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  1. Hi guys I have a math Ia due by the end of this week, and I basically am not close to finishing. Im using probability and statistics to find the outcome of a football (Soccer) tournament. I need to find ways on how to do this. So far I used the poisson distribution to predict outcome of matches, but does anyone know how I can use the graphs in my IA (like how should I analyse it). And im also looking for other methods of calculating a match outcome, one where there is only loss or win for the knockout stages. The tournament I am predicting is the Euros 2020. Yes I know it has passed, but I'm t
  2. Hi, I am doing my math IA with the probability of a food commercial occurring during network television and I don't really know what type of probability I should use for the main math portion. I have already gathered my data so some ideas would be appreciated!
  3. Hi! I’m looking to find the probability of Lewis Hamilton becoming an 8 time world champion this year. However, I am unsure of how to do this, apart from using chi squared, Pearson coefficient and a best fit line and I wanted to know if anyone could give me some pointers on how to go about calculating this probability.
  4. Hi everyone, I have a math question on conditional probability that I am completely stuck on. Would you mind explaining the step by step process (and why I should do each step) to me? The question is as follows: Bag A contains 6 blue counters and 4 green counters. Bag B contains 9 blue counters and 5 green counters. A counter is drawn at random from bag A and two counters are drawn at random from bag B. Tbe counters are not replaced. Given that there are two blue counters and one green counter, what is the probability that the green counter was drawn from bag B? I hav
  5. Hey guys, I'm currently in IB1 and I should be starting to find a topic for my EE. My first choice of subject was Business & Management, and I've already interviewed a company, which wasn't very successful. I have second thoughts on my subject choice and I was thinking of changing to Mathematics. I study Maths SL, and I thought I could do my essay on which university I should choose. My research would be on the employment rate, drop-out rate and graduate salary of a range of universities. Using decision trees I would find which gives the highest chance of the highest income in the fut
  6. Hi all! Over the Easter holidays I'm supposed to be collecting data for my maths IA, but I feel like the idea I have chosen does not involve enough mathematics. What I was thinking of doing was finding the probability of death in different everyday activities and converting that to micromorts (i.e. the one in a million chance of death per activity). But, I am not sure if after collecting this data there will be enough that I will be able to do with it mathematically, or that having probability as an IA topic is a bad idea. Would it be wise to change my topic completely whilst I stil
  7. Hi, for my IA I was thinking of doing the hat check problem. Essentially it goes like this; group of men walk into a restaurant checking in n number of hats at the door. The restaurant mixes the the hats up and as the evening is over, each man is randomly given a hat from the pile. What is the probability that no person gets their hat back? Suprisingly, the answer is 1/e. If anyone is familiar with the problem could you please elaborate on whether this is SL level or above. I have found some explanations rather complicated and wondered whether it was ultimately worth it given the amo
  8. Hi, for my IA I was thinking of doing the hat check problem. Essentially it goes like this; group of men walk into a restaurant checking in n number of hats at the door. The restaurant mixes the the hats up and as the evening is over, each man is randomly given a hat from the pile. What is the probability that no person gets their hat back? Suprisingly, the answer is 1/e. I am a math Sl student. I figured HL/further math students would likely recognize the problem. If anyone is familiar with the problem could you please elaborate on whether this is SL level or above. I have found som
  9. So, I haven't actually started the IB yet, (I'm in PRE-IB, starting IB next year), and will be taking HL Maths. My maths teacher gave the the following question: "A CD has 10 different songs on it.The CD is put on shuffle and repeat, so no matter which song plays, any one of the 10 songs could be up next. What is the probability that at least one of the songs will be played at least 3 times before all of the songs have been played at least once." I NEED help with this question, or it will drive me crazy. So, i thought working out the probability of this NOT happening would be ea
  10. Hi everyone, I am in search of an IA topic with probability in it but I am struggling to fin one that involves economics. If some one has some ideas your help will be appreciated
  11. Hi, can someone please help me solve this problem? It is part of the HL Option Statistics and Probability
  12. I'm trying to write a Math IA on Games and Game theory and specifically on Gambler's fallacy with examples using coin tossing. Is there any sources I can use to write this and what examples should I include in the exploration. Would you recommend my approach to this and if so how should I structure this IA?
  13. Hello there, I'm a student in SL Math, and I'm having difficulty coming up with a topic for my IA. I was thinking along the lines of medicine and diseases. If you could offer me any sound ideas, you'd be a hero. Thank you, Lee
  14. Hi, I'm doing my IA on Baye's Theorem and how it can be used to understand the probabilities derrived from medical testing. I originally wanted to do it on Colorectal Cancer but as it comes out it is hard to find any sufficient database which would provide coherent numbers that I need. I tried to do it with pregnancy tests but the data i found is from a study which already did most calculations and I'm scared to use it, so nobody thinks it's plagarised. So I had an idea of presenting the probability working but on an example of an imaginary disease. Do you think its a good idea? Or should I ju
  15. So for my Math SL IA I decided I wanted to investigate what factors affected a nominated movie's chance of winning the Academy Awards Best Picture Award. The factors I picked to investigate are total box office earnings, genre, and release date. I am only using data from nominated movies from 2011 to 2014 so as not to overload myself with data. My problem is, although I have all my data, I don't know what to do with it. My teacher suggested trying to find a regression or make a probability equation. However all of my lists of data only have an x value, so I am unsure how to fit it into a reg
  16. I'm doing a Math IA on pokemon, I'm about 9 pages in but when I look over it I have a hard time figuring out how to work math at the course level into it, since most of the mathematics I can think of being relevant to this topic is basic probability. Any thoughts? So far I've done probability of getting a shiny Pokemon, specific IV, specific moveset. I'm considering doing conditional probability for Pokemon breeding.
  17. Soo here is the question: A girl chooses 2 letters at random from these 7: A, D, E, K, O,Q, S. What is the probability that one is a vowel and the other is the letter D? I tried writing all the combinations, and then said that there are 7 which have both D and a vowel, out of possible 42, which gives 1/6, but this is not in agreement with the given solution (1/14). Any help will be much appreciated, thanks in advance.
  18. Just settled on an area for my Mini Maths IA, "To what extent can you predict the probability of winning the powerball (lotto)" I was wondering if this question gives me enough scope to to write the exploration please note that because this is my Mini IA the page count is only half of what the real one has to be I think it is 3-6 pages. Also could I possible involve calculus into this not looking for calculation help just some direction so I don't go mindlessly looking. Cheers in advance for all the help Shadvertiser
  19. Hello! I'm a Maths SL student with a strong interest in politics, and therefore I'm trying to write my IA on that topic, however, I'm having a very hard time focusing in on an area to address. The working title right now is "Independent Votes: How Registered Independents In US Swing States Vote During National Elections", but I feel that it is both too long, and maybe too difficult to address. I've only just started the probability/statistics block of the course, so would anyone know what specific maths topic (from the SL syllabus) I could address? Anyone have any experience writing an IA in t
  20. I am just wondering if i can use hypergeometric distribution in a certain way. Lets say there are 10 balls in a basket: 5 blue, 3 green, 2 red. I am going to pick out 4, and i want to find the probability of picking out 2 reds, 1 green and 1 blue, in any order. So it could be RGRB, or BRRG, etc. Could i find the probability by first finding the probability of getting 2 reds out of 4 picks using hypergeometric distribution, then 1 green out of 4, and then 1 blue out of 4. Then i would add the probabilities together? It would be great if anyone could help me out, thanks!
  21. Lets say you are playing poker playing against 2 other people. Everyone gets 2 cards first and your 2 cards are a pair of X's. 5 more cards are going to come in the middle, and I want to find the probability of getting a full house. would you agree that these are the possible combinations of 5 cards?: YYYKM XYYKM YYYKK XYYKK XYYYK Where X is the rank of card that i have a pair of in my hand, Y, K and M is any other rank. from each of those combinations i find the amount of combinations possible. eg: for XYYKM i would do 13C1 x 2C1 x 12C1 x 4C2 x 11C2 x 4C1 x 4C1 = 1,647,360 possible
  22. Hi! I'm having some problem with the following exercise and I was hoping to get some expert-help 1. The probability that it rains in Raincity (wow, such imagination!) on any day of the year is 0.45. Calculate the probability that in any given week, it rains on exactly three consecutive days. Grateful for any help! Can't really call my teacher during the summer
  23. Hi guys, do we need do know and calculate poisson distribution for the exam tomorrow ? (For Mathematics Standard Level / Syllabus 2014) Thanks in advance, G.
  24. This is the question: A factory makes wine glasses. The manager claims that on average 2% of the glasses are imperfect. A random sample of 200 glasses is taken and 8 of these are found to be imperfect. Test the manager’s claim at a 1% level of significance using a one-tailed test. I did this question and I got 0.029160179 as the p-value. However, the mark-scheme says the answer is 0.0493 (using binomial distribution) or 0.0511 (using Poisson distribution). Is my answer wrong? or is the mark scheme wrong? Could you perhaps show the method you used to work out the answer? Thanks in advance!
  25. Hi guys, I have a problem with developing my exploration. I chose the topic of probability in genetics - conviced that it would be interesting and supposedly easy to write. However, it is quite the opposite. Although I have already written a bit, I feel like it involves math at a REALLY basic level (punnet squares, sum rule etc.) I don't know how to complicate at all... I try to look for probabilities with different sets of features and I am stuck at this stage. Any suggestions what to write about/ what to focus on? Thanks in advance!!
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