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Found 10 results

  1. My CAS coordinator informed us that we need to write 500 words per reflection but I took an insight to some reflections suggested by the IB and they only had a few sentences. So my question is, do I really need to have 500 words? Also, does CAS require efficient planning and acting upon that plan (such as holding a formal dinner for the school) or can it be something I learn in a day?
  2. Stefani


    Hey! Everyone who does their ee this year.. In the guide it's mentioned the the RPPF should be 500 words. But I don't understand if all the 3 reflections together should be 500 words or each reflection should be 500 words. Does anyone know? thankiess
  3. I'd like to see how YOU view IB. Post away!
  4. If not, will I lose a certain amount of marks for my essay?
  5. To what extent can there be creativity/imagination without emotion? Can someone please help me with this?
  6. Hi, I've written a WT which is 930 words long (Rationale + Task itself). Is it inside the acceptable extent? Thanks!
  7. So, I need to think of a world literature topic that needs to be REALLY specific according to my teacher. It cannot be something very general like "How the death of Santiago Nasar affected the townspeople(before and after his death)." This was disapproved by my teacher saying it was just a plot summary and I needed a thesis. In grade 10 where I had a teacher that rarely made us work, has lowered my level to write. So I'm not quite sure how to do this, (we didn't really write anything this year either). What I was thinking for a topic for my World Lit paper would be either these 3: -Revenge as
  8. Im trying to find a topic for maths SL for the coursework/internal assessment, i was thinking about doing it on the mathematics behind beauty, and we perceive as nice and beautiful to our eyes is a result of the golden ratio, symmetry, and how matter is constructed in relation to the golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence etc. But i'm not sure how many words the assessment is. Does anyone know?
  9. Hey! So I was thinking, one of the best ways to like improve your writing and essays is by increasing your vocabulary. But it's so tots boring to read thesauruses or just slowly pick up words. So I thought maybe we could daily/weekly/whenever post a new and interesting word we came across with a basic definition/synonyms and maybe it's application in a sentence? That way everyone learns something!! I'll start, my word of the day: Word: Defenestration; to defenestrate Definition: The action of throwing someone or something out of the window. Example: If I hear Mirrors by Justin Timberlake one m
  10. Is it true that if you write your EE in another language, it only has to be 1,000 words? I read the guide lines for group 2 for the EE, but it said nothing about it being only 1,000 words, but everyone at my school in ib is saying it.
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