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  1. HmP

    IB Art

    Hi! I'm thinking of doing Visual Arts SL next year and I'm not sure what to expect... Will the teacher set assignments or is it more independent work? Thanks in advance.
  2. I understand that with words of quantity like 'beaucoup de', the 'de' stays the same. But I'm confused as to when I should write just 'de' or 'du/de la/de l'/des', if I have a phrase like "[noun] de/du/de la/de l'/des [noun]". For example: Le chat des enfants. Le chat de l' enfant. versus Mon mode de vie. Une épidémie d' obésité.
  3. I have a few more days until I have to decide on my Extended essay topic. I am torn between choosing Business (HL) or English (SL), but I'm not sure if I can do my extended essay for an SL class. I most likely want to study Business or marketing in university; however, I just thought about a really interesting idea for an extended essay that only applies to my English Lang&Lit subject. I know it'll be better for me to pick Business as that is the direction I want to go towards to in the future, but I feel like I will be way more interested in writing my extended essay in English.
  4. Hey! I have just finished my draft of the Mathematics SL Exploration. I showed it to my teacher and he said that I have to put double space and separate my calculations from the text. I told that if I do that I will exceed 12 pages. Though, he contends that it is okay. Is it really so? In Maths guide there is nothing on double space and all that stuff that we have in EE. Plus it is explicitly written that exploration must fit into the range of 6-12 pages. So I am confused whether I have to do what the guide is saying or what my teacher claims to be true. Help, please!
  5. How can you show that there is too little or not enough inflation in an economy with a Keynesian diagram? Say, for example, that a government wanted to have a 3% inflation rate, but currently has only a 0.5% inflation rate. How would you illustrate the initial problem (the 0.5% inflation rate) in a Keynesian diagram?
  6. Say you have a Keynesian diagram showing a recessionary gap where actual output is less than potential output, and aggregate demand is on the left of the full employment level of output (Yfe). If AD increases and shifts to the right, but does not reach the full employment level of output, and the price level (PL) increases, and the new AD curve is still on the left side of Yfe, would the increase in PL be called 'inflation'? How do you know whether there is spare capacity in an economy? When reading an article, how do you know whether aggregate demand is in the spare capacity section
  7. Hello, I am looking for the online version of the Mathematics for the IB Diploma Standard Level published by Cambridge University Press. Does anyone have a google drive link to it? Thanks!
  8. Is finding the derivative of trigonometric/circular functions, like the sine and cosine functions, part of the Math SL syllabus? Is this the level of Math SL or is it more advanced? I'm thinking of doing this in my calculations for my IA. Would it work?
  9. Hi! So my math sl ia is due sometime soon, and I can't seem to get started with it. This is the fifth time I've changed my topic, so I've wasted quite a lot of time. I finally decided to do my math sl ia on this topic: Modelling the development of swimming performance in the Asian Games.I'm planning to focus on the gold medal winning times in the women's 50 and 100 freestyle. However, I'm not sure on what mathematical concepts and processes I'm supposed to use to model it. I've read a lot of literature on it, but I still don't quite grasp the concept of how to model it. I've tried a
  10. What kind of effect does legislation have on a negative externality of consumption diagram? Do production costs increase and thus supply shifts to the left? Or does demand decrease? Or does it depend on the context and both could happen?
  11. I have my Physics exam tomorrow and I have a few questions in various chapters. Measurements and uncertainties: If in a calculation, I find the answer to be 500, but the numbers that I used all have 3 significant figures, would I be able to give the answer as 500? Does that have 3 significant figures? Or would the answer be 5 x 102 ? When finding the absolute uncertainty with the percentage or maximum/minimum method, what are some rules that apply here? In my notes I wrote down that if there is addition or subtraction in the original equation, then I must add the absolute uncert
  12. Hey. I just started year 1 of IB, and not knowing what I was getting into, I chose French B SL. Now I don't know about any of your schools, but at mine, the French 10 teacher I was placed with was really really bad. They didn't prepare me or anybody in the class at all for this class, and now I'm completely lost. My teacher speaks maybe one or two English sentences per class, and teaches almost entirely in French. I don't understand what he's saying or what he's telling us to do at all. I understand that IB was going to be extremely hard, but I was prepared for the other subjects. The only sub
  13. Hi, I was just wondering if I could get some input (or mere approval from current/former IB students) about my chemistry IA research question. Is this a common lab idea? I haven't really seen it anywhere so I'm not sure but I would like to make mine unique. Is it a realistic experiment to conduct within 10 hours? "How does cooking time affect the vitamin C content in various vegetables?"
  14. I am in desperate need for a maths IA topic! Literally any ideas would be hugely appreciated, preferably something good on statistics and or probability but everything is an option. thank you all! You're all stars✨
  15. Hello! I'm an IB student taking the 2016 november session papers, and would like to know if anyone has access to the TZ2 May Math 2016 standard level paper? I would love to get some practice! Thank you
  16. Hey! So i'm in going into my second year of IB soon and i'm considerably stressed out to the point of going insane. My school offers own language study (but as a self taught for standard level students). So I'm in a dutch international school but I am native Danish and decided to choose danish as a Language A SL (self taught), the problem is we have a 'teacher' who knows the basics of own language course, but that's it. Her explanations aren't the most helpful to say the least and i am now left with no works picked out from my prescribed author list! So I just wanted ask if anyone else
  17. I am an IB student in Denmark and I am currently planning on applying to universities in Scotland and Ireland I want to know if Math studies is generally looked down upon, even if you are applying to the humanities/social sciences I am planning to apply to either English lit. or History courses at Edinburgh uni, St. Andrews uni, University of Glasgow, University of Dundee, Aberdeen uni and Trinity college Dublin Will universities prefer Math SL students even if they have a lower grade?? (it's likely that I will achieve a 7 in Math Studies) Thanks
  18. Hello if anyone one is interested in joining for study group on skype, to study math sl, for those doing May2016 finals, you can massage me your username. then we can set a time
  19. Hello. I recently moved to an IB school, about 3 months ago, so everything is really confusing. For diploma, are we required to take 3 standard and 3 high levels? Are we allowed to take more high levels? Can you also tell me why test grades are out of 8 but semester grades are out of 7? Thanks
  20. I heard from someone currently doing the IB that if you get a 3/7 in maths standard level you can move to maths studies and get a 7/7. Is this true? Which one should I choose? I have no interest in maths (I like dancing ) so I don't think I will be choosing the High Level maths course. Thanks, BongSoldier OUT.
  21. It doesn't seem as though anyone's started a discussion, so I thought i might as well. How did everyone go for English Paper 1 (literature)? I did the prose, but personally I found it quite challenging given the little time we had. I also heard the poem was quite difficult. How did everyone go?
  22. I want to pursue Economics at college, so my full concentration would be on mathematics hl and economics hl. But I have to choose a subject at sl level in experimental sciences and Im looking for a subject which requires a very less time and is easy to score. I am thinking of choosing bio sl , ess sl or computer science sl. I really love suggestions on other subjects as well. Thank you.
  23. Hi! I've been wondering for some time now, for the past few months I suppose, if Studies would be more beneficial to me. I've had 2 math mocks now: I got 3 from the first one (Statistics) and now 2 from Calculus. When I attended junior high and pre-IB, I felt that I was at least mediocre. I got 7s and 8s from tests (on the IB scale, that'd transfer to 4s and 5s). Suddenly, on my first IB-year I've become real bad at math. I know how to solve the exercises during the class - even the exam style questions - but somehow I don't know how to solve the exercises we have in our mocks My current su
  24. Hey guys, Does anyone have practice French pictures for the Oral exam relating to La Santé or La Science et Technologie ? My Oral exam is this upcoming week! Thanks in advance:)
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