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  1. Hey! My schools scheduling is all weird this year and this somehow manifested in me getting into an SL Spanish class full of only native speakers and me. Last year I got by well in Spanish, but that class was probably 50% English and there were other students at my level of fluency. This year, the class is almost entirely in Spanish. I'm only two days in, but I'm only catching maybe 50% of what is happening in the class at any given time. Is there any sure fire way to improve my listening comprehension as quickly as possible?
  2. Would the Bilingual IB Diploma be much of an advantage in Top University Admissions? I'm moving to a new school with IB as their curriculum so I'm rather unfamiliar with this. I'm half French so I know how to use French for daily conversations. I would be taking English Lang Lit and the other language being either Spanish or French. My teacher is yet to decide if I'm capable of French A. If I choose Spanish, I'd have to take it as Spanish Ab Initio. I want to study a new language as I'm somewhat familiar with French, thus I wanted to choose Spanish (Ab Initio), but the Bil
  3. Hey everyone, I am currently an 8th grader in the United States, and I am taking Spanish 1 online. The curriculum which I use is called PEAK or FuelEducation (one of the two.) Spanish would be my third language, as I'm fluent in English and my mother-tongue. It's been difficult learning it online, to say the least. The curriculum isn't structured very well, and it is hard for me to get a grip on a lot of the basics of the content. I plan on taking Spanish for my SL in high school. Will I be OK in the long run? I think that I am a hard worker, and most things also come easy to me, which I
  4. I've taken spanish since 7th grade (and I am in 11th grade now doing the IB Diploma program). I have always had amazing teachers, and I try to practice outside of class with my friends but I am no where near fluent. My grades are good, but I fear that I am not prepared for the test. I have looked into travelling to Spain for a couple weeks to immerse myself in the language... but I have not found a good program.
  5. Hello, I am starting my IB program this year and I was wondering, in order to take Language B (either SL or HL) do I have to know this language beforehand? I will be attending school in Sweden, however, I am not from there nor have I spent more than a month there. I am planning on taking Spanish HL (I have been studying Spanish for four years) and I really want to learn Swedish. So is it possible to learn a language without having an experience in target language? Thanks in advance!šŸ’˜
  6. I want to switch from Spanish SL to chinese AB intio but its almost been a year. My ib coordinator says that I cannot switch because I am heritage of china although I cannot speak, read or write chinese??? Also she says that there needs to be 150 hours of teaching meet before the end of the year. To my knowledge I heard you can take an online course on top of the course at school to fulfil the 150 teaching hours. I don't see why I cannot take AB Initio chinese. Could someone please clarify about the heritage thing thanks.
  7. I am currently a student taking IB and a subject I have been quite struggling with is SL Spanish. I have taken Spanish for 3 years prior but I still have been finding it very difficult to keep up with classmates and do well in tests. I was wondering if it was possible to move down to AB Initio Spanish even though I have prior experience in that language. I have asked my IB coordinater and she said no. Is there any where I can find the offical regulations to this. Also would like to know where she gets this information from because she would not tell me where it says. Thanks
  8. I need help i decided to write my ee in spanish and i will also be the first one to write it in another language too. i need help with extended essay questions in spanish. some examples plss
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Guide snd syllabus for History in spanish.
  10. What do SSST students need to know.docx
  11. Can I do AB spanish when I have done previous years of spanish at my school?
  12. I have to chose the topic for my EE! I would like to do it in spanish but im not sure about what I would like to do! I wanted to do in Zafon's book La sombra del Viento or about cultural things...any ideas? Thanks!
  13. Hey! Sooo... I'm about to begin writing my extended essay, and though I've got some ideas I liked to write about, I'm somewhat stuck with the research question. Could someone help me design (or give ideas) for a research question to begin writing about?? Or maybe tell me some tips if you're writing / wrote on these subjects?? I'm trying to decide myself between writing about the Naval Technologies implemented during the XVIIth century because of the Pirates (defense mechanisms, bigger, fatter ships, etc.) or Spanish Linguistics, maybe jewish influence on the language. Thanks!!
  14. Which books are you reading/did you read for your Literature course? (English or other languages) Which one was your favorite?
  15. What benefits will I gain if I take 3 languages in the IB Program. (I'm primarily going into English based , or a Law based future career) Will I become more appealing to universities or something?
  16. Can someone confirm the word count for Spanish B HL Written Assignment rationale? My teacher said it's 150-250 words but on the official IB site (ibpublishing.ibo.org) I found that the maximum is 150 words.
  17. Hey there, any of you out there would be able to enlighten us about bullfighting in Spain. You don't have to be Spanish though. Thankkssss
  18. Hey I live in the Netherlands started DP1 this week and I was wondering if any European students that were also doing the IB wanted to create a study group. It would be cool if we took similar subjects so that we could help each other out, and I think it doesn't matter really were in Europe as the time is either the same or 1 or 2 hours difference Anyway if anyone is interested hmu. My IB classes are the following: Chemistry HL Biology HL English A Lit HL Geography SL Spanish SL Math SL
  19. Heeeyy I just started my first week of DP 1, two days ago and I'm already doubting myself and I'm mentally stressed even though we haven't even done that much. Everything's just been a bit overwhelming. I have chosen the following HLs: Chem, Bio and English A Lit and SLs: Spanish, Math and Geography. I think what's giving me anxiety is Chemistry HL or just the idea of taking 2 sciences as HL. People are constantly telling me: "you're committing suicide" "You won't be able to get anything higher than a 5" "it's going to bring down your average". I think these comments are getting to my he
  20. hello guys.I'm really confused [among French, Spanish and German] to take one of these up as my foreign language. French is considered to be common these days, but I want to know which language will benefit me the most in airlines management courses.. so please can you help me out?
  21. Hi, there! I'm Mady. I'm taking Spanish 4/5 this year and have to do my Orals and Papers in May. My teacher only speaks Spanish at a rapid fire pace, causing difficulty for students to understand. I'm hoping to score highly on my Spanish Exams this year. I was hoping to find a group of people who are either native speakers or are excelling in their Spanish classes to talk with and prepare my Oral. Send me a PM and I'd be happy to make a group chat on Snapchat/Whatsapp (if I can figure it out)/iMessage (for those with iPhones). I live in America and hope to get to know som
  22. So I was wondering, could you switch to another abinitio language after your junior year?
  23. So my current IB schedule looks like the following for next year. Psychology SL Mandarin SL (Ab initio) History HL Biology HL English HL *I've already taken the Math SL my junior year. The issue here is that after taking 1 year of Mandarin online (Pamoja) I realized that I don't want to do this route. Would it be possible for me to take Spanish Ab initio next year and take the test for it rather than taking the Mandarin test? Thanks! -Paul
  24. Hey guys im currently in my first year of dp1, which is ending this month... So basically we are having our practice exams. My subjects are Econs hl business hl english hl math sl mandarin ab initio Bio sl i am doing well in all of my subjects scoring at least a 5 or above in all of them, but the issue is with my mandarin. Basically I came into mandarin ab initio with the thought that it is for people who have no previous knowledge or experience with the language. However, my whole class comprises of people who are either Chinese themselves or ha
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