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Found 17 results

  1. In the Economics Paper 2, there are 4 articles and 4 long questions; should I try to read through both the articles and the questions completely during the five minutes reading time? I'm unsure that this is enough time. Should I just read the questions?
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for something to read once I finish with Taylor's book(s). Specifically, I'm looking for historians who wrote about the Unification of Italy (since that's one of my prescribed topics, and I would like to have a historian's viewpoint for Italy as well as Germany), but if you have any other recommendations that would be great too. Also, do you guys know any good historians for Imperial Russia (the text topic we're going to cover)? Thanks in advance, and remember- Bismarck ALWAYS has a plan!
  3. Hi! I took literature because I love to read and I am good at analyzing texts. I created this topic to open a space where we could share what we are reading (in class and outside of class/in our free time), what are our favorite books, favorite genres, favorite authors, book recommendation, and everything you would like to share. I took English A Lit HL and we read: Persepolis Woman at Point Zero (loved it) A Doll's House The Great Gatsby All my sons Death of a Naturalist (poems) That's it so far. In my free time (IF I CAN EVER FIND SOME FREE TIME,
  4. I'm really bad at ACT reading? Like, I try to actively read, but I never really understand the concept, even if I understand the passage. I'm also really slow at reading and generalized tips aren't really helpful. Can someone please help? I keep getting 6-7/10 on one reading passage. If I keep doing this I'll probably end up getting a 26 on the reading section and I can't afford that. PLEASE HELP
  5. So I saw a post about the most overrated books and started thinking about some underrated books. Sometimes people are very taken up by popular works like Shakespeare, which no doubt are genius, but less infamous works that are also very genius get overlooked. My first choice is the Lies of Locke Lamora, one of a long series. It does have quite some fame but I dont think it has just enough. I adore the series and it is so elaborate and thrilling. Another one is the Autobiography of Malcolm X; this is an autobiography so I dont know if I can put this under literature? You cant really judge
  6. While many people are discussing school work in the summer break (at least it's still summer break for me), not many people have mentioned their choice of literature this summer. Which books have you guys read this summer, while trying to relax? So far I've finished North and South for my EE in English, as well as having read these books for leisure: - Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami - Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence - A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin - Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll - The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum ... And right now I
  7. My school is wondering if other schools get to have a free week before the may exams so they can study and review on everything on their own?? May the force be with you....
  8. Hey guys So basically I would like to ask you how you spend your free time when you have no assingments or tests for the next day. Do you start doing assingments with later deadlines, revise or maybe just rest since you have free time? I'm asking because I have nothing to do for tomorrow but I'm aiming for 35+ score so relaxing the whole evening just because I have no urgent work wouldn't be very wise. I'm looking for some advices on improving my free time left from doing all the compulsory IB work. How is it with you? Do you do for example some additionary reading on the subjects you take wh
  9. Hi guys, I was looking for anyone who may want to buddy up for Spanish. I have seen another thread for this, but it was from last December and seems like it had ended as a conversation, plus I think everyone already got a person as a buddy. But I was looking for a buddy where we could informally chat (I say informally but we could always use a mixture of informal and formal tenses), when I said informal I meant not scheduling a time e.g. for Skype, I wouldn't mind conversing via Skype or Facebook but I wouldn't like to have scheduled times just in case i'm not able to fulfil a time last minute
  10. Version PDF


    This reading help us to get some more information about Muhammad Ali
  11. In a Street Car Named Desire I notice how the author includes music in the book. Can someone please tell me the significance of the songs in the book.
  12. Hello everybody Recently I discovered this website where you can listen to audiobooks: http://librivox.org/ They are looking for volunteers to read classics. Do you think it could count as a CAS activity? If so, for which category? Sure, it wouldn't be easy to find a supervisor who would read with me and stuff but I could always show them the final product so that they could see I worked on it. Wouldn't that be evidence enough? Thank you in advance.
  13. Hey! So I really love to read and I would like to know what books you guys think are worth reading... as in your all time favorite books or just any good books ^.^
  14. Hey guys. So, I'm relatively new here, I've just been wandering around the forums for a while. Next school year I'm going to go for the IB diploma, and I am going to Literature HL. Even though I am not yet in IB, I wondered if I could have some help on an essay I have to write? It's more so that I don't understand the question that well. The assignment is: "Must be based on the theme "Justice". What evidence in the play, The Merchant of Venice, supports this theme? What universal questions related to this theme are addressed in this play? Include three quotations and an underlined thesis sta
  15. ok, I'm sure this question has been asked many times already, but I wanted to see if we could compile a list of books that most, if not all, HL Lit classes seem to have on their curriculum. I'd like to get ahead on the reading over the holidays, and while reading any book could help me prepare, I'd feel more confident going into the IB if I have an idea of what we're going to study. Thanks guys!
  16. So I got my second university reply yesterday, the first being a typical southampton law offer of 36 with 18 at HL, but my offer from Reading wasn't quite what I expected. It says on the website they ask for 37 points, and I applied above that, and got back an offer for 35 points! Not complaining, but I've been trying to analyse their thinking, and at the moment am inclined to think that they would like me to choose them as my insurance as opposed to all the 36 point choices I have and so made a lower offer to tempt me. I was wondering if it was common for universities to make a surprising or
  17. Hey, I was just wondering which books you guys are reading for Spanish B HL =D
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