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  1. Hey I am from India and I am doing Extended Essay in Hindi and I am stuck up with what topic should I take and how to take a topic and how to go on with it. I have taken help from my teacher but he has just given the broader topic like language, literature and culture-society but I need a more focused topic to frame my research question. So can anyone please guide me through the topics Thank you
  2. Hi! So i was originally going to work on The Bell Jar and The Yellow Wallpaper for my EE but since i found out that this has been done numerous times, I decided to change my topic last minute, hence the urgent help needed. I'm really into poetry so i figured i could use Sylvia Plath and Anne Sextons poetry to write a comparative essay as their poetry often revolves around the same topic. My rough draft is due in two weeks so i would really appreciate if someone could give me some feedback on whether 4000 words can actually be written about them. ( the poems i was thinking about using “The
  3. Hi guys for my cas project I’m making a small book with a bunch of creative writing pieces and photography so if any of you have anything you’d like be willing to share/send pls send it to this email: [email protected] it can be anything from poetry to a story you write for class... or a photography project or just pictures you enjoyed taking... it can really be anything! Thanks :)
  4. For Paper 2 in English A Lang & Lit HL, my class studied multiple poems written by Philip Larkin and Murakami's "Kafka on the Shore". My question is: in Paper 2, we have to refer to two texts that we have studied in class, so, if I choose to cover "Kafka on the Shore" and Larkin, should I talk about only one of his poems? Or can I talk about a number of his poems?
  5. Hello fella ib students! I am very new to this, but I desperately need help to any of you who are willing to I am doing my EE on english lit, and my topic is: "an examination of Emily Dickinson's treatment of nature on a selection of her poetry." My supervisor suggested me to choose this topic. Now, my research question, I believe, can still be refined, and so far what I got is "How does Emily Dickinson’s treatment of nature in [four to six] of her poems help to convey her questions in life and her psychological state of mind?" What do you think? I am a little bit concerned that
  6. I'm making a film about the theme of identity in the novel The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. My video is centered around the concept that the materials we possess and use everyday make up a large part of human identity. It will feature an individual going through their daily life, and with each material they use, a new color or symbol is painted on their face to represent how it becomes part of their identity. It's not until all of the materials are taken away that the individual will have no paint left on their face. Because this film is primarily silent, I was planning on writi
  7. Hi! I'm doing a poetry assignment (Scaffolding by Seamus Heaney) where I have to answer a few questions. I came to one question and I am not quite sure what it exactly wants. Question: What strikes you most about this poem in terms of knowledge of self and others? (base your answers for these questions off of the description of how this poem acts a metaphor) I'd just like to get this clarified so that I can answer appropriately, Thanks everyone!
  8. I'm currently taking my first language as english in Mexico and was just now told what poetry i'll be analyzing next week for the the oral commentary. They're going to let me choose three poems from the writer Walt Whitman and then they will decide from which of those following three poems my oral commentary will be about. I'm not familiar with the work of Walt Whitman, but if someone out there is and would like to recommend me one of his poems then be my guest. Thank you.
  9. I am a student of Grade 11 and I have my final IOP due in about a month or so. I was browsing through a few previous forums on how to go on about doing your IOP but many of them seem to focus on books. As I'm still quire new to IB could someone please help me understand how one should do an IOP on english poetry? The poems we've done in class are that of Robert Frost Thanks in advance!
  10. 12 downloads

    This is a scheme for analyzing poetry our language A teacher provided us with before individual oral. It was taken from http://www.loprez.pl/liceum/pliki, but I think you'd have to dig deeper to actually find it. They really helped me with my IOC. Remember, this is only one way to analyze poetry, you may be used to different scheme and find this one illogical, or it may help you finally perfect your method of presenting your analysis.
  11. Hi there, My partner and I have decided to do our final IOP on the Hollow Men by T.S. Elliot. We haven't decided our topic as of yet though we have some ideas. What we are stuck on is how to present a poem creatively (as in not in the traditional presentation format). So far in our class for the practice IOP poems have been presented traditionally. Any ideas regarding on how you/your classmate presented the Hollow Men or presented poetry in general is much appreciated. Tips on how to do the IOP are also welcome. Thanks! (^ v ^)
  12. So I've just started my 11th grade year in IB, and I was looking into extended essay topics, as every senior tells me that if I don't have a topic soon and do at least some of it over the summer, I'll be in hell next year. I wanted to do an essay in english, and the first question I submitted to my advisor was "How well does spoken word poetry deliver its message in comparison to written poetry?" My advisor said that the question isn't researchable enough, and that I need to plan out how I'd compare the two (like through what guidelines and rules would they be measured by) and I was hoping som
  13. hello, as the title suggests which is the easiest to write about in paper two since you are given different types of writing. in my opinion poetry is easiest, but my annoying english teacher chose drama for the whole class. can i write on a topic other than the class like choose poetry in the official exam instead of drama?
  14. hello, as the title suggests which is the easiest to write about in paper two since you are given different types of writing. in my opinion poetry is easiest, but my annoying english teacher chose drama for the whole class. can i write on a topic other than the class like choose poetry in the official exam instead of drama?
  15. Hello I am currently in the process of writing my first draft of my WL on Wislawa Szymborska's "View with a Grain of Sand". The title me and my teacher agreed on "The movement through the concrete and mundane to the abstract and complex, in Szymborska’s poetry." as my titel. The poems I am considering focusing on are Autotomy Conversation with a Stone Onion Museum Clothes Suicide Room Does anybody have any advice for me? I am honestly struggling starting with this. I would really appreciate your help. xxx
  16. Hello everyone, So for English (Grade 9), we got a parody assignment in which we have to make a parody of a poem that we have studied in class. I created a parody of the well-known poem 'A Poison Tree' by William Blake. We are expected to include 3-5 features of the original poem in our parody. Attached to this, is the original poem and the parody that I have created. I need to know: A title that I can use for the poemI wasn't able to complete 2 lines so, possibly you can suggest me something. Thanks for taking the time to help. Sincerely, Gaurav a poison tree poem parody.docx
  17. Hello, I am sure some of you writing your exams in the next few months or the next year will find this helpful. I am writing to ask how to further improve my poetry analysis skills before the exam. When I read a poem, here is how I approach the commentary: 1) I read it again 2) I look for the main idea 3) I note down any aspects I see fit the following categories: speaker, setting, structure, tone, title, themes, literary devices 4) I then construct my thesis statement, and essay outline 5) I write my commentary I have read through many past HL and SL poems and done some analysis on the
  18. Hey, before Christmas break I have to ask a teacher to be my supervisor and since I was leaning towards doing something with poetry I was going to ask my English teacher. But before I do that I wanted to specify and narrow down my subject. First of all, I really like Maya Angelou's stuff it's so raw and real and i feel like I can go in so many different directions. I was wondering if anybody would help me pick a route and shape a question like the way she objectifies women to prove a point, the way her harshness portrays the truth or maybe the way her choice of words conveys the reality of the
  19. I am currently doing my extended essay on Edgar Allen Poe's poetry. Writing about how his poems depict how Love, whether towards family, wealth or etc will give birth towards a sense of obsession. I don't know how to go about in writing it honestly ". So i want to ask for advice on what i should write for its analysis or generally. what should i do. TL:DR Doing an ee on poetry, what should i write? (If you need any further information just tell me =) )
  20. I have currently started working on my EE as far as my topic is concerned, I'm doing it in English and I'm comparing two poets and how they have portrayed history and myth through their poetry. I'm having difficulty in approaching my essay. I don't understand how I'm supposed to begin and what all can I include. Any suggestions or help please? /:
  21. Version ZIP


    This is a literary commentary (Paper 1) on a poem Dlaczego klasycy written by Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert. I wrote it for my Polish: Literature HL classes and I got 17/20. This poem comes from our reading list for Part 2 (detailed study) for Polish: Literature HL.
  22. I thought of picking the topic "the conflicting dualities/oppositions in WB Yeats poetry and I will be working on four works by him. Will that be alright? Thanks! (:
  23. For the Paper One last monday English HL, how did everyone find it? Did you pick the prose, or the poetry called Better Days? I did Better Days, the poem. I'm not too sure how I did - what sort of thing did everyone write?
  24. 68 downloads

    Hey guys, this list of poetry devices proved very helpful and useful during my revision (or last minute revision really). Also, it's a very good resource for your IOC preparations! Don't seem to find this list anywhere on this website, just thought I'd share.
  25. 18 downloads

    This is an essay written during my Y1 in the IB. It presents a neat, comprehensive analysis of the aforestated poem, i.e. After Schiller, which I reccomend everyone to read as I found it quite enjoyable. The essay makes references to specific loci in the poem, has a "fine use of language" (cit.) and is overall, a very good piece of writing according to the teacher who corrected it. Grade: 7 Enjoy!
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