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Found 22 results

  1. I hope everyone is having an amazing summer! For new students who are eager to learn ahead, here are my flashcards from the school year: https://github.com/ClosedCaptions/HighschoolFlashcards The repository includes all my subjects from grade 9, including the required Pre-IB courses and my electives: music and computer science. I excluded my gym flashcards as it does not have a final exam. I plan to keep updating the repository as I progress through school. If anyone would like to change the formatting to the French flashcards, feel free to edit them and attach the new file under thi
  2. HI, I'm applying to the ib program at St Robs and my exam is in a week. I looked at a few practice tests online and they all seem very different some extremally easy some not as much so I'm not sure what level of math and English will be on the exam. Does anyone know if it will just be the things we learned in the school curriculum for gr 7 and the start of gr 8 or will there be harder questions.
  3. Hello people of the interwebs: I am currently a grade 8 student that took the Bayview S.S. IB acceptance exam. The results said that I would be on a wait list and there were no offers of acceptance. Are there any students that were on a wait list and got accepted (or not for that matter). What’s it like? What are my chances? I had an average of 80-88 on my grade 7 report card; and all E’s on the grade 8 progress report card. I actively participate in class and my teacher didn’t hate me that much ( I think) :P. I’ve heard from some of my friends that the wait list was
  4. Hi, I want to enter medical school but in my IGCSE course I improve my grades on Business a lot so I can’t choose between B&M and Psychology HL So here are my options: HL -Biology -Chemistry -Business and Management/Psychology SL -English Lang&Lit -Thai Lang&Lit -Math AA As you can see I still haven’t decide whether choosing Business or Psychology. So can you please help me out. Thanks! Kind Regards,
  5. Hey, I just took the IB entrance exam (At Bayview SS if anyone is wondering) and before I took the exam I had a lot of questions and concerns which I can now answer myself. If anyone has any questions for me, ask away!
  6. So I dropped out of IB about two weeks ago and now I feel really unsure because when I dropped out I was really unmotivated and disliked IB but now that I’m past that I feel like I want to stay in IB. I pid the first instalment fee and it’s already been refunded and I’ve already picked my courses for the other school I’m transferring to. I’m in second year pre-IB and I plan on going into Waterloo Mechanical Engineering Co-Op. I originally wanted to drop out but now I feel unconfident about making it into Waterloo without IB. Should I go back and try and re-enroll I only recently dropped out? I
  7. Hello kind humans who have stumbled upon this post: I applaud your effort to find this topic, please allow me to introduce moi, moi-self et moi. I am currently am, at the moment a student attending grade 8 at the York region PUBLIC school board, and I’m attending St. Robert Catholic School in Thornhill, Ontario for the 2020-21 school year, and will graduate at St. Robert (hopefully) in the spring of 2024. I have successfully made it into the predatory IB program at the school and have already submitted that gigantic package that came after the acceptance letter and ga
  8. Hi everyone, The upcoming school year will have me entering pre-ib at bayview ss. What should I study/review during the summer to help me get ahead of the school year? Thanks in advanced!
  9. I’m starting the pre-IB for my ninth year, what do I need supplies-wise? Perferably a list. Like, if I should have a binder for each class etc. Thanks in advance :)
  10. Hey! I’m Erika, and I’m a tenth grader which I’m starting IB next year! I know it’s a little too early to start deciding what courses I want to take, but I did it anyway. I just want you to tell me how hard the classes are from your experience. 1. English Lit HL 2. Biology HL 3. Math SL 4. History of America HL 5. Spanish B SL 6. Film SL 7. TOK
  11. Helloooo.. First of all, got to say that I adore this site haha. So far it’s been quite insightful with my IB exam prep. I have applied to Dr G W William’s IB program, and for the exam portion, do any of you remember the time you were given for each subject? I just want to prepare myself so I’m not dealing with any surprises. Also, any status on the confirmation of the IB World Program at Williams, or is it not discussed with the students? - M
  12. Hey guys! So I've just finished grade 9 and 10 pre-ib and will begin Year 1 of the actual IB soon. Personally, grade 9 was pretty easy but grade 10 was actually pretty tough since units from the IB were incorporate into our curriculum. I did alright during these years but could have tried much harder. So, is Grade 11 a lot harder than the previous two years? Did you struggle at first? Feel free to leave any other tips, thanks!
  13. Hi guys! In September I am going to enter the IB programme. One of the subjects I dread the most is English A HL. I am not an English native (I am Polish), therefore I would like to ask for any advice on how I can prepare for the programme over the summer. An exam I have recently taken assessed my English level as C1. I will be grateful for your opinion and advice. Take care
  14. I'm currently in PreIB and we are just about to turn in our applications for which subjects we want to take. so far this is what I've decided on: Swedish A HL English B HL Psych/History HL Math SL ESS SL Psych/History SL so my only kind of struggle right now is if i should take history or psychology at higher level. Both courses are challenging and people keep giving different reviews and i don't know what to choose. The psych teacher at my school says that if he was a student he wouldn't choose HL psych and in history is so many dates to keep track of
  15. Hey, I'm new to this website and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to study for my pre-ib exam? I'm also a little confused, because the school I hope to get into holds the Pre-IB exams in January instead of the apparently usual Nov. or May. Does anyone have any idea why? Thanks
  16. I am going to be starting full IB courses from this September..... in my new high school, we need to take pre ib courses before starting ib courses, can you give me an idea of what textbooks are used for teaching math 10 pre ib? thanx in advance.
  17. Hey! As you can see I want to know how to prepare myself for IB. I'm in the pre-IB class and after holidays I'm joining IB. I want to spend my holidays not only on chilling with friends but also on learning because I don't want to have any problems with my grades, etc. I think that I'll read every single book which I have to read for my first language literature classes and I'm gonna learn maths and physics. But do you know what else should I do to be well prepared? Any tips or advices?
  18. So I've heard from many of my classmates that are already in IB(I'll be starting in the fall) about the IB Breakdown? What is this breakdown, when does it happen(aprox.), and is there any possibility to prevent it? Have you guys had an IB breakdown...care to explain your experiences?
  19. Hey guys. I'm a total newbie here, please don't kill me, 'kay? Oh, and also (as you will notice) english is not my mother tongue and I'm currently only studying english 2h a week (no more is sadly scheduled or required in swedish middle school). Today I got my preliminary acceptance information (uh the Swedish langugage have a special word for it) and I got preliminary accepted to the IB. That means that I will be attending because I will better grades this semester + they have already taken my entrance tests in consideration. Now, because the Swedish school is really lacking compared to inte
  20. OK guys, I am starting IB this year and I really have no idea how to start studying IB. Anyone whou would like to help please do not hesitate to give me some advices. Thanks!
  21. Hey guys I'm just wondering if we have to write down a lot of note in pre-IB ? And how important is pre-IB year for the real IB program ? Do we necessary need 2 years of pre-IB ? I will be in pre-IB grade 10 this August
  22. I'm doing IB next year. I haven't taken any preparation classes and I'm trying to work on my time management. These are the subjects I'm planning to take: English HL French HL Drama HL Environmental Science SL Economics SL Math Studies SL Any advice? Thank you!
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