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Found 16 results

  1. Talking about Abortion: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice The conversation surrounding abortion has always been controversial. Even in the 21st century, the thought of discussing abortions in some communities has been tabooed. Unfortunately, this so called 'taboo' has been the reality of some women - whether it be the result of unprotected sex, sexual assault or fear of keeping the child, millions of women have had to choose between life or choice. Some factors that may affect the final decision include, but are not limited to, gender, religion and society. Dialogue of abortion and the pro-life and
  2. Hello! So recently I have been struggling to with the Extended Essay research question or topic in general. My supervisor isn't much help tbh, but I think I might have figured it out. Basically I am doing World studies in English and History. I chose immigration to be my global issue and decided to focus on Germany (my local area). This my research question: To what extent did Germans try to push the Turkish guest-workers (immigrants) out of Germany during the time 1960-90s and how was literature used to isolated immigrants? Is it any good? Is it too brought? The thing is I am
  3. Hey guys!!! It's me, M&m_Fan99, back again with another discussion question!!! First of all long time no see/post as I have been busy with *stuff*, anyways lets dive straight in to this one! "Should the Earth be more healthy?" Interpret this question however you want I will read every single reply! Peace fofo.
  4. Sooo... I've recently written an Extended Essay and am about to go back to school, due to the end of summer break down here in the Southern Hemisphere. "To what extent is the USA's response to the attacks and threats of the ISIS justifiable, according to the UN's denial of permission?" Do you believe that this question belongs in World Studies? This regard terrorism in a very comtemporary aspect due to the recently uprising extremist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Please let me know soon!
  5. 7 goals? 4 goals in 6 minutes against Brazil, who were at home (and previously had not lost at home in 42 years)? Speechless. Just speechless. I really wanna hear people's thoughts on this game.
  6. Hi all, Bath, UK will be the host of one of the IBWSC from 27th July to 4th August this year. Just wondering who here will be going for the conference, it would be so interesting to get to know you in advance, should we meet up sometime during the trip. Looking forward to see all of you there!
  7. Version PDF


    This an average essay for my History SL classes. I got 14/20 for it which would be a 7 on Paper 1 but I'm not sure what the grade would be on an average essay, I guess a 5... I live in Poland where we have a different grading system so I got a 4- out of 6. I have written it by hand so I will also try to put my essay with teacher's suggestions, there are plenty of them and they are quite helpful. As my history teacher suggested the "Wordcount" written at the bottom isn't neccessary because it does not contribute anything to writing an essay but I don't remember other mistakes. Anyway, good luck
  8. Hi, I have my Written Assignment due next week and I need to make a thesis. The work that I'm focusing on is The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. I am focusing on the significance of the minor characters such as the Manager, the Father, as well as the Boarders (the people that rent the Samsa's home). I am comparing the significance of these characters in each of the 3 parts in the book. However, my difficulty is trying to come up with a thesis. PLEASE HELP!
  9. The destinations for the 2013-2014 conferences are up, and they will be held at McGill's University in Montreal, Canada; University of Bath in Bath, UK, and University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Just wondering if anyone had gone to past conferences, and what were your experiences like? I really want to go to the conference in Bath, but I am unsure if this conference is even worth going? Thoughs?
  10. Hi, so I don't know if your school has proposed it yet but the IB launched this new EE topic which is World Studies, and I'm planning on writing my EE in World Studies and I was wondering: Have any of you done it before? If so, what was your question/topic? I'm thinking about doing mine on the role of the government in the development of women rights any ideas on a possible question? Thank you so much!
  11. So, I need to think of a world literature topic that needs to be REALLY specific according to my teacher. It cannot be something very general like "How the death of Santiago Nasar affected the townspeople(before and after his death)." This was disapproved by my teacher saying it was just a plot summary and I needed a thesis. In grade 10 where I had a teacher that rarely made us work, has lowered my level to write. So I'm not quite sure how to do this, (we didn't really write anything this year either). What I was thinking for a topic for my World Lit paper would be either these 3: -Revenge as
  12. Hey guys! I need help refining my question for my SL History IA. I want to look at how the Tiananmen Square Massacre affected the perspective of the Chinese people in regards to political change. Basically, how the Massacre made them realize that they weren't going to get any change. I'm going to look at interviews and other primary source documents for this. Can someone help me figure out how to better phrase my research question?
  13. SO heres my topic: Strindbergs portrayal of misguidance and deception through Jean and Julie's relationship in "Miss Julie". I want to know how to tackle this topic What to avoid, what to include etc And other tips Thank you (I'm in English HL)
  14. I now someone'll be irked for my waste of bandwidth, but I just have a simple subjective question out there if anyone is willing: What is considered a good score on the Works in Translation Literary Essay? To clarify, I'm referring to the 1200-1500 analytically essay based upon teacher-developed prompt. Of course it morphs into individual topics of discussion, but it was made clear to me we have to start with the original teacher's prompt. I ask because I'm nervous about my own grade on the essay. My teacher reviewed our papers and gave each of his students and awarded me a measly 10 out of
  15. 83 downloads

    Here are some notes on certain important events from the start to the end of the First World War with review question. This file has been created by an experienced history teacher so they are entirely reliable.
  16. heya my school is asking us to choose what we want to do our ee's in and i have found it really hard to choose a subject -- friends doing the ee in subjects they want to study at uni -- i dont know what i am going to study [hence going to the states] so they told me about the world studies option what is involved , how is it look upon (compared to a pure subject e.g. econ or bio?) do many people do it? i am a science person...but my interests are in global issues Chemistry HL Biology HL Economics HL Maths SL English SL German SL
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