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Found 18 results

  1. Hello! So, I know it's probably too early to be thinking about this (considering I haven't even started High School yet) but I want to participate in an international student exchange program in Grade 10. I would be more interested in applying in Grade 9, but you must be 15 and up. I searched for a topic containing something related to a student exchange program on the forum and couldn't find anything, so I'm guessing this isn't too popular with IB students. I'm going to start Grade 9 in a couple of months and have been accepted and enrolled in a Pre-IB/MYP pr
  2. So I have been in the IB Program since kindergarten and now I am in 9th grade at the IB High School and they kick people out but I have seen the seniors class of 2018 most of them have and hair grades below an 80 in Mississippi you must maintain in 80 or above in IB. I have a 71 average in Spanish and a 57 average in geometry but I haven't 80 in above and all of my six classes. Im not sure if i will pass this semester. They have to give probation letters before they kick you out. They always said 2nd term they give letter amd they kick you out come Christmas. But once a again their are seniors
  3. Hello! I'm an Indian IB student looking to study Engineering in the US. You see, I've researched a lot about potential universities but I'm still lacking some match and safety schools and I'm currently extremely doubtful whether the unis I have in mind are a good fit for my strengths. I'd love it if an educational counselor or anybody who knows the US admissions well could message me and help me out. Thank you in advance!
  4. Hey I live in the Netherlands started DP1 this week and I was wondering if any European students that were also doing the IB wanted to create a study group. It would be cool if we took similar subjects so that we could help each other out, and I think it doesn't matter really were in Europe as the time is either the same or 1 or 2 hours difference Anyway if anyone is interested hmu. My IB classes are the following: Chemistry HL Biology HL English A Lit HL Geography SL Spanish SL Math SL
  5. Hello everyone. So yeah, the question is already stated above. However, I am concerned that not too many universities will take me with 30 IB points, in Europe, that is. I was hoping for like 34... that didn't happen. Also, I don't know if this will have any effect, I completed my IB Diploma in May and am taking a gap year until mid 2017. Preferably I want to apply to Sweden, where there don't seem to be any specific entry requirements... Back to the question... do you think I can make it into some decent Swedish uni or not-so-decent... for an Economics/Humanities/Modern
  6. Okay hello everyone, The situation: History Class, the teacher and one particular student keep clashing. The teacher has an obvious dislike towards this one student, he might have a valid reason for this BUT he keeps "fighting" with this student during class time, the rest of the students are not being taught and are wasting their time. How should we as a class deal with this?
  7. I am a non-EU citizen and will graduate at the age of 15. I am having a hard time finding bachelor's degrees that accept young students. Considering that admission criteria will be met, what are some universities (with reasonable rankings) (or countries) that accept students at an early age (preferably with affordable tuition or available scholarship)? I can manage to study in English, French and some Spanish. P.S. I am neither US- nor EU-based. GPA 3.6/4.0, Rank 10%. IELTS and SAT taken, scores not received. There are no community colleges in my country.
  8. Hi all, I'm going to be starting the IB in a few days, and want your best tips and advice to any new student. These can be general or specific to the subjects that I am taking. My choices: HL MathsHL PhysicsHL GeographySL EconomicsSL Eng Lit/LanSpanish ai Many thanks, Tom
  9. What do you think? What is the easiest combination in terms of both workload and content that you can come up with? Help a lazy IB student over here!
  10. Hi all, Bath, UK will be the host of one of the IBWSC from 27th July to 4th August this year. Just wondering who here will be going for the conference, it would be so interesting to get to know you in advance, should we meet up sometime during the trip. Looking forward to see all of you there!
  11. The destinations for the 2013-2014 conferences are up, and they will be held at McGill's University in Montreal, Canada; University of Bath in Bath, UK, and University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Just wondering if anyone had gone to past conferences, and what were your experiences like? I really want to go to the conference in Bath, but I am unsure if this conference is even worth going? Thoughs?
  12. Hello everyone, I'm in deep thought, whether I should take IB or not. If I take IB, I've to take Pre-IB first. But lots of people says things like, "Omg, IB's hard, don't take it" or "You'll fail easily, I put all-nighters everyday" It kinda makes me fearing IB, but I really wanna study Law at University of Bristol in UK and I've heard that IB is a bonus for getting into Uni? For the classes - I might consider taking Math studies, since I'm not good at Math at all, but is it true that some universities don't accept Math Studies? Please answer me, because I'm freaking out, and all my friends
  13. Hi, so I'm in the first year of my IB, and when I started out, I realized that there wasn't (or that I couldn't find) any helpful tips or advice for IB students all in one place, and thus, decided to create this thread. I think it could really come in handy for ALL the students on this forum. So go ahead, post any helpful advice or tips you've learnt- both academically and socially. Here are some of mine: - Even if you have a super-huge-worth-75%-of-your-grade assignment due tomorrow, it really helps if you have some sort of control over the situation. Do not freak out- deadlines have been me
  14. Hi guys, I'm Sam and as the title suggest, I'm freaking scared of IB which is starting next week for me. Did the MYP for middle school, and it was a breeze, love essays and reports to tests anyday. Are there any threads that can help alleviate my fears by 'cheat codes' or prep notes? Thanks all, and any replies are appreciated! Chosen subjects English A HL lit and language Chinese B SL BM HL Psychology HL Chem SL Math SL I am aiming to get into law
  15. OK guys, I am starting IB this year and I really have no idea how to start studying IB. Anyone whou would like to help please do not hesitate to give me some advices. Thanks!
  16. Guest

    Help! Very General Problem

    Hey from the U.S., I'll be a junior doing the IB program in the fall and I have ABSOLUTELY No idea what I'm getting myself into with IB. I am extremely frightened and don't know what to expect. I've been informed about the basics of IB, what it is, how it works, ect. however no one has offered me insight into how hard, time consuming, stressful, the program actually is. I know much of this depends on the students' abilities but could someone provide their own personal experiences with IB? Thank you!
  17. Hi, my name is Eden (as from my user name ) i'm currently in the 10th grade and going to IB the coming year. My classes I chose so far is English A LIt - HL Math - HL Chem - HL ITGS - HL Mandarin - SL Biology - SL A little background about me, I'm what you usually call an average student. "A" averages in classes that matter (example, Math, Sciences, etc.) and like trolling in classes that doesn't usually matter (aka. electives) ... public school . My academic classes this year would be English 10 Chem 11 Biology 11 Physics 11 Psychology 12 Mandarin 10 Social Studies 10 and a lot of electives.
  18. Hi guys, i am wondering as i am new to the IB and this is my first time taking Psychology and i am wondering how you think is best to revise but also i looked at some past papers (they look really scary!) any ideas how to revise to get this exam down? All help is apreciated.
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