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  1. Hey everybody. More questions for subject selections for IB next year, like a lot of other people who are going through this process as well. I'm kind of interested in pursuing law in the future, but I'm not entirely sure as to what subjects I should take in order to make me a good applicant for law as well as give me a high, solid IB score. Law is also kind of vague, which to be honest, it makes it so much harder for me to pick out what I should do. The subjects I've picked out so far are: English Language and Literature HL French AB Initio Chemistry (Unsure if I should go with HL or SL,
  2. My school offers 3 different Language B subjects: Indonesian Acquisition, Chinese Acquisition, and French ab Initio. Out of these 3 languages, I am only fluent in Indonesian since it's my native language, however, due to this, there's some policy restricting me from choosing it, leaving me with Chinese Acq & French ab Initio. With no prior knowledge at all regarding these two languages, I decided to choose French since it's in an Initio. With that in mind, will French ab Initio be difficult and is it a time consuming subject when it comes to revisions?
  3. Help! I am yet to start the IB, and I cant decide whether to choose Economics or ESS at SL. I would like to study pharmaceuticals at university, so neither of them are to important. So do I go to ESS because it is easier, and max my score, or do economics, because it might be helpful when Im already in a job. Thank you
  4. Hi, I'm on the fence about a few of my IB courses. I want to major in Psychology and attend an Ivy League Law school after I graduate. I wanted to do History but our school, unfortunately, doesn't offer it. I'm currently in grade 10 Chemistry and have an A-plus; moreover, I'll be doing grade 10 Biology next semester. Apart from the fact that I like Biology, I believe that taking that course will make me appear to be a more well-rounded student who is good at both sciences and social sciences. I've never taken Psychology or Business classes before; however, I'm interested in them, especially Ps
  5. Hello, so I'm kind of new to this and will be starting IB next year (this use to be my sister's account who has already graduated). Before the term ended, my school gave the 10th grade a little orientation regarding the DP for next year. They gave us our subject selection sheet and currently, I'm beating myself over which one I should take. I'm not really a scientific person nor am I interested in learning about the Earth (as bad as that sounds). So the best advice that I could receive is which subject is the most easiest for me to pass and who knows, which one of them might interest me later
  6. Hello, I have finished Grade 10 and will embark upon my IBDP journey starting this August. Quite a few people seemed to be concerned with the difficulty of my course selection. I have chosen the subjects below: Mathematics HL Physics HL English Language and Literature (A2) HL Chemistry SL Business and Management SL Chinese B SL I want to pursue Computer Science in university, hence is why I think Math HL is a must, and I also think that Physics HL would be useful. I am very fluent in Chinese and B SL would not be a problem. What concerns me is
  7. I'm going into IB right now and I have to choose my courses, so I chose this combination : Arabic Language and Literature SL English Language Acquisition HL French Language Acquisition HL Math SL Economics HL Chemistry SL I still don't know what I want to study in college (It's either economics and political science or engineering) but my parents and all my teachers are telling me to take French Language and Literature SL and Math HL. Should I do this or not ? I'm really good at math
  8. Hey guys/girls, im currently in 10th grade and need help with my course selection for the next 2 years. My current course selection looks like this: HL: German A L&L Economics Physiks SL: Business & Management English A L&L Math Here is my issue... I heard that the economics syllabus is very hard and that our Eco teachers aren't that good. Furthermore I heard that B&M is basically a free 7 and US universities (where I prob wanna study) don't really see it as a good course. My idea is to change Eco HL
  9. Greetings! I am currently in Pre-IB about to select my subject for the real IB program and I plan to study computer science or finance and economics in the United States, UK, or Canada. Here are my possible subject choices: Math HL Physics HL Economics HL French ab initio SL English LangLit SL Chemistry SL or CompSci SL/HL My question is whether I should take chemistry or compsci I plan to take the courses above and if I should replace my economics HL with this group 6 subject? All help is greatly appreciated!
  10. Hello everyone - unsociable, insignificant year 10 IB student here, with minimal knowledge about the IB My subjects: English HL Latin SL (Yes its a dead language go ahead and laugh) History HL Physics SL Maths HL Chemistry HL and Christian Studies, which is compulsory at my school I have four HLs because our school wants the new batch of kids here to start off with more, then most likely drop in second year IB Anyways, I've already submitted my subject selections to the school, and now I'm beginning to regret choosing History HL, upon consultation of ancient Ibsurivival and boredofstud
  11. Hi there. Does anybody out there have a sort-of have a recommendation for subject choices? I'm trying to figure out which courses I should take but I don't even have an idea as to what I want to do in the future, so I would like to keep options wide as possible. I've considered law, but I'm not entirely sure. For the subjects I want/have to do are: Psychology HL Math SL French AB Initio English Language & Literature HL Chemisty HL I'm not entirely sure what my final option should be since the rest of the subjects I have to choose from are kind of crummy. (They are: Biology, Physics, IT
  12. What do you think? What is the easiest combination in terms of both workload and content that you can come up with? Help a lazy IB student over here!
  13. Hey guys, yes... I know... another Pre-IB student asking for some advice on course selections So far I have chosen: German A Lit HL English A Lang&Lit SL Economics HL Biology HL Mathematics SL Geography SL To be quite frank, I absolutely loathe writing essays. It's not that I'm particularly bad at it, I just dislike writing in general. So here are my questions regarding this: -I've heard a fair amount of older students say that Eco HL is hell if you do not like writing essays. Is that true? -Secondly, I'm not quite sure which English course I want to pick yet: English Lit or Lang & Li
  14. Hi! I'm in the midst of completing my personal project (it's due in about three weeks time) and selecting my subjects for the IB program. I'm interested in majoring in either political science/economy or international relations. These are the subjects I am set on taking: English Lit HLGeography HLMathematics SLIndonesian A SLBiology SL I'm planning on taking two humanities but right now, I'm conflicted as to which one I would like to take between history HL and economics HL. If I'm majoring on international relations instead of political science I know I have to take history HL. And I want
  15. hey please help!!!! i am struggling in my ib subject selection. i have chosen Biology chemistry and geography HL but apparently i dont really like my biology teacher as he teaches badly. i want to take music HL instead of Biology as music seems easier and more relaxed. My aim is to get into food science in university. what should i do??? should i drop biology and take music???? help!!!! much help appreciated
  16. Hey everyone, I am having trouble choosing a sixth subject for my IB course. I plan to study in the United States and my main points of interests are business/economics and computer science. Here are the first five courses: Math Economics Computer Science Mandarin Chinese English Literature I need help choosing a sixth subject and I am wondering which one will complement my other courses or perhaps universities will recognize more. Here are my picks for Group 6 subjects: Physics/Chemistry (Heard that specialty in one of the three big sciences would be good for college) Design Technolog
  17. Hey guys, just wondering what our some of your opinions on course selections and perhaps some help regarding mine as well. It would be helpful if you guys could explain the differences between the courses and which courses seem as a better fit. Here is the list of courses I want to take for each group: Group 1: English Literature SL English Language and Literature SL Group 2: Mandarin B SL/HL Group 3: (Hard to decide...) Economics SL/HL Business & Management HL/SL Group 4: Physics SL Chemistry SL Design Technology SL Computer Science HL Group 5: Math HL Group 6: (If not chos
  18. I will be starting IB1 next year and am reconsidering the subjects for IBDP. Recently I've decided to study Architecture in university but realize the choices I made when I was submitting the forms to my school were not all suitable/related to architecture. The three elective subjects I have currently chosen: VA HL Economics HL Biology SL I found out that Physics is also important in Architecture but in the beginning of the year (MYP5) I dropped Physics and picked Biology because I found it hard to understand and the teacher didn't teach well. As far as I'm concerned, I want to know if Physics
  19. HI! I am planning to study psychology in my future. So I have to pick my IB courses, but I am not sure which ones to pick if I want to take psychology in the university. So far I have chosen Math (SL) Chemistry (SL) Biology (HL) History (HL) Spanish (SL) English A (HL) Please Help me choose my IB courses Thanks
  20. hi guys, I really need some advice here! I know nothing about the IB diploma except that you need at least 3 HL courses! So far I have put together the following potential schedule: HL economics HL history HL english lit HL Bio SL Mandarin SL Math Are these courses too rigorous to take at the same time? I know some of the ones I'm considering, like IB mandarin, are pretty big jumps from the courses I'm currently taking... But I have no idea what they're like. Help me out, I'm new! Thanks
  21. What are the differences between Bio, Chem and Psychology? I was asked to choose 2 of them as soon as possible for the IB next year. 1) Will Psychology be enjoyable? It's something I have never done before and sounds quite interesting. I'm aiming for good universities though. Do universities see it as a weak subject? Or am I better off taking Bio with Chem to open up more doors for e.g. a Bachelor of Arts and Science? 2) What are the two easiest subjects out of the three? I'm more of a social science student, and I have to study quite hard in order to get excellent grades for the sciences. My
  22. I dont know which HL to take. History or Psychology. I've taken history in igcse and i think im pretty good at it. ive never taken psychology before but people say its interesting and similar to history, so basically i might have to put in the same efforts. i wanna know the difference, and which one is easier, because im not a studious person and really scared for the ib. The other subjects im taking are Hindi HL or SL English lang & lit. HL or SL i dont know which one i should take SL or HL, because im good at both. Math Studies or SL (i think its mostly studies because im weak at math
  23. Hello everyone, Next year is my first year of IB and I was wondering if you guys can comment/give me feedback on my course selection: Math HL (Have to learn online; lack of students) Chemistry HL Biology HL French HL Geography SL English SL I am planning to study medicine at uni. so those HL's are probably mandatory (probably not so much for the HL Math, but I want a challenge and I enjoy maths) Also, would the work load be a lot if I were to take this combo. of courses? Would I have time for TOK, CAS, etc?? Any comments and/or feedback would be appreciated Thanks!
  24. Hello everyone, Next year is my first year of IB and I was wondering if you guys can comment/give me feedback on my course selection: Math HL (Have to learn online; lack of students) Chemistry HL Biology HL French HL Geography SL English SL I am planning to study medicine at uni. so those HL's are probably mandatory (probably not so much for the HL Math, but I want a challenge and I enjoy maths) Also, would the work load be a lot if I were to take this combo. of courses? Would I have time for TOK, CAS, etc?? Any comments and/or feedback would be appreciated Thanks!
  25. hl english hl chinese b hl art hl history sl math sl bio or hl english hl art hl physics hl history sl chinese a math sl regular bio (we have to take a form of bio and history at my school, and we don't have sl physics. also, I would take sl chinese a in the first schedule but that's 7 ib courses.) 1) should I just not take art? I'm interested in photography and stop motion projects but I'm not an incredibly artistic person overall. 2) should I take hl bio instead of physics in the second schedule? thank you!
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