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  1. I am doing an interview with one client next week, but I couldn't decide the questions to bring out the client requirements or specifications, and problem statement. What could be some general questions to bring out the specifications like 'What is the most important thing to consider with designing this product'?
  2. HCIP-Security Certification is highly demanded these days. Plus, it’ll be a good impression on your resume to have one of such certifications. Worried about the preparation of Huawei ? You don’t have to anymore because dumpspedia is offering a full-proof method to nail the test just follow our simple instructions and train yourself through our fabulous H12-723 Practice Tests. You can pass Huawei Certified ICT Professional - Constructing Terminal Security System Exam with the help of H12-723 PDF Practice Test Questions Answers especially when that’s been acknowledged by even the specialists. We
  3. I am really stuck on how to solve these questions and I don't understand why the mark scheme says that the answers for question 8, 12 and 14 are A, A and D, respectively. I would greatly appreciate any help/suggestions/tips!! These questions are from the Paper 1 in May 2018 Timezone 2.
  4. Does anyone have chemistry p1 or p2 questions specific for a certain topic in chemistry? I mostly have past papers but as I have not yet studied all the chapters in chemistry, I have a hard time trying to answer to the questions that combine knowledge from multiple topics If someone wants, I can send 95 questions with specimen answers related to Energetics and Thermochemistry
  5. I need ideas for my physics EE. I want do do something in optics Idealy in optics involving something like polarization of light, diffraction, reflection, reflection, interference, or basically anything¡g in unit 9. Nonetheless, I don´t have any ideas, and I need help desperately. All the ideas I have are questions wich have already been solved,and I really need ideas. HELP
  6. Here are some of the exam-style questions I have adapted from questions used in previous exams so that my students have something new to practise with even if they have already done the past paper they were inspired by. I hope they help in giving you more practice before the exam. Good luck. http://bit.ly/IB_SL
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is a worksheet containing guiding questions in order to help students earn top grades for their math studies IA.
  8. I have my Physics exam tomorrow and I have a few questions in various chapters. Measurements and uncertainties: If in a calculation, I find the answer to be 500, but the numbers that I used all have 3 significant figures, would I be able to give the answer as 500? Does that have 3 significant figures? Or would the answer be 5 x 102 ? When finding the absolute uncertainty with the percentage or maximum/minimum method, what are some rules that apply here? In my notes I wrote down that if there is addition or subtraction in the original equation, then I must add the absolute uncert
  9. Paper 1 The purpose of this thread is to introduce you to Paper 1, the Source Paper. Whether you are taking Standard Level or a Higher Level examination makes no difference as, rather unusually, the sources and questions are the same for both examinations. The reason why I'm doing this is that I've came to notice there's a lot of people here in IBS which don't really understand what's required for this paper. There are three Prescribed Subjects assessed in Paper 1: Peacemaking, Peacekeeping – International Relations 1918–36 The Arab-Israeli Conflict 1945–79 Communism in Crisis 1976–
  10. Hello! I am looking to do an EE in Geography (I take geo HL), on the topic of gender equality, specifically in India. I have found good preliminary data and statistics that I would like to write about, but since we need to be investigating a question and not a topic, how do I phrase a question that can be answered in 4000 words? I think the gender equality is a large topic, with subtopics such as education, fertility, contraception, cultural prejudices and etc. So if I do a question like 'to what extent is gender inequality present in India?' it is quite difficult to answer. Any he
  11. Hello procrastinators, Are IB paper questions ever repeated? Now by repeated, I don't mean word-to-word––is it possible that papers can have the same question, but with a different wording? When I was in IGCSE, all my teachers said that questions will never be repeated. But after doing many past-year papers, I realized that questions were repeated, usually not word-to-word. I'm not talking about those small definition questions. Are other questions repeated? Thanks!
  12. So our teachers give us lots of worksheets which have questions from IB past papers, but they don't collect them to correct them. Is there any way I can find the mark schemes to these answers? They do not give us the paper number, so I can't find them online. Using the question bank software might not be an option for me as I use a mac. Is there anything I can do?? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I'm planning to write my EE on the book "Spies" by Michael Frayn as a Category one. I was wondering if anyone could suggest any research questions for it or possibly suggest any books to compare it to. Books in the genre of growing up or coming of age would be appreciated. PLEASE, Thank you. :')
  14. Hi! Having completed Math SL and scored a 7 on the exams, would math HL be an okay transition in terms of difficulty/understanding concepts?
  15. Hello there! I'm currently struggling with the tok essay , i chose the 5th prescribed tittle 'the best explanation is the simplest explanation' .since it is necessary for the maximum grade to have ''a sustained focus on knowledge questions connected to the prescribed title—developed with investigation of different perspectives and linked effectively to areas of knowledge and/or ways of knowing.'' this is not clear enough since i read reports about the tok essay that said many students didnt use knowledge questions properly , plus we dont have anyone that can help us with tok in the
  16. Does any body know someone or is someone who writes IB style multiple choice exam questions?
  17. Hello everyone, I'm back with some new free videos ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This time it's about a workshop (six 10 minutes videos) to help you prepare for the Physics SL/HL exam. Here is an overview. Video #1. where you can get started with a simple quiz and learn: Which topic typically has the least marks allocated to it? And which topic the has the most marks? (same is true for SL/HL, Paper 1 or 2) Video #2: where you learn useful details about the exam, such as: The relative weighting of each exam. For instance paper 3 is relatively easy and worth as much as paper 1 (
  18. Hi! I have some questions about the EE. I am doing my EE in Spanish A Literature HL. I already have the books I want to analyze, my question and my supervisor accepted it. I want to analyze the use of setting of two different books. This is the research title nd the research question I want to work on: Research Title: Una exploración, comparación y análisis de los espacios diegéticos en dos novelas, Pedro Páramo y Cien años de soledad Research Question: ¿Hasta qué punto los espacios diegéticos pueden considerarse personajes en las novelas Pedro Páramo y Cien años de soledad?
  19. I am currently 16 years old and in my sophomore year and have decided to go with the IB program offered in my school. I have decided to study in the UK. Before I submit my application which is due in a few weeks, I have some questions. I am planning to do either Software Engineering or Electronic Engineering as an undergraduate course and I just wanted to know if the following courses are suitable for it: HL - IB English, IB Physics and IB Economics SL - IB Spanish AB, IB Chemistry and Mathematics SL I have noticed that some schools in the UK and US do pre-I
  20. car829

    History IA

    Hi guys, Please help me, I need help with my history IA topic: I cannot decide which question to do. However, I am leaning towards the origin topic question, but it is not "IB worded," and I cannot think of a way to make it IB. I think these questions are sufficient, but I really do not know. Any feedback at all would be awesome...I am panicking because section one of my paper is due next week and I do not know what I am writing about yet! Thank you very much!!!!! To what extent did the Spanish Flu impact Spain’s population and religion? How did the Spanish Flu travel fro
  21. Hey guys, I am thinking about writing my Extended essay in English literature ( i am in HL) I thought about talking about " how to kill a mockingbird ", any suggestions of what my title could be?
  22. Discussion for the May 2017 TOK prescribed titles: “It is only knowledge produced with difficulty that we truly value.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?
  23. I recenetly started on my TOK essay after choosing question number five: Given access to the same facts, how is it possible that there can be disagreement between experts in a discipline? Develop your answer with reference to two areas of knowledge. I am simply wondering how many knowlegde questions it is normal/appropriate to discuss during the length of the essay. Any advice is highly appreciated :)
  24. Hello! I need help to collect my data for my mathematics IA. I am doing the correlation between GPA and sleeping hours. Could you please answer this survey? I really need more data THANKS! https://goo.gl/forms/Y3SnZ9LKPxFj2Ehg2
  25. Ok, So my biology internal assessment is a little... made up. I have no idea if it will work, neither does my teacher, so I'm like praying to god it will. What I'm trying to do is look at the effect of ethanol on photosynthesis, doing the test where you get spinach leaf disks and wait till they float to see what rate they produce oxygen at. I'm planning to change the concentration of ethanol in the solution, hoping it makes an effect of some sort. I have 2 questions 1) the density of ethanol is less than water. Do I have to mention this? its about 78% the density of water,
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