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  1. So final week before may exams. Just wanna point out that you know IB is for real when you prioritize one hour of studies over one hour of sex. #IB damage
  2. Dear all, I shan't beat about the bush. If I got a pound for every time I heard the words "didn't have a life" (or something to that effect) in relation to IB, I could probably buy my whole textbook list now. So, tell me about the daily life of an IB student! Now is the opportunity to pour out the thoughts and musings deep within your heart! Did you consume a lot of coffee? Did you learn to survive on three hours of sleep? Did your mental and/or physical health decrease? Were you incredibly stressed? Was your social life on hold or even gone? Was it all worth it? This is a factor in the pro
  3. Okay, so for the knowledge question, I had some trouble coming up with a question. At one point, the ToK teacher wanted an update on my presentation and she wasn't satisfied with my knowledge question, so she basically helped me come up with one. After a few days, I realised the KQ that my teacher had given me is from the prescribed title for the ToK Essay of the same year and so I got worried and approached her. When I told her about the issue, she said she'll check and make sure for me. So after another few days, I went up to ask her if it was fine using that question and she said it wa
  4. Hi, my name is Kylie and this year has been really stressful. I transferred into the IB program 4 weeks late so the first quarter was me doing makeup work while keeping up with the work given. The first quarter is ending in two days and my grades are very bad, ending with 2As, 5bs and 1 C in HL BIO. I’m scared I’ve made a mistake and I won’t get into a good college since this is a big difference from my previous grades:( I did go to a very prestigious vet camp at my local university and work at another very selective program at the museum down town, so I’m hoping those extra curricular‘s will
  5. Hi everyone, I didnt know where else to go to and get some help because my parents are not supportive at all. My mom literraly just shouted at me for crying while I was obsessively searching university requirements...she told be to stop whining and exhagurating. So Im into the marking period 3 of IB year 1 and my grades are super low to what the others are getting easily. I have 27 points now while others manage to somehow get 35 and 38 etc. I had always set myself a very high standard for education, I always study very hard but it just doesnt seem to be paying off...What do I do if even
  6. Alekhya


    Hey guys, I have no idea what to do for CAS. I feel like I have my creativity portion covered, but I have nothing to do for Activity or Social Service. I don't want to do something small and generic, but I also don't want to spend too much time on it. Please help!
  7. These are a few recommendations for how to prevent and manage stress. You can skip to the sections you want below. Introduction Techniques Meditation Schedule time off Have regular breaks Plan your work Clean yourself Manage expectations Eat properly Exercise Have fun with friends Summary Introduction These are some brief thoughts about how to manage stress throughout the IB exam period and in general. I welcome anyone and everyone to share the techniques they use to manage stress. Firstly, if you want to effectively reduce the amount of stress you feel with your workload, managing your ti
  8. Hello guys, so I am currently in year one of IB diploma and in the middle of it, I have to move away to another country. I know that it will somehow affect my study and it will be really stressful for me. I have to change two of my subjects cause the school im moving to doesnt offer the subjects. Im also stressed out because in my current school, we haven't start our EE and IAs yet but the school I am going to started theirs already. How can I be able to cope with this? How am I be able to catch up in a new environment?
  9. Hi! I'm starting the IB this August and I am wondering what is is like. Is it true that you won't really have a social life? I'm also doing sports 4 times a week and I'm wondering whether I can still keep that up, or if I have to drop it. Also, I was wondering what CAS is and how you would go about and complete it. I'm completely new to all of this and I know practically nothing. I'm taking these subjects: English Lang Lit HL Chemistry HL Film HL Psych SL Chinese B SL Maths SL If anyone has any experience in those subjects please let me know what
  10. Hello, I'm in 12th grade and currently doing the international Abitur as well as the IB with Bio HL, German HL, and English HL. In my school, you HAVE to do the Abitur whereas the IB is optional. My time management isn't the best but decent, and I've been struggling lately with studying for individual subjects and keeping track of my EE and IAs, etc. It has gotten to a point where I seriously consider dropping the IB because of all the stress in my daily life and even struggling to sleep at times and only doing the International Abitur. My goal is to study in Canada, preferably the UOBC (
  11. My subjects are English Lit HL French SL Economics HL Chemistry SL Maths SL Biology HL all my teachers are telling me not to do the EE in their respective subject because it's too difficult, too much stress, marked harshly etc. Which is a bit disheartening because I have no clue what to choose. We have to put in two preferences (2 subjects), so I was wondering what you've heard/experienced doing an EE in these subjects. Any opinion would help so much!!!
  12. Hey there, I just wanna to say that I finished IB and right now I'm preparing to join my dream college. However, throughout this entire IB adventure and college application process I experienced a lot of stress and anxiety. Fortunately I managed to overcome it and that is why I'd love to use my experience to help the others. Therefore I just wanna let you know that no matter who you are, if you're feeling like you can't handle IB, life, social expectations etc. you can always write to me. I am not a psychologist, but I know what it's like to feel totally helpless. I won't ask about your identi
  13. Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to click on my topic. I'm currently having a major breakdown and anxiety attack (but what's new amongst us, IB students, am I right?) So, anyways, I'm having a hard time coming up with my RQ for my EE. The subject I'm writing it under is Psychology and I take it at HL level. I know that I definitely want my EE to be about the hospitality industry and analyze stress levels in the employees BUT the problem is is that I have no idea how to word it... I've come up with one example like: To what extent are stress levels higher in
  14. Hi, I am currently grade 12 in taking the Diploma program. My problem is in grade 11 I started out with pretty good scores but have since went on a downward trend. I can't get the scores I used to so I'm really worried. My grade 11 end scores were 37/45. But now I'm really hoping for a 38/45. My other subjects are on track like for HLs I'm guessing I'll get predicted 766, but my SLs are really suffering. From getting constant 6s in Biology term exams in grade 11, my recent exams are coming back as bare 4s...And for math, from once a middle 4, I'm getting 3s and 2s. If I don't do anything I'm s
  15. So after completing the MYP program last year I'm finally being introduced to the IB program. I don't know anyone personally well who has done the IB and some advice would be great! I personally love school and academics, only it does sometimes give me bad anxiety half way through the year. These are my classes: Psychology HL Spanish SL TOK Language an Literature HL Environmental Science and Systems SL History HL Mathematics SL Some studying, organization, and supply advice would be great. Any links that personally help you would be nice as well as adv
  16. Hi! I know that I'm writing about something typical for IB: stress, but I really need to write about it, to tell about my problem. I'm an IB student and my biggest problem is the fact that I live in permanent anxiety about my education, test results and consequently, future. My biggest fear is getting poor IB and SAT scores, what will make studying abroad impossible. My family is able to cover only a small percentage of costs of studying abroad, which makes me highly motivated to get a merit-based scholarship. I do my best, but I increasingly freak out. For example, I'm waiting for m
  17. So has anyone here skipped grades and also done the IB program? I'm 15 and going to just have turned 16 when I (hopefully) get my IB diploma and unsurprisingly it's unbelievably stressful. Being able to do coursework at a more advanced level doesn't give me some magical ability to do a ton more of that work. What are your experiences related to stress? How much sleep do you manage to get compared to other people in the IB program?
  18. So I skipped three grades and ended up going into the IB diploma program. Since I was 11 when the decision as to whether or not I should enter IB was made, I didn't have a say and so my parents decided I should do IB. Unsurprisingly the whole ordeal has been quite stressful, as it's quite stressful even for people who are 18-19 in my class. Right now, I am 15 and will have just turned 16 in April 2016 a month before I graduate and then (hopefully) get my IB diploma. This got me wondering: How many people have gotten the IB diploma as 15/16 year olds? Is there some official statistic regardin
  19. Anyone got some tips on how to deal with exam stress? Also, does anyone have some good study methods to share?
  20. Okay hi I'm in the preib program and I'm in 10th grade and I've been feeling like I should drop out for awhile but I'm not sure. In 8th grade I started getting really depressed then in 9th I joined the ib program and it hasn't help my depression. I'm in 10th grade right now and my grades suck because I don't have the motivation to do it..I want to but some days I just can't. I haven't told my parents I'm depressed but it's pretty bad (self harm) and I've been thinking maybe I don't have to drop out if I get help. But if I tell my parents I think they will think I'm lying and take it as a joke
  21. Hello, I'm curious if anyone restarted the ibdp? I mean from the beginning for ex. after a year, half of the semester, etc. Because you didn't like the school, chosen wrong subjects or had poor marks. How do colleges treat that?
  22. Hi everyone. I've written two short guides on IBS: Time managementPreventing and managing stressThe following is about how to create realistic plans. It's adapted from my blog. I hope it helps. There are two easy ways to create feasible plans: Pretend you have 30% the energy you usually have Copy a plan you’ve completed successfully beforeNote that I’ve left out the most obvious way – looking at a calendar and the things you have to do then filling up the hours. Why don’t we stick to plans? It’s simply too difficult For some reason, if we imagine a free day we imagine a lo
  23. Hey anybody out there, My name is Beth. I'm trying to work on a Chem prac right now but my results came up extremely strange and I can't find any explanation apart from 'it is because of errors'. It's due monday, but I am stressing out because I also haven't gotten a draft back and my lab partner is no help WHaTSOEVER. So, if you have any suggestions as to what you think I should do, in terms of finding broader info sites, or relieving a bit of stress, or maybe a few words of encouragement? I don't want to sound attention seeking, but I really haven't had much support for a while. THanks
  24. Hey guys, I was wondering how much work I should have been done with by now considering my exams are in 9 months? My subjects are: Economics HL Business Management HL Lang B HL Math SL English Language & Literature SL Biology SL In terms of IAs, I haven't really done any, except the first 2 of my Economics commentaries, and haven't started my EE either. Do I have enough time? What's a realistic deadline to be done with everything internal? Thanks in advance!
  25. Hi I started the second year of IB a week ago and I'm feeling pretty stressed out already with my IAs and especially the EE. How do you guys manage stress and any tips on reducing stress in the year to come? Thanks in advance p.s. I'm really glad a community like this exists with so many helpful-- both young and old-- IB survivors. Great site, great people, and great info!
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