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  1. Hello, I was wondering if historical interpretations and direct quotations of historians are essential in an essay (paper 2 and 3) for an "evaluation of different perspectives". Sometimes I find it hard to find historical interpretations for everything (plus, do you know how I can find them more easily if they are not in the textbooks?) Thank you in advance!
  2. Hii, I have a math test in 2 days and I really want to practice the may 2019 questions but I can't find the papers anywhere on the net. Can someone please help!
  3. Any sources that are reccomended for the IA that could be of use?? Any suggestions or tips?? I am aware of the Wilson Centre Digital Archives so apart from that, would be very helpful, thanks.
  4. Hey! Does someone have any notes on the history books IB called "Authoritarian States" and "Cold War" Thank you
  5. Hey! I take Biology SL, and was wondering if we have a paper 3? Is it just paper 1 and 2? Also, do SL's learn the option topic?
  6. Hey, Does anyone know how to revise for paper 2 english?
  7. ok so like on the IB SL chem exam if i get a 7 on paper 1 and like a 1 on paper 2 and like i do ok on my IA, what will my final mark out of 7 be??? my school is doing a mock ib exam to help us prepare and we just did paper 1 today and I think I did well on it so like im just trying to see how hard I need to study for paper 2 pLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!! thank u
  8. Hello, I have 2 questions 1) Does anybody know a username and a password for these site? http://www.thinkib.net/englishalanglit and https://www.litcharts.com/sign-up 2) Any advice for paper 2 in language and literature (a dolls house) ?
  9. Amy0501


    Hey, my teacher is giving us past papers as H.W. and I was wondering if anyone knew how to solve this one. Im kind of stuck. g is a quadratic function where g(0)=5. Its symmetry axis is x=2. Find the equation of g expressed as a(x-h)"2 +3
  10. I have the paper 2 exam on Thursday next week. I am confused with the Korean A HL Paper 2 structure. Could you give any advice about the exam?
  11. Hey guys, how did you feel about the Maths SL paper 2? I think that both papers went really well but lets discuss some of the questions.
  12. Hey guys! How did you find it? What questions did you do? I did 1 and 4 and i think they were pretty easy!
  13. Hey guys, as you know exams are in less than two weeks and, probably as all of you, I am stressed for maths (I need to get a 7 to meet my university requirements). I think creating a post to share suggestions and useful revision tips would be useful. My main suggestions are the following. 1)Do past papers 2)If you manage to put your hands on the questionbank, do past questions divided in topics. I feel that this technique allows you to understand the typical exercises better than doing past papers. If the questionbank is not available, just scroll through the papers and
  14. Hey guys! This is my IB prep year, we just had the first term exam and I have been doing very terrible. Can anyone share/suggest how to get better marks in paper 1 and paper 2 for English Lang A?
  15. Hello All! I hope exams are going well! Just wanted to open a topic about the German B exam (if anyone indeed takes this language!) How did everyone find the papers? I believe not all language B exams have been sat,so please refer to the exam discussion schedule to make sure your exam is allowed to be discussed!
  16. Hi everyone, just wanted your opinions on the paper one and paper two!
  17. hello, as the title suggests which is the easiest to write about in paper two since you are given different types of writing. in my opinion poetry is easiest, but my annoying english teacher chose drama for the whole class. can i write on a topic other than the class like choose poetry in the official exam instead of drama?
  18. hello, as the title suggests which is the easiest to write about in paper two since you are given different types of writing. in my opinion poetry is easiest, but my annoying english teacher chose drama for the whole class. can i write on a topic other than the class like choose poetry in the official exam instead of drama?
  19. hey guys, it's too late now because my WA is due tomorrow but I realized I'm having a pretty hard time getting rid of passive voice (or sometimes even spotting it). I thought that even though I can't do anything really about my WA, it would be good to learn how to get rid of it for future papers, in all subjects. I don't know. do you guys have any tips for spotting and ridding of passive voice?
  20. How was Paper 2 guys! My paper two was so so so much better than Paper 1 but Paper 2 boundaries are way higher than Paper 1 so idkk
  21. Okey, so for those of you who take HL Psychology and have the health option for paper 2. What factors do you have as for cognitive factors, and what empirical studies did you learn? Having hard time to find ones that are actually more than 3 sentences long...
  22. So, for those of you who do the exams now in two weeks, how do you prepare for the novels you will be using for Paper 2? And also which novels do you have?
  23. So what's everyone's thoughts on paper 1 and 2 for maths SL? (It's been 24 hours since I did the exam so pretty sure timezones are all good). I found paper 1 easier than paper 2, there was definitely a bit of logic required for some questions, particularly paper 2 question 9 and 10 to manipulate the different parts. I definitely found these papers more difficult than may 2014 and last year november, what did everyone else think?
  24. CriCri

    Paper 2

    Alright so my exams are coming soon, and I was wondering if any of you have some tips for the History paper 2 essays?? I find it really hard to put dates, answer the question and include historiography, so I usually dont get much higher than a 4. Thanks in advance
  25. 176 downloads

    PAPER 2, AUTHORITARIAN & SINGLE PARTY STATES: - Notes on Mao's rise to power. - Notes on Mao's consolidation of power and establishment of a single party state. Events organized according to 4 categories: - Political - Economical - Social policies - Totalitarian leader (Ideology too)
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