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Found 21 results

  1. Hey guys, I just discovered this forum as I was doing some research on my IB subject choices. I am really confused between HL Chemistry and HL CS as both of them are pretty good options for me and I like both so I was looking for some advice regarding my subject choices. Here's some background information: I'm taking my GCSEs in May. I wanted to pursue either astrophysics or particle physics in uni but maybe fall back on CS if I don't enjoy either of them I want to perhaps pursue a MBA in the future I'll be applying to US universities Good at math and logi
  2. Hello. Recently I have had meetings with school administration regarding which IB subjects I want to select. I am certain of most of my subjects aside from Physics and Psychology. As it stands, my subjects are as follows: HL English Lang.Lit. HL History SL Maths SL French Ab initio I would like to do Physics and Psychology, one of course HL and the other SL. Choosing Pysch HL would allow me to achieve a higher score than doing HL Physics. On the other hand, selecting HL Physics would allow for a wider range of university/career choices. I am thinking of moving into a course studying Artificial
  3. hello everyone. I am trying to choose which subjects to have in a HL. I know that I have to take HL physics, that one is sorted and decided. but i am wondering if I should have math HL. the career counselor of my school tells me that I am capable of doing it, but my credits would decrease as it is a really tough subject and that is the important stuff. but I also know that I might need to have the knowledge for what is thought in math HL. i really do not know whether is better to have a 6-7's on math SL or to take it HL and to have 4-5's but I would know more content. help please. i need togi
  4. Hello everyone, I am currently doing 4 HL's but I need to drop one as soon as possible. Right now I am taking Math, Physics, Chem and Econ HL. I want to be an astrophysicist. I know that I need to keep Physics HL, I do not know about Math because even though I am strong at math, the teachers say that it will be very challenging for me and I will not be able to get the score I want, but if I drop to Math SL she said that the course would be kinda too easy for me not letting me develop my skills. I have to choose between Chem and Econ which one to drop. If I were to have Physi
  5. Hi, I'm currently in pre-IB and I have to choose my IB courses for next year. I know for sure that I want these classes: - Spanish AB Initio - Math SL - Economics SL - English HL - Chem HL For my last subject, I'm not sure if I should choose Bio HL or Art HL. I want to study dietetics in university. I was first going to choose Bio HL but we had a talk about classes with our IB coordinator and he said not to choose classes based just on what you think you'll need for university. So now I'm confused on what to pick. I enjoy both bio and art. I plan t
  6. I've taken Biology, Chemistry and Business management HL along with English Maths and French (ab) SL. I study IB in India and I would like to know about my options. Medical is the first thing to come to mind but that would require Physics and I do not want to take it up. I am planning to study in India because my dad doesn't want me to study abroad for god knows why and I was wondering what course I could take in Indian colleges I am aware that abroad universities do not require Physics for studying medicine
  7. Hi guys! I will be starting the Pre-IB next year and though I have read as much as I can about the subjects available to me, I just wanted to see if I could get some more opinions on what will give me the best chance of doing well. Some background - I lean pretty strongly towards the English side of things, however I'm also quite good at maths so I'm hoping that will carry me through the rest of the subjects. Anyway, if any of you could offer some insight into my choices then I'd really appreciate it - and hopefully others will also find the poll useful At the moment I am leaning toward
  8. I need help with IB subject selections. I have just finished my second year of Pre-IB, and will be starting my first year of IB in the fall (Grade 11). However, I am worried about my subject selection for a couple of different reasons. HL: Biology, English Language & Literature, History SL: Math, French B, Chemistry Note that my school does not have many options for IB, and I will attach a picture of the courses available at my school. I am studying at St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I am most concerned about my language B couse and math.
  9. I am currently doing IGCSE this year and I have taken global perspectives along with chemistry, physics and biology for my IGCSEs. We have to select our IBDP HL and SL subjects very soon and I have chosen Bio HL and Chem HL but I am confused about my third HL (psychology or english). I know that psychology is easier to score on than english but how hard is psychology HL if it has never been done before? Will bio, chem and psychology become too science based? Or will they go well together? I have heard that universities like diversity in subjects. I enjoy reading and I am equally intereste
  10. Hi! If you could take a moment to help me out I would be SUPER grateful. So I have to choose my subjects in the next few weeks and I'm struggling with what to choose for my Group 3. I am only (kind of) certain of 4 things: Biology HL. Chemistry HL. Math SL. French SL. English SL. (You can let me know if you've taken something similar to this and if you believe my choices are a good idea:) ) My dilemma is over what my Individuals and Societies course will be. My school offers only History and Economics as in class subjects, but if interested (like I am) students can take Psycholo
  11. Hi, would anyone be able to give me any advice regarding the difficulty of my chosen HL subjects? I'm going into the IB program next year and our subject choices are due in soon. I know two of my SL subjects are going to be Japanese and Math, but I'm not sure what my third SL/HL subject could be. My other four subjects are English, Psychology, Chemistry and Biology, so I can take one of those at SL. My plan was to do HL English, Psychology and Chemistry, but I've been talking to one of the Year 11 IB students, who's informed that I've chosen incredibly difficult subjects for my HL. Psychology
  12. So I'm currently in my last year of MYP and we have been given the whole IB presentation today and all. So I've been already thinking of what I want to do. And I'm really interested in Graphic Design. In our school they tell us to choose subjects that we like and will enjoy. I'm a person who stresses out quite easily I guess or well a negative thinker. I'm known as an organized student and all but I'm full hopelessness. But anyway, I've decided to do: Visual Arts - HL Design Technology - HL Unknown - HL Spanish - SL English - SL (I'm not sure whether to do Language & Lit or just l
  13. Hi, My subject selection application is due tomorrow and I'm having trouble with deciding for my group 3. I plan to take communications in uni and I plan to go to the US. So in this case, history is the more useful choice. Though, I should also consider what I think I'll do better in. I've studied econ before and I felt like I was good at it and I enjoyed it. So now I'm having a dilemma between Econ or History. Which should I go with?
  14. Hello, I am going to start of with the IBDP in less than 6 months and I need some suggestions, opinions, and advice regarding my subject selection. I am interested in science and math. I loathe history and geography (no offence to ppl who like it). The commercial world too fascinates me. Kind of an odd combination but that's just me. I am selecting my subjects based on what I would like to study in the future (university). I am not sure if I want to pursue medicine or engineering. I want to keep both these options open. Based on this, here is my current subject selection: Math HL Chem HL Ph
  15. Hi! I'm in the midst of completing my personal project (it's due in about three weeks time) and selecting my subjects for the IB program. I'm interested in majoring in either political science/economy or international relations. These are the subjects I am set on taking: English Lit HLGeography HLMathematics SLIndonesian A SLBiology SL I'm planning on taking two humanities but right now, I'm conflicted as to which one I would like to take between history HL and economics HL. If I'm majoring on international relations instead of political science I know I have to take history HL. And I want
  16. I start my ib diploma tomorrow and i was wondering if any one could go over my subject selection and tell me if it's, idk, ok or something? Seriously i just need opinions! Economics HL Physics HL English A HL Chemistry SL Maths SL French ab initio So what do u folks think?
  17. Guest

    IB Planning

    Hi there, Next year, I'm planning to take IB at my school, and I just wanted to sort some things out before I begin it so come exam time and/or beginning of next year, I'm not an utter mess when it comes to this. I want to study Medicine in a UK University, so they're kind of tilted according to the preference of the universities there (which are similar to my preferences anyway). Subjects The subjects I'm planning on taking are: Higher Level: History Chemistry Biology Standard Level: English Literature French B Math Do you think they'll be too difficult to manage? I'm more of a 'understand an
  18. I am interested in pursuing economics/politics/political economy/international relations/global studies in university. here are my proposed IB options: Economics HL History HL Math HL Chinese A Lang & Lit SL English A Lang & Lit SL ESS SL I am studying Additional Mathematics and Extended Mathematics for IGCSE now, and doing okay, predicted A for former and A* for latter. But is Additional Mathematics a big jump to Math HL? Do you need to be smart and very capable in math to get at least 6? Really worried now especially I have heard Math HL and History HL have tremendous amounts of wo
  19. Hey Guys, I have to choose my subjects for Pre-IB like in the next few day and I am not sure about my choices. I have no idea how hard these subjects are so any feedback should help... So here are the subjects that I was thinking of: Maths HL Physics HL Chemistry HL Business SL/Anticipated French SL English SL Any feedback would help...
  20. Hey! I'm a 10th grader MYP student and I have to submit my subject choices extremely soon and this is what I've decided on: English Language & Literature SL Proficiency: I got the best grade in English in my class. French B SL Proficiency: Best grade in my class. A guaranteed 7 according to my French teacher. Economics SL Proficiency: Haven't taken economics before. However, I did get second best in my class for Business studies, one point away from full. Math HL Proficiency: I am the best among extended math students. While others fail, I get close to top marks. My math teacher said it'd
  21. 112 downloads

    A guide by Sevenoaks school in the UK on how to pick your IB subjects.
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