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  1. Hello everyone. I have received my IB results, and unfortunately, the only thing standing between me and the 45 score is the EE/TOK. I have scored 7s in all my subjects, but B/B in TOK/EE. I am 4 marks away from the A in each one. Is it likely that remarking works with these two subjects? And which one do you recommend that I remark? I just need an A in either to get the 3 total bonus marks and thus a 45. Thank you
  2. I think a thread about re-marks will be useful to the ones who are considering a remark or waiting for their enquiry to take place, as it's quite inconvenient to search the information about re-marks in many separate threads. I suggest posting the following information: Subject How many % was the grade from the next one (if relevant, breakdown by components)How long did the decision takeResult (up, down or unchanged)By "re-mark" I mean mainly a category 1 enquiry upon results (EUR). Perhaps some information would be necessary: A category 1 EUR involves the externally assessed components of
  3. okay.. so I failed the ib because I was caught with plagiarism in my theatre arts portfolio and I also did not acheive minimum marks to pass.. I was accepted to a performing arts uni, and luckily i did not sign up for the ib to send my final results to my uni. I didnt care about getting my ib diploma, but now my school wants to withdraw my upper school (high school) diploma... so now I feel doomed.. and i kind of dont get why they want to withdraw my high school diploma, but i get it at the same time. what should i do? will my school notify (tell) my uni that i was accepted into? omg.. dying l
  4. Hi! Results day is coming up quick, so I was wondering how everyone thinks they did? Some of my friends think they'll have to retake... Did anyone think some of the exams were too hard? I've heard a lot of complaints about physics and maths...
  5. I am in summer holidays approaching Year 13 now and I really want to grab the time to prepare for next year. I am at a 37 now and I really want to get a 40 or above. Does any one have tips on how to get a 7 in the following subjects that I take? Especially Film and Global Politics! I literally have no idea how in the world I am supposed to revise or get good grades in those!! - Chinese Language and Literature HL - English Literature SL - Maths SL - Design Technology SL - Global Politics HL - Film Studies HL Thanks a million!
  6. I recently got my results and I was very dissapointed having 23 points thus the diploma cannot be obtained. I was predicted to have 27 points but now I am sad and cannot go to university of which I wanted to go. This is my last time I can take the IB exam. Here is the breakdown of my subjects: HL: Geography: 4 (1 point away from a 5) Dutch LL: 3 (2 points away from a 4) Biology 4 (5 points away from a 5) SL: Math Standard 3 (6 points away from a 4) English LL: 4 (4 points away from a 5) Economics: 4 (1 point away from a 5) EE and TOK: C and C (both a point away
  7. Hi I want to know if i will pass my ib diploma if for example i get a total of more than 24 points, and 3 of my higher level subjects add up to 12 or more points, but one of my higher level subject scores a level 3, will i still get my diploma? Please help
  8. Is anyone else confused about their arts results?
  9. Hi guys, I currently have a 6 from German B SL. My Paper 2's are usually moving around 20 to 22 points out of 25, so basically a 6, however my huge weakness is the Paper 1, which I sometimes even get a 4 on. I have a question. I cannot seem to understand how I can prepare or improve my skills in the Paper 1's, do you guys have any special techniques or any tips? My MYP German teacher was completely useless and I feel I am catching up everything in these two years. I am graduating soon, so any feedback would be appreacited. By the way, I have a lot of vocabulary papers, concerning Grammar
  10. 1. Is there any specific way for making tables in results? Should it still be double spaced? 2. Can I refer to results of previous EE's? My friend got a result that would help me with my EE, can I use it, if so how should I cite it?
  11. Hi! I know that I'm writing about something typical for IB: stress, but I really need to write about it, to tell about my problem. I'm an IB student and my biggest problem is the fact that I live in permanent anxiety about my education, test results and consequently, future. My biggest fear is getting poor IB and SAT scores, what will make studying abroad impossible. My family is able to cover only a small percentage of costs of studying abroad, which makes me highly motivated to get a merit-based scholarship. I do my best, but I increasingly freak out. For example, I'm waiting for m
  12. So I've got the general grades of each subject, but I was wondering how I did in each of the individual aspects of the subject (for example the IA of Biology, or the Paper 1 of Biology). Do we get the results of each individual work or do we just make do with the general grade?
  13. Hey guys I've recently just received my IB results and I have selected my firm and insurance choice on UCAS. I then sent my IB results directly to the universities via the IB website. I was just wondering if I was supposed to send it to UCAS and how does UCAS get these results? Does the uni update my confirmation on the UCAS website if i send the results directly to them?
  14. I feel generally very disappointed in my IB results overall. I got 33 points overall and got the diploma, but with a 6 in English A Lit where I was predicted a 7, and a 3 in Maths SL where I was only one point off from a 4. I also only got a C on TOK despite scoring the top of my TOK class at school. I know I should be happy with my results but I'm feeling a huge disappointment especially in English and Maths. Does anyone else feel irrational disappointment with the results?
  15. My year have just received our exams results on the candidates site, and we have asked the school if we can see the break downs of our results (is in the marks we received in each paper and coursework) , but they are refusing to show us them, stating that they are for the schools statistical analysis and we can only get access to them if we have a specific reason for seeing them. Its kind of annoying when you work hard for two years and after everything you don't even get to see where your marks came from you know!
  16. Hi, I am Very Happy with my IB results!!!!! But I was just wondering, will we be able to see a detailed account of what we got for each module of the subject, such as course work paper 1 ect?? Thank you.
  17. I've received offers from unis in Scotland but when is the latest I can accept one of them? I'm extremely worried I won't get the grades I need so I'd rather make the decision after I get my results, but do we need to accept before we get the results?
  18. For example, say that the university just needs to get a certain grade for chemistry or you just have pass your diploma. Don't people just edit that screenshot and show something totally different to the university and they will just accept you just like that? There must be a catch.. This method sounds pretty horrible for choosing their students. So many students could get in with fake results. Is there a catch? Do you have any opinions about this? feel freee to say anything
  19. Do our teachers for each of our IB subjects receive our results from the exams? And if so, do they receive the overall mark, the mark for the subject or exactly what we received from the IB candidates website?
  20. First of all, congratulations to those of you who have been awarded the IB diploma! And to those who were not, remember that you did a great job regardless! Anyways, I was lucky enough to become a diploma recipient with a score of 28. Naturally, I became curious about everyone else, so I asked my fellow classmates and even surfed through social media to see how the other candidates did. I rarely saw scores under 30. Many were mid 30s, others 40s and I even saw quite a few 45s. Everyone seems to be relieved and overcome with satisfaction now that their "two years of hard work finally paid off
  21. So for my final results I got the following: Eng Lang Lit HL: 6 (5 marks from 7) Chinese BSL: 6 (4 marks from a 7) ESS: 4 (1 mark from a 5) Math Studies: 5 (7 marks from a 6) Film HL: 5 (5 marks from a 6) Visual Arts Option A HL: 4 (1 mark from a 5) TOK: C (1 mark from a B) Film EE: D (4 marks from a C) This totals to be a 30 with 0 marks from TOK and EE. Do you guys think it's worth it to ask for a remark for TOK, ESS and Art since they're only one mark away? My main concern right now is my EE. For my EE, I was first predicted a C (18) and my second predicted was a B (26). The supervi
  22. Hello guys! It's only less than a week until we get to know our results. I know it's still too early to ask but this morning I tried to log in to the website and I couldn't. I didn't have any problem during to year when I had to upload documents. So I've been wondering if it's only me or it has happened to someone else as well? Is it only possible to access the website on the day they release the results? Thanks in advance for your help.
  23. Hey everyone, so today is the day, and I'm guessing most of you haven't really been sleeping a lot to say the least. Our school IB coordinator said he will give us our IB score (which would be converted to an ATAR based on South Australia conversions) this morning between 8am and 10:30am ACST. What I am trying to find out is, I know we can login to the IBO website on the 6th (today being the 4th) of January, but when can we view the individual subject grades we have achieved, including EE and TOK grades, and even how we went on the internal assessments like orals, written assignments, etc.?
  24. qazwertt

    IA results

    Hi guys, So I have collected data for my experiment (Loftus and Palmer 1974), and 2 of my participants did not put an answer for speed estimates in 1 condition. Now I am wondering if I include their answers in the data as "0" or just completely omit meaning that i only have 9 (out of originally 11) results for 1 condition. I tried both methods in the "unrelated t-test" and got quite different answers.
  25. Guest

    Results Summary

    Hi again, I've just received my results summary from my school coordinator and I'm just trying to make complete sense of it. What is the difference between the Raw Mark, the Moderated Mark and the Scaled Mark and how do they work/how are they determined? Thanks
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