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Found 10 results

  1. So I am submitting my extended essay in Biology soon and I cannot find a clear answer as to exactly what counts in the word count. I know the general guidelines that things like tables,graphs, fotnotes and citations don't count in the word count but I don't know about things like headings such as Introduction, Hypothesis, Conclusion etc. as well as titles of tables such as "Table 1: Average Glucose Concentration" etc. count. Do those things count in the word count? Thanks
  2. Discussion for the May 2017 TOK prescribed titles: “It is only knowledge produced with difficulty that we truly value.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?
  3. Which title do you think is the Best??? or wich one did you chose???
  4. 2017 IB'ers, Was I the only one that stood 5 minutes looking at the new TOK prescribed titles and felt as empty as a waffles chips pack? Seriously, am I the only one that, comparing with the previous year's titles, thinks these ones are even more vague and intricate? Teachers usually say: look at them all, chop off 3 right away, consider 2 and keep one as the back up plan. Honestly, I did not look at any that would inspire me to write 1.600 words. 5 and 6 are, lets say, the ones that I would see myself doing, though all of the others belong to the "right away chop off" category, which is
  5. Just wondering if I could get some help with thinking of the reasons knowledge is produced , in relation to the prescribed essay title for the 2015 November: "The main reason knowledge is produced is to solve problems.†To what extent do you agree with this statement?... or just if you want to add anything in relation... cheers!
  6. which title are you guys doing and why? and how do you feel about them? personally i think they're all such bull**** like what the heck but i wanna know what you guys think
  7. Hello IB-ers I just wanted to know your opinions on which topic is the easiest to broad your ideas. And can you be specific a bit on how you're going to broad it? For me I'm still confused either title 4 or title 6. And in title 4: "With reference to two areas of knowledge discuss the way in which shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge.", is it possible to have counter claims? Cause it seemed to me that it is very hard to find many good counter claims, since it is true that shared knowledge shape personal knowledge, in many ways. THANKS GUYS
  8. So I've noticed that a lot of people on here are asking for help on the prescribed TOK titles. I take exams in May 2013 and I have about two months left in my TOK class. Should my teacher have showed us the prescribed titles yet and gotten us to work on our essays? Are we being given enough time to do them? I feel like everyone has seen the questions already and has started to work except for my school. (Yes I realise the questions are on here, but I'm concerned that when my teacher actually gives them to us it will be too late.) Should I start the essay now before my teacher has given us the
  9. Version PDF


    Tok Titles in Spanish for March 2013 examination.
  10. Gong ho IBros, After learning from this magnificent community that we could be penalized in our language A1 paper for using literary works that were not studied in class during our two year voyage (apparently because the teachers send out forms stipulating what books they chose to teach to the IB examiners, which are expected to read them beforehand), I am starting to wonder whether I did the right thing in investing my time and sweat understanding John Stuart Mill's "On Liberty" over Nietzsche's "Genealogy of Morals", which we studied in class and which I found to be as enjoyable as sucking o
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