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  1. My Philosophy exam is the next month and the teacher hasn't explained nothing about it. Someone who did the Philosophy Standard Level can give me some tips, please.
  2. Hi! My school just introduced me to EE and i really want to do philosophy, something about ethics and I would live to get some guidance and suggestions. So far I came up with this:
  3. Hello everyone. I've been trying to come up with a good research question for a philosophy EE and for the moment I just know that I would like to discuss the importance that utilitarianism (if it needs to be more specific I'd like to specifically discuss Mill's utilitarian perspectives) has had in the development of feminism. But I've been having great issues trying to properly structure my research question. Could someone please help me out? I'd appreciate it SO SO MUCH
  4. Hi, I have started the first year of the IB Diploma Programme. I am taking Language A at SL, Language B at HL, philosophy at SL (I have no other choice, but so far all my grades were around 7), Turkey in the Twentieth Century (this is an SL only course only for Turkish students), Physics HL and Maths HL. I think physics HL and maths HL are quite a lot when taken together (It's not like I am bad at them, my score is generally better than most of my classmates, but I do not know how I would fare in an actual, IB style exam, since ,n my school we try to learn both the IB curriculum and the n
  5. I am planning to take my Extended Essay online from Pamoja. I also take philosophy SL from Pamoja and am quite successful (my grade for the first term is 7). I mainly want to ask people who have taken an Extended Essay with Pamoja before about how it works. How was your supervisor? How was the programme as a whole? What are the challenges you faced and what benefits are there to taking the Pamoja extended essay course?
  6. Hi, I am a pre-IB student planning to go on to do a philosophy major. I do not know what subjects I am going to take, however, I have got the following outline in mind: English B HL (I think I could have done A2 as a second language, however, it is not offered in my school) Maths HL (Inspired by Bertrand Russell on this one) Turkish A1 HL/Physics HL/Economics HL (I am pretty much in turmoil) Philosophy SL (If I could take it HL, I would, however, it is not offered in my school and IB Online only has philosophy in SL Physics SL Turkish A1 SL (If I take one of
  7. Hi, I'm currently a G11 student and I'm planning to study sociology and/or philosophy in collage, just want to ask how much score should I get so that I have a high chance getting in UT? My Maths is Maths studies, does that affect my application?
  8. Hey, I need help from someone taking philosophy. What do you think about the topic "To what extent should animals have moral rights?" ? I've checked the syllabus and there is something about animals as persons or machines, and discussion about ethics and animals, so I thought I could write on this topic. What's your opinion? I've read couple of books on animal rights from the philosophical point of view, but could you give me some advice if there are any things I should know while writing EE in this subject? Any traps? Any specific way to write it? Oh and I cannot change the subject
  9. Hey everyone, it seems not many people must do philosophy on here as it is not deemed worthy of its own subject block, however I really need help with philosophy essay writing. I seem to always be getting 15-17/25 when I really want to be achieving 20-25/25. If anybody has any helpful hints or advice on how to improve I would be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance xxx
  10. I am currently a grade 11 IB student who is potentially going to pursue a career in medicine. I currently have Bio, Philosophy and Chem for HL. My school offers History HL and Philosophy SL and HL and I need to fill that one spot for an HL course and I don't know what to choose. I don't know how rigorous History and Philosophy HL but I need to choose one of the two, but I don't know which because I am more of a science-math person (though Math HL is.. yeah no) So please help! Thanks!
  11. Hey, I have a brilliant CAS project opportunity for many of you. I, and some friends from different IB schools decided to write a TOK Guide. There will be many collaborators and the more the better. It counts as CAS, and if you do sufficient work on it, it can even count for a CAS project! Write about something you are passionate about in the TOK way. Maybe a subject you really like, or something you like to do - or a perspective - that's what we desperately need. If you're interested, simply email me at tri[email protected] Many thanks Have a great day!
  12. I would like my EE topic to be about theoretically implementing a Universal Basic Income in the United States. I don't mean the hurdles that would exist from the perspectives of legislators, but the impact it would have on the market and the lives of individuals' from varying classes. (If you are unfamiliar with this topic, here are some cites you can check out which simplify the issue: http://www.basicincome.org/basic-income/ and https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-benefits-and-drawbacks-of-basic-income-guarantee) I am absolutely fascinated by this topic and have been researching it
  13. So exams are coming and since the Philosophy mark scheme is so ambiguous, I think it'd be helpful to share essay plans (especially since we've all been taught in very different ways and have potentially covered different philosophers). My chosen text is Plato's Republic and my optional themes are ethics and political philosophy:)
  14. Hello! My school is doing the Extended Essay for the first time and I just wanted to seek out some suggestions. Here is my RQ: What role does ethics play in genetic engineering? Do you think it’s ok for my extended essay? How can I improve it? Do you have any suggestions of where I could find more information on this topic? I appreciate any help I can get with this. Thank you!
  15. What happens, when doing the Philosophy IA, if I do it a about a whole movie instead of a concrete scene? It's due tomorrow and I can't start another one!!
  16. Hello, I am planning on becoming a psychologist when I go to university. These are the classes I like: ENG LANG LIT Ab initio Spanish Philosophy (HL) Biology (HL) Math Studies Theatre Arts (HL) Are these subjects suitable for the career I want?
  17. I've chosen an EE in Philosophy, and I need a little bit of guidance from people who've written a Philosophy EE or otherwise know about how they work. I've read over the IB subject guide and the 2012 report and I've skimmed over some of the excellent essays (I'll read them more in depth as I progress in my own essay). So far I have my mentor, research question, and an outline which I can link if anybody's interested. My RQ is this: "To what extent are moral and ethical values internally or externally determined, according to John Stuart Mill’s (Hedonistic) Utilitarianism, Immanuel Ka
  18. Hello there! This is my first post, so please be patient if i commit any atrocities Anyway, I just started my first year of IB, and I am thinking of a good EE question. My school encourages us to write our extended essays about history or literature, though I prefer philosophy. I have a few questions in mind, but I just need your criticism: is any one of the questions too broad? Too complex? Too hard to answer by a person who's not taking philosophy as a course? Here are the questions/topics: -comparison between Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Li
  19. Hey! I was considering taking philosophy HL. Does anyone know anything about this course? Any help would be appreciated!
  20. Hi, I do philosophy HL and want to do my EE on the subject, namely on the topic of transhumanism as it is interesting to me. What I am wondering is: 1) Is this a do-able topic for a philosophy EE? 2) What is the best way to explore this philosophical theme, e.g. analysis of the idea overall, text analysis, consequences of a transhumanist ideology on political/ social policy etc.? 3) advice on doing a philosophy EE (what works, what doesn't, general advice) 4) any comments or suggestions on this idea overall thanks ​
  21. "To what extent are ethical judgements influenced by the subconscious state of mind?" Is this research question plausible? Also which category does it fall in- philosophy or psychology? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm new to the IB world.
  22. So I'm doing my extended essay in philosophy, and I was just wondering how much of it should be explaining concepts and terminology, and how much should be applying it? My topic can be pretty tough to understand. Thank you so much!
  23. Hey all! It's been over 24 hours since we've done paper 1 of Philosophy (yikes). How did everyone find it? Section A was great with regards to the photograph of the twins! What did you guys do for Section B? I had ethics and political philosophy. I found ethics to be a little bit tricky, whilst breezed through political philosophy. Good luck everyone
  24. I'm doing my extended essay in philosophy, doing an applied ethics question where I'm comparing two ethical systems and seeing which one we can use to address an ethical issue (I don't want to put my actual question on here obviously). I'm starting my essay now as our draft is in next month, but I have no clue how to structure it. If anyone has written/is writing a philosophy EE and has any help or tips, that would be so useful and much appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  25. Okay, so I'm doing my EE in philosophy about Ethics. My topic is: Should we be using the data obtained from the Nazi medical experiments? I'm going to be looking at this topic using the ethical philosophies of Kant, Utilitarianism & maybe Socrates. I haven't done philosophy before (I know choosing to do for EE was pretty stupid) and I'd appreciate some help/ideas on how to structure the essay or maybe some other philosophies to examine. I wsa thinking of using the philosophical question: Is it right to benefit from the suffering of others? and I was gonna look at how our society is based o
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