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Found 21 results

  1. I'm confused as to what I'm supposed to do with my TOK Essay and searched up some sites that could help me with it. I came across this site called IB Mastery, a Tim Woods blog or something and it offers a TOK Essay Mastery Program. It only costs 14.99USD per month but I want to know if this is a sham or not. URL is attached below. https://checkout.newkajabi.com/offers/zR9YEFEU/checkout?checkout_token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJvZmZlcl90b2tlbiI6InpSOVlFRkVVIiwic2l0ZV9wcm90b2NvbCI6Imh0dHBzOi8vIiwicGVyZm9ybV9sb2dvdXQiOnRydWUsImV4cCI6MTQ3NjYxOTkwNn0.VOtCRLnjEiNgGrHikX5LsGK
  2. I am working on a website for my Computer Science IA, I plan to use JAVA script, but I honest suck at it. Can anyone helppp??
  3. How to analyse this webpage? Kindly help me https://news.un.org/en/story/2019/07/1042411#:~:text=Subscribe-,Over%20820%20million%20people%20suffering%20from%20hunger%3B%20new%20UN%20report,realities%20of%20'immense'%20global%20challenge&text=Although%20the%20pervasiveness%20of%20hunger,per%20cent%20of%20the%20population.
  4. Okay hi everyone! I'm new to the site and this is my first post so be nice.. My CAS coordinator suggested that i should set up a website for the IB community in our school because I'm quite good with technology and computers so I accepted. Now the problem is, I want it to look as professional as i can make it look. By that I mean it should be at least up to the standard as an amateur forum. I just wanted to ask how i could set up a page like this one, what software i need to use, any code needed? Thank you in advance!
  5. Hello IB Students, I have been working on a new IB Physics website (www.paperplainz.com) for the past months and it is now open. The website has over 800 past exam question video solutions (all Paper 1 and Paper 2 SL and HL questions from May 2016 until November 2018), practice exams and a growing questionbank (for now Paper 1 only, Paper 2 questions are coming soon!). Many of these resources are free of charge. Click here to check out the website: www.paperplainz.com If you would like to watch some of the videos on Youtube, just follow the link below: https:
  6. So I will be doing my Extended Essay on either China's Cultural Revolution or before it; specifically, either the Red Guard, the Wuhan Incident or the Hundred Flowers Campaign. But I'm wondering where I could find primary sources. Are there any specific websites or books? Any online archives that I could access? Any pictures, newspaper/magazine articles, etc. from the time would be really useful! Also figures and statistics (of anything) would be great, but it's difficult to find them, especially for individual cities. I'm not sure about this, but I think that the Chinese
  7. Hi, I am doing my ITGS IA and choose to do a website to adress my client's problem. I was wondering if it is possible to create your website using WIX website creator, if yes will it bring down my marks??
  8. Hi fellow IB students, Just need a couple of CAS hours? Not sure what do for a CAS project? My name’s Ashley and my online CAS project might be the solution. The idea is to make a website written by IB students, based on exploring cultural differences. Interview questions will be sent out to everyone who will then send back their response (around a paragraph) with pictures and these responses will then be collated on the website. You can be an individual writer, or you can be a coordinator, collecting responses from others in your class. Or if you would like to ma
  9. Hi, I would love to help IB students around the world by making a website they really need. I would do this as part of my CAS project.
  10. Hey guys! So the idea I had for my CAS project was to create a website that would help new IB students with their transition into the program by offering tips, study techniques and other helpful bits of information. I thought it would be really nice to get IB students from around the world involved to see how people from different countries are approaching the program study and extra curricular wise. If you are interested please PM me and I'll add you to a Google doc I made so we can all exchange ideas xx
  11. I am currently working on my ITGS IA (website). I am on criterion E and I'm stuck on describing the "complex techniques". One of the advanced techniques is: Creation of original templates. But, I'm not sure what this means. I looked over some other posts, but they haven't helped me much. I did my project on notepad++ and the only "unoriginal" templates I used were the basic ones on a book that teaches how to do CSS and HTML. I pretty much followed those and adjusted them to my needs. Other than that, I wrote every piece of code one by one. Is this creating original templates? Please help
  12. Hello everyone! Being an ex-IB student, I am aware of how grueling the course can be, especially when it gets to that stage of the course when one must decide their university majors, and in essence, their careers. My friend and I found that this decision was a very big step at such an early age, not only due to the course pressures we face but also because of how unfamiliar we are with how the 'real world' functions, alongside fears of choosing a course that turns out unfavorable. For this reason, we came up with the concept of having a website that allows high school students to get in t
  13. I am currently working on history homework, and struggling to find primary sources. How do you find primary sources? Websites? Books? Are there any good websites that provide good primary sources? Research question of my essay is, Evaluate the quote. "Failure to effectively respond to Italy's aggression in Ethiopia signified the death of the League of Nations."
  14. Hey guys, Does anyone have access to the xtremepapers website? It seems kind of odd, that it happens to be inaccessible during the exam period...
  15. Hey guys. I'm an ITGS HL student, and i'm planning on doing a CAS website for my school so that students can upload their CAS diaries, and so that the CAS coordinator can manage all the files and check who did and did not submit their diaries. Do you think it is a good IA? Do you have any suggestion? What type of website should i do? Forum,FTP, blog or other?! Thank you very much to anybody who answers 😊
  16. Hi! I was browsing through the forums and was inspired by @ouribjourney's post of creating a worldwide CAS project. I'm interested in doing something similar where I can make a website to hit the learner outcome of Engaging with issues of global importance to enhance gender equality. In the website, I'm aiming to incorporate news articles, statistics & photographs to show gender inequality & suggestions on overcoming it. To make it worldwide, I was hoping that people from different parts of the world can share their experiences regarding gender inequality and how they think it ca
  17. Hey everyone, Im working on one of the assignments for DT related to materials and i came to realize that there are only a few websites that was helpful, so im wondering whether there are any helpful sites regarding DT researched... THXXXX need help
  18. Hey guys! I spent a lot of this summer developing a personal website for myself. It hosts some computer games I’ve developed as well as some other programming projects I have done as well as blog articles. The website is: www.clintonmorrison.com You can play the games I created at: www.clintonmorrison.com/games.html What do you think of the design and layout of the site? Is there anything about the site I should change? Also, if you try one of the games I made let me know what you think of it! Thank you!
  19. I'm working on my Musical Links Investigation and one problem that I am finding is that I cannot find both the audio and the sheet music. With respects to something like Traditional North American Indian Dance Music, I can find the sheet music, but this doesn't usually tell me what the drums are doing and all things I could hear in the audio. Basically I was wondering if anyone has found any good online music libraries or websites that give both audio and sheet music?
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