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Found 14 results

  1. I was recently doing some practice problems for my IB chemistry SL test and ran across this problem. "A 2.450 g sample of a mixture of NaCl and CaCl2 was dissolved in distilled water. The chloride solution was treated with excess AgNO3 (aq) solution. The precipitated AgCl (s) was collected, washed, and dried. The mass of the dried AgCl was 6.127 g. Calculate percent by mass of the NaCl and CaCl2 in the original mixture." (2 marks) AgCl has a molar mass of 143.45 g/mol, so I calculated that the amount of Cl in the sample was 6.127*(35.45/143.35) = 1.515 g Cl This means that toget
  2. Hi there, I'm really struggling with topic 1 stoichiometry and I really need help! Will you please help me with the following 3 questions? 1. 5.0dm3 of 2.00mol dm-3 sodium carbonate solution, Na2CO3 (aq)was added to a volumetric flask and the volume was made up to 500 cm3 with water. What is the concentration in mol dm-3, of the solution? 2. How many grams of sodium azide, are needed to produce 68.1dm3 of N2 (g) at STP? Molar V at STP = 22.7 dm 3 mol-1 ; Mr(NaN3) = 65.0 2NaN3 (s) → 3N2 (g) + 2Na (s) 3. 2.478g
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Stoichiometry notes, one page summary.
  4. Stoichiometry notes View File Stoichiometry notes, one page summary. Submitter SC2Player Submitted 03/18/2017 Category Chemistry  
  5. 25.0g of LiCl and 55..0g of CaCl2 is mixed together with water to make a solution. The final [Cl-] is 0.632 mol dm-3. What is the final volume of the solution? The correct answer is 2.5 dm3. I solved for moles for both compounds first. C1V1 = C2V2 , which is the same as n =C2V2.. so I need concentration of each compound right? How do I figure that out from the final concentration of Cl?
  6. Hello IB folks, I will go straight into my topic. So, my stoichiometry unit exam is in 2 days... (Im grade 11 btw) and I am so stuck on some of these questions.... I am very much familiar with the sub topics (molar masses/conversions/solution/dilution/etc.), but when it comes to actual stoiciometry word problems, I am just stumped... I find it so hard to solve them because often times, I don't know where to start or the approach to the questions...(although not all of them...) I am sitting here with a batch of sample word problems, and they are just so hard to get by because
  7. So I used 1 Mole of HCl, which came in a bottle. I used 20 mL of that. I made 0.75 moles of it by using 15 ml of HCl and 5 ml of water etc till 0.25 moles How do I work out the concentration of it? in mol.dm-3 I did mol/vol which was 1/0.02 = 50?!?!? im so confused please help
  8. Honestly, I spent all day studying and I have mid term tomorrow (predicted grade for uni) and I really can't do Stoichiometry. Every time I think I get it, I don't at all. And its throughout the whole entire course I'm really at math, can you guys offer any tips?
  9. Hey guys, I have a quite stupid question. I can ask it when the school begins next year but I can't wait for the solution. It will be awesome if you could explain the process to me step-by-step. Thanks here is the question A student wished to determine the percentage by mass of calcium carbonate in an eggshell. She reacted 3.953g of the eggshell with 50cm3 of 1.00moldm-3 hydrochloric acid. After all the shell had reacted, the resulting solution was placed in a volumetric flask and the volume made up to 100cm3. 10.0 cm3 of this soluiton reacted exactly with 12.65cm3 of 0.100moldm-3 sodium
  10. HEY x.x So I am stuck here (attached photo) I and don't understand the last two questions(3 and 4)? I am supposed to write the equation? If so, where to I go from there? Also, in my background/theory for my lab report, it states that it should be a ratio of 1 to 1.
  11. Hello, I'd really appreciate it if someone could fully explain to me the answer for the following question: Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) are commonly used as bath salts. However, the anhydrous form of the salt is a drying agent. To determine the water of hydration of Epsom salts, a 2.50g sample of the salt was placed in a porcelain evaporating dish and gently heated over a Bunsen burner flame until no further changes were observed. Below are the results: Mass of evaporating basin = 24.10g Mass of evaporating basin + MgSO4.xH20 = 26.60g Mass of evaporating basin after heating = 25.32g
  12. Please help me, I need to create an experiment (a plan) and the aim is to determine the volume of M(Zn) by changing the mass of Zn. Also, I need to find out the molar mass of Zn. Please help!!! Stoichiometry; D, E and F.doc
  13. Guys, i'm currently in my first year of IB. I have a chemistry IA for titration due tomorrow. I know this is a very simple question but please help! For example I have an equation : H2SO4 + 2NaOH -> 2H2O + Na2SO4 mole of NaOH = 0.05 mols with uncertainty ± 0.01 mols To find the mole of H2SO4 I need to divide 0.05 mols by 2, since the ratio of H2SO4 : NaOH is 1:2. Now what is the uncertainty of the H2SO4??? do i divide it by 2 or is it the same??
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