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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I was wondering if historical interpretations and direct quotations of historians are essential in an essay (paper 2 and 3) for an "evaluation of different perspectives". Sometimes I find it hard to find historical interpretations for everything (plus, do you know how I can find them more easily if they are not in the textbooks?) Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello, Do you think that for Paper 3 of History it is enough to work in two topics (being able to choose 3 questions of 4)? Or it's really risk? Because the other option is starting a new topic. Should I work really hard on these 2 I already know, or start another one? i have the exam in 4 weeks. What do you think? Thank youu!
  3. Hey! I take Biology SL, and was wondering if we have a paper 3? Is it just paper 1 and 2? Also, do SL's learn the option topic?
  4. Hello I'm an ib student that is taking exam during the May 2016. I wanted to ask if I can change my option a few days before the exams. My friend told me that our teacher sent to the ib the option we were supposed to study but i dont feel confident with that one we studied about and i wanna change it a few days before the exam. Is it possible or do i have to write the exam on the one that my teacher "sent" to the ib? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey guys, as you know exams are in less than two weeks and, probably as all of you, I am stressed for maths (I need to get a 7 to meet my university requirements). I think creating a post to share suggestions and useful revision tips would be useful. My main suggestions are the following. 1)Do past papers 2)If you manage to put your hands on the questionbank, do past questions divided in topics. I feel that this technique allows you to understand the typical exercises better than doing past papers. If the questionbank is not available, just scroll through the papers and
  6. Hey, Does anyone have or know where I can find a list of experiments that we need to know for the 2016 May exams? Thanks!
  7. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone from the November session remembered if there was a Tsar Alexander II/III question in the Imperial Russia, revolutions, emergence of Soviet State 1853-1924 section. Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone I was wondering how much we are supposed to write for 10 and 15 mark questions, approximately? Would be really nice if someone could help me! Good luck to everyone else for the remaining exams!
  9. Finally the 24hrs are up; I've been dying to ask you guys your opinion on paper 3. I was counting on it to be easy, to make up for my massacre in paper 2, but I was let down. Am I the only one who found Astrophysics super-duper hard? It was nothing like the past papers! I also did medical physics, which was okay apart from the x-ray question, got really confused.
  10. How did everyone find it and which options did you do? We were all taught only Human biochem and Modern analytical at our college, and being a physicist I detested revising biochem as you had to learn SO MUCH! Consequently I had no idea what an iodine number was, but actually it wasn't too bad. Analytical had some weird questions in it such as the why do compounds with C double bonds absorb IR radiation, just blabbered on about pi bonds abit although i swear in reality it is due to molecular changes in polarity, but couldn't see how to relate the two! The H NMR one I found slightly odd as well
  11. Hi! i was reading the book and found that : focus groups can be a problem when the participants are not free - eg. nursing homes or prisons. this raises ethical issues. Can somebody please further explain this statement and maybe tell me the exact ethical issues caused by participants being not free? Thank you in advance for your help.
  12. Did anyone find a weird question in MCQ that made no sense: it was about the increasing order of boiling pt of ethane, chloroethane etc that one..? NOTE: There is to be NO discussion of Chemistry Paper 3 on this thread. Paper 3 may not be discussed until 1PM GMT 9/11/11.
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