don't think th
  20. hey guys, it's too late now because my WA is due tomorrow but I realized I'm having a pretty hard time getting rid of passive voice (or sometimes even spotting it). I thought that even though I can't do anything really about my WA, it would be good to learn how to get rid of it for future papers, in all subjects. I don't know. do you guys have any tips for spotting and ridding of passive voice?
  21. How can you write a novel or short story as Creativity? Do you send it to a publisher or magazine? Can I write it in my first language, not English? Can anybody help me? Thanks
  22. Hi! My friend and I are starting a newspaper focused on Foreign Affairs and are looking for good writers. It definitely counts for CAS and doesn't require too much work! Email us if you're interested; we are looking for good writers with an interest in politics, foreign affairs, government or anything of the sort! [email protected]
  23. So what are your experiences of doing writing or blogging as CAS? I'm an avid writer myself and when I realized that I could do that for CAS I was overjoyed, but then I heard that some schools don't allow writing for CAS. Currently my plan would be to create a blog for writing, as well as doing my other blog (found here: http://nerdexeallthingsnerdy.blogspot.fi/) to cover most of my creativity side for CAS. Also, how would I get a CAS supervisor for this? The blog itself wouldn't be enough for the writing one at least, since writing even a relatively short story can take weeks with all the rew
  24. Version PDF


    This is a 24 pages long guide on how to write a proper IA for IB Chemistry. It's very helpful. Enjoy!
  25. Version PDF


    A guide how to write a proper lab report for IB Chemistry.
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