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Found 24 results

  1. I am really stuck on how to solve these questions and I don't understand why the mark scheme says that the answers for question 8, 12 and 14 are A, A and D, respectively. I would greatly appreciate any help/suggestions/tips!! These questions are from the Paper 1 in May 2018 Timezone 2.
  2. How did it go for the Tz2 paper Physics guys? I was unsure about quite a few in paper 1 but I think paper 2 was easier. Some paper 1 questions were so different from past papers or is it only me??
  3. Hey guys, how'd you find physics HL papers 1 and 2? As far as TZ2 is concerned, I found paper one much tougher than the last few years. The sums were time consuming given the small time limit of 60 minutes. It took me almost 45 minutes to finish the first 25 sums, and the rest 15 were still thankfully less time consuming and I could finish it. Btw. There was a question on green light being emitted from two point sources, which had just NOT been resolved. So the options asked how to resolve it and there were two contrasting ones: red light and using a circular aperture. Both would increase t
  4. Hey everybody, how did Eco SL Paper 1 go? Particularly the Tz2, since I gave that paper. Which ones did you attempt?
  5. How did you guys find it? How did it go for you all?
  6. Hey guys! So I know there was a discussion started on this exam but that was in the general forum and I just thought that us psychology students should also have a place on this exam discussion forum! Overall the paper wasn't too bad, but I think i messed up a few dates here and there. The only trouble I had for section A was the stereotypes one. What did you guys write for that?? And for my essay I chose the: "Evaluate one model/theory of one cognitive process" - overall I feel this went alright but I'm scared that perhaps 2 studies were not enough?
  7. HELLO Does anyone have a copy of the may 2013 Chemistry Hl exam with the mark scheme ? (both TZ1 and TZ2) Please I really need it ! Thank you
  8. The paper was comparatively easy
  9. I'm not sure if this is legal or not, but it's May 20th 6:30PM here, and I took the exam on May 19th 8:00AM. So 24 hours are up I guess? Please lock this thread if it isn't. Anyhow, how was it?
  10. Fairly easy, wasn't it? After Paper 1- it was definitely a relief! Just hope the boundaries don't go too high. I'm expecting 80 on 120 (couldn't finish the paper). What are you expecting?
  11. What did you think of paper 2 ? I found it quite easy
  12. Hello everyone, so I'd like to ask you how you did on your Biology HL Exam so far (Paper 1 & 2 only). For me Paper 1 was not that easy, but it also wasn't hard. It contained some tricky questions where you thought that there might be 2 solutions which was really annoying for me. Paper 2 was really easy and I didn't expect it to be that easy. I was really happy with the Section B questions and I answered the first two! (Dunno if I am allowed to state the questions yet...) SO what are your opinions about the exam? Would like to know how you did
  13. For the Paper One last monday English HL, how did everyone find it? Did you pick the prose, or the poetry called Better Days? I did Better Days, the poem. I'm not too sure how I did - what sort of thing did everyone write?
  14. Hey guys, we're allowed to discuss P1 now and P2 tomorrow! I loved the questions, they were brilliant, especially the complex numbers one in q.13. Initially, i must admit I didnT' really see how to answer them, but then it just struck me and BAM. Really high hopes on this paper, thinking about 113/120. (Got my stupid graph wrong because I forgot the minus at the second derivative. Jesus.) I found the question abotu the sequences werid, where you had to find r, which was only 6 marks. Because I felt it should have been more than 6 marks. Finding the pattern, simplifying, seeing that (r-1) is a
  15. How did everyone find the exam, everyone I've spoken to found Paper 2 absolutely horrific! Thoughts?
  16. So what do you guys think? I found it harder than usual and very tricky mostly, but overall not as good as expected. Last part of last question was pretty diffecult although i got the gradient 1/3.
  17. How did everyone find it and which options did you do? We were all taught only Human biochem and Modern analytical at our college, and being a physicist I detested revising biochem as you had to learn SO MUCH! Consequently I had no idea what an iodine number was, but actually it wasn't too bad. Analytical had some weird questions in it such as the why do compounds with C double bonds absorb IR radiation, just blabbered on about pi bonds abit although i swear in reality it is due to molecular changes in polarity, but couldn't see how to relate the two! The H NMR one I found slightly odd as well
  18. What options did you choose guys? I picked D and E (Medicines and Drugs and Environmental). I think it was pretty easy, the only doubt was in one of the last questions of option E, about the ionic equation for Hg and hydrogen sulfide, but managed to do it.
  19. Thoughts? Was alright for me, did question 6 on P2 Section B. Section A on P2 was very manageable. Bit of debate in my class on the final question, the one on precision and accuracy. I said it was both, but I'm unsure given how subjective a question it was.
  20. Hey guys. Discussion about Paper 1! I think all the questions were pretty straightforward. I found it weird, though, that it was all theory, and no Java whatsoever! I'm guessing they kind of fused this exam with the new syllabus. I only found the boolean expression quite ridiculous. I don't know why they felt compelled to write it in such a way. I could figure out which symbols were AND, OR and NOT, but that way of expressing it definitely wasn't in the syllabus. My teacher told me that they shouldn't have written it like that, as well. I was also wondering what you guys responded with to the
  21. Did anyone sit the Japanese SL exam? I did TZ 2. I loved paper 2 but I was stuck with one question on Paper 1 and thus couldn't write enough characters in Section D. And that when I was actually wondering if I should start with this section to avoid disappointment with my performance Am I wrong or did they usually provide squares to write in rather than lines???
  22. I've been reading around here for the past few days and the general opinion tends to be that this years Paper 1 was much easier compared to previous years whilst the Paper 2 was ridiculously difficult. A lot of people seem to be stressed/worried regarding their grade for this course, and i'm no different. With the amount of studying I did I was aiming for a 7. However, after completing Paper 2, I am now concerned regarding my chances of achieving a 6. I was wondering what people think the grade boundaries will be for this session? In my opinion, they should be lower than previous years conside
  23. Question about the normal to the curve at point P?!?!? There was a question about the gradient at point P... which was 0.. and then it asked for the equation of the normal... ? Whats the equation when the gradient is 0? I put x= 2 Because the normal is perpendicular.. is this right?
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