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Found 25 results

  1. anyone know where i can find English Lit Category 2 sampe essays? im lost lol
  2. 79 downloads

    This IA got a 7. I don't know what exact mark it received, but it is likely a low 7 (I will update the description if ever I find out). It is not very hard to get a 7 in a history IA as long as you follow the format and criteria as closely as possible. My IA serves as good evidence for this as I did not read or buy a single book in my list of sources, instead just read the previews available on amazon or google books. Here is a more accurate list of sources: I do not recommend you do the same thing, I simply did this because of time constraints (our teacher only told us about the IA about 2 o
  3. I basically wanted BM answers graded, evaluated and commented by examiners. My teacher doesn't know how to check the answes and I have been trying to find the graded answers from a long time now. If there is any study guide or any other resource in which there are answers with examiner comments, please let me know. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone have or kwow where to find a Biology Extended Essay that used Drosophila melanogaster???
  5. Hello everyone, I am doing my EE on Human Rights and I have tried to get samples from internet, but I haven't found one that scored an A. I talked to my school and they sent me one, but it didn't receive many marks. I really would like to read one that received an A as a grade. Thank you for your time and understanding, D.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is my FOA about sexual assault and honor killings. I got a 7 on the IB scale and a 97%. Enjoy!
  7. FOA: Sexual Assault and Honor Killings View File This is my FOA about sexual assault and honor killings. I got a 7 on the IB scale and a 97%. Enjoy! Submitter Nvillarosa Submitted 05/24/2016 Category Language and Literature
  8. To what extent did the educational systems of Nazi Germany in years 1933-1945 and in Soviet Union in years 1929-1945 differ from each other? View File The predicted grade for this IA was a 7 and as far as I remember it also officially got a 7. Enjoy! Submitter Sceptyczka Submitted 05/13/2016 Category Sample Internal Assessments
  9. At my school, the juniors this year are doing math all in one year with our math year 1 in the first semester and math year 2 in the second semester. (The seniors didn't do this and most haven't even done much yet in their IA's.) The IA's are due to my teacher in February. Last December I decided to collect data early and get that out of the way. I asked students to rank their stress and grades 1-5, and I only got 53 responses. The expected frequencies were extremely low so I redid it so that they would rank their stress and grades low, medium, or high, but now I only have 46 responses. I have
  10. Hey ! Does anyone have a sample EE for english of comparing poems by two different authors? Thank you, Caroline.
  11. 207 downloads

    This is my maths SL IA from last year. It received a score of 6.
  12. Hi there! Are we meant to be using the population or the sample standard deviation, or both? My maths teacher taught us both, but didn't make it clear which to use, and it never seems to be specified in exam papers. Thank you!
  13. Hi, I am woking on my Psychology Internal Assessment now. In my school no one has ever gotten Level 7 for IA, however I want to ensure my mark is as high as possible. So, I am wondering if any of you have samples of your own Internal Assessment or any samples teachers provided you with. If anyone could provide these, this would be VERY helpful! Thanks
  14. Hi, I take English A Literature HL and I need to write my reflective statement for one of the works in translation that I'm studying. Does anybody know where I can find a recent sample of a reflective statement? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Hi guys, Does anybody have any macroeconomics IA samples that they are willing to share with me? I need it urgently for some reference; I just uploaded a few of my microeconomics IAs on the IBSurvival database to become a VIP member and see some of the user examples, but I'm afraid confirmations from the mods will take a while, so please, anyone willing to help a poor IB student out? :'( Sincerely, Aesop
  16. Hello, I'm doing my Extended Essay on Biology and I'm going to be looking at exercise and humans (nothing harmful) and I was wondering how many subjects I should have. I've looked in the EE guide and I cannot find anything about this.
  17. 67 downloads

    This is a sample extended essay provided by my school. It received a mark of 21/33 and the examiner's comments are attached.
  18. 239 downloads

    This is a sample extended essay that was supplied by my school. It received a mark of 33/36 and was externally moderated. The examiner's comments are also attached.
  19. 151 downloads

    I really like this commentary, helpful sample
  20. So, hi everyone! I'm on the outlook for good HL Economics commentaries IA 2011-2013 because this is my first to write a microeconomics commentary. I wanted to see the samples of good economics commentaries format and structure to give me an insight. So, if you do have any links or pdf to share please do! It's going to help me very much. Thank you in advance!
  21. Hey Everyone I have a design lab due for biology and i'm a bit concerned as to how i'm supposed to properly write it up... I did not fare too well on my previous design lab :/ ..so I thought i'd just look for some help Does anyone know where I can find a sample biology design lab? or does anyone have a design lab that they've done really well on, and is willing to share it help would really be appreciated Thanks!
  22. 22 downloads

    A 7 point answer to the sample question: Examine the reasons to why most countries want to reduce their dependency on oil.
  23. 15 downloads

    this is an answer to a 15 point question sample. the essay received the grade 7.
  24. I am doing a practice paper 1 exam (N2008) for tomorrow's preparation. It would be great if someone can evaluate my paper and give me a score. We have not done any mock exams. So I am curious where I stand. If you want, just give an IB score out of 7, without any explanations. In the Rear-View Mirror Thinking about them as you saw them last, you see them standing there behind your back, leaning out into the road to wave goodbye, lingering even as growing speed and distance diminish them until they neatly fit head to foot in the mirror-strip you glance at. Tiny in your lengthening wake, still w
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