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Found 24 results

  1. Sup people of the IB. I found a short guide that I wrote a while ago that deals with stress and procrastination. I'll add more to it later (the irony but it is late ) so hopefully it's helpful. There's more to come if I remember Stress Firstly stress at school is mainly caused by lack of organisation. So sorting that out could half or even eliminate your 'i want to rip the hair out of my head' feeling! How to organise work: Invest in a folder if you write notes with a note book and use folder separators to make things easier. This makes losing notes a lot less likely because they are in
  2. 1) So, I realised that I've trapped myself in an endless cycle where I often have to frantically write or revise until two in the morning. How do I break out? Personal deadlines don't always work. No matter how hard I try, I can't keep personal deadlines because, number one, the tasks usually take wayyy longer than expected, and number two, if I plan to do something that is due in a few months on a certain day but I have a deadline or a test that same week, I will usually focus on the more urgent task and forget about my plan. But you can only do that so often until it's the week before t
  3. Hello guys! so here'sthe thing, every time the weekends start my motivation aoutomatically levels to 0% and all i can do is draw sleep eat and maybe do a lil homework. do you guys go through something similar? and any tips on overcoming this?
  4. So I have noticed a lot of threads are like, "here is some things that I wish that I knew in the IB" and then they proceed to tell you to not procrastinate, and to get enough sleep, and to get organized, etc. We all know you are going to procrastinate and do all those things no matter what we say. This thread is for those times when things get down to the wire and you need to do something really important. So post any, lets say, unconventional, life hacks for everyone else out there. These are mine: 1) They sell legit caffeine pills, so if you need energy and coffee isn't doing
  5. Hey Guys! During the first semester of DP1, I did pretty well.. My grades were: HL; Bio-5 Geo-7 English-6 SL Math-4 French-7 Econ-5 Total: 32/42 Now I feel my grades will end up like this end of this semester: HL Econ-5 Biology-5 Geo-6 SL Math 4 English-5 French-7 =32/42 However, I really want my teachers to improve my predicted grades up to at least 34 points, so that when I want to apply for universities on UCAS, I can finally get into a 'good' university, becuase my to
  6. Hey guys, help me!! HOW DO YOU STOP PROCRASTINATION?? I'm a really, really serious procrastinator and it's extremely harmful. Anyone is/was a procrastinator and have any tips to stop being soo lazy?
  7. Lets top each others IB stories cuz this world runs in compassion and empathy.......(feels) for starters............haven't slept for a full 6 hours in the past three weeks
  8. How do you guys stop this procrastination ****?? Feel free to share humorous anecdotes as well
  9. Lets top each others IB stories cuz this world runs in compassion and empathy (feels......... for starters............I haven't turned in even one IA from Chemistry, Physics or Maths..HL. All 15 of them are due next month
  10. Yes guys, I have nooo idea what does procrastination means. I'm Spanish so. Omg, it is everywhere here! Procrastinator! Haha it sounds like something about Terminator, sorry guys... I had to post it!
  11. I just started the IB diploma program and I just wanted some advice on how people juggled, CAS, getting really high grades (especially in math, english, and TOK/EE), a job, how you'd stay motivated, planning techniques you used to stay focused and manage time, and what skills you got from IB. I'm think what i'm most nervous for is english, math, french and EE I really want to get a 6 or 7 in these classes. mainly for these i'm looking for how you'd study for these courses and if there are any other resources that i can access that will help me do well in these classes (other than the syllab
  12. So recently a friend introduced me to this, and I am finding it really helpful to organise study, but wish I had it during IB! So I highly recommend this site! https://habitrpg.com I hope it helps!
  13. HEY GUYS. So I just finished my internal semester exams last week and as you all probably know, the semester break is coming up in one week's time! But I have been idling around for the past week and a half. Maybe it's because the stress is a bit less now and I've got some wiggle room but I'm still feeling really paranoid about all this procrastination. To all those who've gone through IB already, I just want to ask.. did you guys also go through these phases or is it just me? Plus, I have 4 HL subjects to work on.. what advice would you give me? And what did you guys usually do during the bre
  14. Hey! Just wondering if anyone is on tumblr! If you are .... you should follow me! vivez-rirez-aimez.tumblr.com It is a very effective procrastination tool ... I can manage to happily waste hours of time scrolling through photos and gifs instead of doing that leftover chem homework. Oh dear, anyway .. comment and I'll follow you back!
  15. I've been struggling to finish my work on time for many of my classes and I now come to help on IBSurvival. I have a History IA - which I've hardly started - and a Math IA - which I'm halfway through - due in February. Then I have a bunch of extracurricular activities and other tests that I have to take care of, and on top of this I have the IB exams. I had to stay up late yesterday to finish my homework and it's starting to become a habit. Even worse, our whole class is behind in English, where we are yet to start on our IOCs. On top of that, I keep trying to read literature and cannot finish
  16. I have seen many gifs saying that doing IB is basically about learning to procrastinate... but the truth is that if you want to do well (e.g. that well-deserved 45 points) you have to learn to eliminate procrastination from your study zone. Despite some common misconceptions, the reality is, it IS possible to do really well (yes, even 45 points) whilst still getting enough sleep, having a social life, and taking part in various other activities. I’m not lying, I’ve seen it done! Instead of worrying about making time to do more, what matters is making the most of the time you have, which basica
  17. It's my first term in IB and i've already been procrastinating like crazy. I've been warned its the number one sin for IB but i just can't help it. I think the main reason is because i'm really bad at studying - i can't concentrate. So i was wondering, does anyone have any really good study tips? Also, any good tips to have a better memory and train it? Thank you!!! much appreciated
  18. Hey fellow IB people! I yet again let my procrastination get ahead of me and my Extended Essay first draft deadline is rapidly approaching, end of next week! My first draft only has to be 1500 words, but regardless I'm trying to tackle an IB Film paper, and I've seen a few other posts recommending that you shouldn't do an extended essay in a topic that you don't take a class in However, I'm really passionate about film and am willing to research in depth to find the information and terms necessary to write a Film paper. Through some brief independent research, I am looking into the influen
  19. Hey fellow IB students, alumni, teachers, creatures, whatever else applies So my school requires a first draft of our Historical Investigation for next year by this Wednesday May 15th, and my teacher just informed us of this due date last week, gee thanks a lot sir. Anyway, I kind of have a question but I think it might be too vague, any suggestions on how to improve the following question: To what extent has the United States’ friendship/alliance with Israel affected US relations with the Arab nations that have traditionally been enemies of the Israeli state? Thanks everyone!
  20. Hey everyone, I know this might sound stupid but I want some motivation. I have been working SO HARD for the past one and a half years, but now when all my IA's, essays, protfolios are due i'm slacking, started being lazy and i'm procrastinating like craaaaaaazy... i always tend to waste my time and keep myself busy from doing school work! I don't want to fail the IB! two years cannot go to waste just like that. Please motivate me and give me advice for revision Please no rude comments. Thanks!
  21. Turn off your computer, put your phone on silent and eliminate all distractions (this is probably the most difficult bit). And now, the genius. Take out your (insert IB tool of terror here) and your notebook and pledge that you will do 10 minutes of work and 10 minutes only. Start working. By the time you reach 10 minutes, you'll feel like it was barely any time at all, so do 20 minutes more. If it's a long assignment, by this time you'll be so engrossed in it that you won't want to stop because it feel 'almost finished'. If it's a series of short assignments, then every 30 minutes you should
  22. Before I throw it in your face, I believe I should explain how it works. The human brain is an essentially goal-driven machine. Without a clear-cut target, it is difficult to channel one's focus. At the same time, lofty goals or target like "Harvard" or "42+" have little effect on one's brain because it sees little or no instantaneous gain. That is why it is easy to motivate oneself to study when finals are a week away - the brain senses a short-term gain. Thus, the closer the reward for a task is, the more likely one is to complete the task. 1 hour is a good period of time for which to set a
  23. Read this only if you are willing to help me get on the track with my FOA . I'm an IB1 HL English A1 student and I have my first FOA due 4th of april (day after tomorrow). Our school gave us 2 week break because of our country's, Azerbaijan's traditional event - Novuruz. Today it is already late (2:16AM) to start doing anything so I am briefly explaining what I need to do and I am asking you to help me settle this out, if, of course, it is possible. Here are some things that I can tell you for today, again, if you are willing to help me, so that you have an idea what I'm talking about: I have
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