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Found 15 results

  1. If I re-take a subject like Biology HL but don't want to carry over my IA, how will the retake be graded? Will the tests gain percentage value?
  2. Hi guys!! Im retaking HL Chemistry and SL Math this upcoming November and I was wondering if there is any advice anybody could give me?.. Or if there is anybody in the same position as me who is also retaking one of the subjects in November:) If you guys have any advice regarding possible online review courses, materials you recommend, or just the nature of the November examinations I would really really appreciate it. Thank you!!☺️
  3. Hello, I'm thinking about doing retakes since I changed my plans and want to start studying dentistry. When I was in high school, I wanted to become a teacher but things have changed.. My question is simple: Did you regret retakes? yes or no, and why? And for those that succeeded in their retakes, how did you manage, any tips? How did you study? Anything special to keep in mind? Changes in syllabus, rules etc etc? Thanks!
  4. I am a 2017 May graduates and I did quite well, however, my art grade was not what I wanted or needed to get into the university that I wanted. I have spoken to my DP co-ordinator (who I don't trust in the slightest because she recently became the co-ordinator and was my teacher before that. Imagine the worst kind of teacher and thats only half the story). She has now told me that she's pretty sure that I won't be able to re-do the visual arts course and that she can't send in the different components either, even though we documented absolutely everything! So my question is: is she right?? an
  5. I understand that the fees are rhe same than for normal sessions. However, i couldnt find exact information of the cost past the July 30th deadline, and the handbook is confusing. Could someone please tell me how much it would cost in euro to retake Maths and Physics in Nov 2017: before the July 30 deadline and after? (And if there is anither deadline that too)
  6. Hi, I took my exams in May 2016 for the full Diploma. My results are not enough for the studies and so I want to retake Maths HL and Physics SL. The application deadline for university is in March, and by then I already need to have an improved IB score, which means I need to take the Nov 2017 session. Also, I moved to Norway and the school I wrote to told me they don't hold Nov sessions. My question is: whether they hold May only, or May and November, their annual fee remains the same, right? - There are no extra costs associated with holding a Nov session for me. How can I convinc
  7. Guys guys, When's the payment for retakes for may 2017 due ? I'm gonna get a stroke if I missed it Thanks in advance
  8. Hello everyone. So yeah, the question is already stated above. However, I am concerned that not too many universities will take me with 30 IB points, in Europe, that is. I was hoping for like 34... that didn't happen. Also, I don't know if this will have any effect, I completed my IB Diploma in May and am taking a gap year until mid 2017. Preferably I want to apply to Sweden, where there don't seem to be any specific entry requirements... Back to the question... do you think I can make it into some decent Swedish uni or not-so-decent... for an Economics/Humanities/Modern
  9. HI, I am creating this topic because of the amount of contradicting information on the subject. I have completed the May 2014 exam session and passed. I chose to retake two subjects in May 2015 session. Bottom line is that exams start very soon and I am not prepared (various causes, don't want to go into detail). I have had a passing grade for both of these subjects. I am afraid I might not do so well this time around. Will the higher grade out of the two examinations be the one which is my final score? Will me failing the upcoming examination have any impact? What would happen
  10. I completed my IB last year I got 33 points. I didn't get into my unis but had already decided to take up a gap year placement earlier. I reapplied through ucas and decided to retake HL Econ and SL Maths as a knee jerk reaction. I was then offered an unconditional to Bristol but had already paid for retakes. I've been on and off revising since I got my offer but now exams are a week away and I'm wondering if there is any point ? HELP ! HL: Econ 6 Theatre 5 English 6 SL: Maths 4 French 5 Physics 5 EE&TOK 2
  11. So I got my grades this sunday and I was expecting to fail (get really low) in math SL, but I thought I did very well in all my other subject, so that it would save me from failing to get a diploma. Unfortunately was i very wrong, and i only scored 23.... i was very close to get higher marks in most of my subject (3 to 5 points away), but my question now is if i should risk my economics exams and ask for an remark ( i was 1 point away from a 5) and so save my diploma?! I took economics HL and my total score was 51 (one point from getting a 5 as total grade) my coordinater send me all my comp
  12. Hi guys, I just got my results and I'm planning to take re-sits. I am however in China right now and I need to go back to my German International IB school ASAP. I will need a visa to go to Germany and probably HAVE to go to my previous IB school to take the exams. I will thus need a good enough reason to go there in order to convince the ShangHai consulate to give me a long-term visa for the best. Do you guys know any kind of organization or school like facilities which offers short term supervision or guidance to IB candidates and re-candidates? (possibly in Germany?) -I am 18yrs ol
  13. Hey guys! I am retaking my exams next month (November) and I just needed some advice. The thing is I have been studying Biology for the last 2 months and still I don't understand a thing. But that's not the only thing, it is more about the Past Papers... I have been solving paper 1 till now. And I just wanted to know whether it will help or not? Also is there anything else I can do? Please help!
  14. I've just received 23 points and I think that the best option is to retake subjects with the lowest scores. I want also to improve the score in Biology HL Internal Assessment because I was predicted by a school to have 38 points but after moderation I got only 18 point. Do you think that it is a little bit strange? And my another question is about retakes - do you think that retakes in November are easier than exam session in May? I don't know how should I prepare to retakes (chemistry HL, biology HL and maths SL) because I've tried really hard in May...Oh, maybe I should change the way I lear
  15. Hey, the May examination session is only after a week and I feel very weak about my knowledge. The fact is, after spending four nights in one week studying without sleep, I had my blood pressure increased and doctors advised me not to do serious learning. I feel that I am not going to do well in the exams, but I am ready to retake them next year. My problem is that I can even get 28 or less points as an overall score, which is not good at all. My question is, if I study good enough and retake exams improving overall score to 36-39 points, will foreign universities be not reluctant to have me e
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