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Found 13 results

  1. I am writing a Language & Literature Category 3 Extended Essay in which I analyze political victory speeches. My question will be "to what extent does X impact Y?", but I fear that the answer will be "not at all" or "barely." Will not finding anything hurt my essay? TLDR: LangLit Cat3 EE discovers nothing
  2. HI IM WRITING AN ENGLISH GROUP 3 EXTENDED ESSAY AND MY BROAD TOPIC IS GRETA THUNBERG SPEECHES. I have to come up with a list of 4-6 specificic subtopics to explore in my EE by tomorrow. Have any of yall written an EE about speeches?? Maybe I could compare her to someone else, but I don't know who? Would simply analyzing a few different famous speeches (like her ted talk, her un speech, EU speech, etc.) be enough??? PLEASE RESPOND IM VERY STRESSED RN
  3. I'm doing my EE in english B and the topic is ''How has the rhetoric of Donald Trump's speeches changed before and after he was elected as the president of the United States?''. I have done my research part. The part that I'm stuck on is what parts of speech should I analyze and write about? I was thinking about tone, vocabulary (most frequently used words) and style (long/short sentences, how long are the speeches etc.). I feel like I definitely need more to write about. I have never analyzed a speech like this before and would appreciate some help!
  4. Hi, I'm in desperate need of help with my written task. I need to write my WT for part 1, and I've thought about pretending to be a politician and write a speech about animal rights, where I would try to use my language as effectively as possible to make the audience believe in me. Does this sound like an acceptable idea? We've had language and politics as a topic in class so I've therefore tried to connect it to that.
  5. Could anyone give me advice on an FOA presentation? Any ideas I could use? My topic has to be about the media and related to advertisements, speeches, political cartoons, bias in articles, etc. I was thinking about doing a political cartoon which has to do with sexism? Also, how would i talk about the cartoon for 5-10 mins? Thankyo
  6. Hey guys! So, for my IOP I'm doing Into The Forest by Jean Hegland and I'm looking at Nell's dreams. I've got EVERYTHING that i have to say, I'm prepared with all my points and evidence and quotes and everything, BUT..... I have no Idea how to present it. The thing is that I love being creative, and I am not as smart as I am creative, so I really want to pull off something fun an entertaining that will make my analysis more lighthearted and fun, but I just have no idea what to do!! My first idea was dressing up as a gypsy with a crystal ball and tarot cards and analysing the quotes in the bo
  7. Hey, okay so we had our last TOK class for before the holidays last week, and we were told that we needed to write the speech for next term. Cool. I have no idea what to do. I am pretty okay with finding a topic as I could just go to a news website and pick a thing that is interesting and make a knowledge question, right? But what I need to know most is what I am actually supposed to do. It is difficult as at my school we only have one TOK class a week, and in this time we mostly just look at paintings and things and analyse them or something, which is helpful but we haven't exactly gone o
  8. 28 downloads

    Sample IOP speech on David Malouf's Fly Away Peter. Presentation can be found here: IOP English - Fly Away Peter: Jim's Journey Score: 7/7 (appeared on report under oral section)
  9. For my FOA, I wish to present my speech as a seminar. Does that mean that I have to ask the audiences questions for interaction or can I avoid that? Thanks.
  10. Hi there I have to do a 10-13 minutes speech/presentation for English B soon. It will be graded and the points will be sent to the IB, therefore they definitely count for my final IB points. The speech should either be focused on the Anglophone culture or deep personal interest and it should be followed by a discussion lead by me. I do have a few ideas for possible topics, but I just wanted to ask if anyone has got experience concerning such presentation topics. Would be nice of you to just tell me several topics you or your classmates dealt with so I know approximately how to chose a topic.
  11. Hi there I have to do a speech/presentation for English B soon. It will be graded and the points will be sent to the IB, therefore they definitely count for my final IB points. I have to talk for about 10-13 minutes about a topic and make it as interesting as possible to the audience. Afterwards, I'll have to lead a discussion. Does anyone have a suitable topic which I could talk about? My teacher said the speech should either be focused on the Anglophone culture or deep personal interesting. I really hope someone can help me, thanks in advance!
  12. 25 downloads

    This is the text of my IOP speech from this past semester for English HL- it's on the use of footnotes in David Foster Wallace's essay Consider the Lobster. First, I used examples from the text to show how the footnotes can be used to fit traditional rhetorical roles (pathos, ethos, logos). At the end I briefly discussed the use of footnotes (why use them at all?), especially as it relates to Wallace's worldview. It received a perfect score but you can judge whether or not it was deserving!
  13. hey guys. I have to write a persuasive speech for my english class. We can write about whatever we want. My problem is, I have no idea what to write about. The speech has to be about 500 words long. And it is due in about 2 weeks,but I still have to learn it by heart. Please help.
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