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Found 25 results

  1. Hey guys, My school is terrible at explaining the way CAS works, and I'll be starting IB this year (in summer at the moment). I have heard that in order to "fulfill" CAS, you basically have to tick off objectives, which are given by the school and vary by institution? Can someone give me a basic explanation on how CAS works, and how not to fail it? Sorry for being a noob, Thanks!
  2. If I did laboratory work for a project outside school, does that count as action? It lasted 10 hours each weekend for 6 weeks, though I know that CAS is about learning outcomes and not hours anymore. For context, some other people in my school have gotten away with things like food donation drives as action
  3. Guest

    Failed IB experiment

    Long story short, I did a bio extended essay, messed up the experiment, instead of isolated colonies I got a single weird blob. No data collected. Failed the experiment. Am I allowed to use external data to support my arguments?
  4. Noticed many people have blogs like "how to apply to university X" or "how to apply to university in X (country)". Did not notice a "share helpful information here" thread. Thus, I decided to create a post so those whom might have helpful information to share (guide, blog, YouTube video etc.) can do so here. Edit: For instance; have you written a detailed guide on the ibsurvival website you'd like to share here (university guides for applying to a certain country, study guides, tips, etc.)? Maybe you have a blog which has good information on something IB / school-related (i.e a resources
  5. I have to start my IA this week, and I cannot decide on what aspect of business I should base it on? Should I focus on work force motivation? Production? or finance? please help, I'm really confused and my teacher didn't give us much support before the break.
  6. Hey my teacher just told me that you should never ever stay up at night and that it's crazy. Do you guys agree? Because sometimes I stay up all night but I don't really think I'm crazy. Also if you do believe staying up all night is crazy are here any situations which justify staying up all night? Thanks, BongSoldier OUT.
  7. I would love to share on IBS the two playlists I use to brighten up my environment when doing work or sometimes studying (I usually don't for studying since I need to retain information obviously). I found these on the internet while trying to combat procrastination a while back and these playlists are so useful Its also part of my trigger to do homework These playlists are called "The Ultimate Study Playlist I" and "The Ultimate Study Playlist II," on 8tracks. These are pure gems. These playlists each contain 6-7 hours of instrumental scores that range from films, video games, etc. also th
  8. Hello, I would like to ask how many pages have you already filled in your Journal (1st year of IB). I'm curious if are there any requirements about the amount of work which I should already cover. The same questions I have connected with Studio Works Do you practice Comparative Study in your Journal? Thanks for response
  9. Hi all, im currently taking Design Technology and currently being the leading student in our school for the Major Projects / IA's. I tend to collaborate with my teachers about issues with the guidelines and many of the problems that tend to arise. If you have recently heard about the new exemplar that has been released with a grade of 47/54 you may have many questions of which may be similar to mine, and that the issue you may also be talking with other students is the lack of attention that this subject is getting. I wanted to discuss the formats of the MP and all issues involving it as I nee
  10. Im going into my junior year of Ib and ive been on the verge of panic attacks thinking of the upcoming year. I recently got a job and i barely have any community service hours(maybe 30). How do you guys balance hw and EEs and IAs and CAS hours and work and normal community service hours with exams and everything. It seems too much for me.Do you have any tips to survive the next two years?
  11. How do you guys stop this procrastination ****?? Feel free to share humorous anecdotes as well
  12. What do you think? What is the easiest combination in terms of both workload and content that you can come up with? Help a lazy IB student over here!
  13. I'm in 11th grade in the United States, and I've just started the IB Diploma Program. It started out well enough, but now I feel as if I'm drowning in school work. I know that my teachers are disappointed in me, but I just am completely choking, and I don't know how to get myself out of this hole into which I've dug myself. Between IAs and my daily homework, as well as swimming on my school's team, and taking piano lessons, I feel like I cannot complete anything. And for my art class I'm supposed to be doing extra work outside of class... I don't know how to get myself back to an acceptable pl
  14. Hey IB students and teachers! I am a student from Portugal and completely new to this website. I have come in search for help! I had a pretty easy life throughout school here in Portugal (PYP and MYP were basic!) and suddenly the IB comes, and hits me as hard as a tsunami.... My choices were and are: Biology HLChemistry HLPsychology HLEnglish Lang and LitSpanish Ab initioMaths StandardI am losing myself in these choices. I mean my languages are fine, should get a 6 or a 7 for both, but the rest is too hard. I'm losing track already. Mid term 1, I currently have a 2 for Chem, 3 for Biology
  15. Helloooo Could someone help me? In each subject I have to do some sort of project or sth that counts as the internal assessment. But are they part of the 45 points? And what do I have to do for each subject ( HL: Spanish, English B, Philosophy; SL: Bio, Chemistry and Maths) I know about the Maths exploration but what else I need? I there's someone who had finished all or can answer, when is recommended to start my EE, the exploration and so.. I want to finish my CAS activities this year but with the EE and the other stuff I have no idea. Muchasssss graciass
  16. I mean, how do you push yourself. I find myself studying on the day before an exam and while this does give me the drive I need; I'm always left wondering how much better I could do if only I'd studied earlier. How do you push yourself to studying and working consistently. Is it maybe a symbolic visualization of something you see yourself do? Elizabeth Murray, a homeless teenager to Harvard graduate saw herself running on a track and jumping over hurdles as and when they came. That's what motivated her. Is there a deeper purpose behind your actions like maybe developing a cure for cancer or
  17. How difficult is it to achieve a 7 within a class? Specifics and examples would be most appreciated. Most interested in replies in relation to: HL English HL Mathematics HL Biology HL Pyschology SL Chemistry Ab Initio Spanish Thanks.
  18. I have a big math assignment due tomorrow first thing in the morning! Problem is I can't concentrate at all because I feel so damn down and tired, I haven't even started yet... WHAT DO I DO>?
  19. Hey guys, I was wondering how we show work if we use our gdcs in paper 2... like, if we use binompdf ( x) we go, "used gdc, binompidf ({x}) or smth?? srrry im just really worried about losing marks for not showing work
  20. Hi guys, i was wondering how to use the IB grades on a CV, does each subject count seperatly or together, school says it is all one qualification but surely i cant just write on my CV "IB x amount of points in total" so what do you think you would have to write?
  21. 413 downloads

    Received 18/18 for this IA and a chemistry internal assessment score of 48/48 as moderated by the IB.
  22. 173 downloads

    Received 18/18 for this IA and a moderated mark of 48/48 by the IB.
  23. I'm in my final year of IB and as we all know it's starting to get tougher now. I have a weekend job where I work both Saturday and Sunday, I feel like it is a waste of time because I don't revise for the 11 hours in total that I am there for and I was just curious as to if there is anyone else that has a part time job and what you guys do to revise while at work or anything. I'm not considering leaving my job - I like it. My only issue is that I haven't got enough time to sleep or to just relax.
  24. Turn off your computer, put your phone on silent and eliminate all distractions (this is probably the most difficult bit). And now, the genius. Take out your (insert IB tool of terror here) and your notebook and pledge that you will do 10 minutes of work and 10 minutes only. Start working. By the time you reach 10 minutes, you'll feel like it was barely any time at all, so do 20 minutes more. If it's a long assignment, by this time you'll be so engrossed in it that you won't want to stop because it feel 'almost finished'. If it's a series of short assignments, then every 30 minutes you should
  25. Before I throw it in your face, I believe I should explain how it works. The human brain is an essentially goal-driven machine. Without a clear-cut target, it is difficult to channel one's focus. At the same time, lofty goals or target like "Harvard" or "42+" have little effect on one's brain because it sees little or no instantaneous gain. That is why it is easy to motivate oneself to study when finals are a week away - the brain senses a short-term gain. Thus, the closer the reward for a task is, the more likely one is to complete the task. 1 hour is a good period of time for which to set a
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